Christina Aguilera Fights Back Against Lipo Report After 35 Lb Weight Loss

Christina is fighting back after a report surfaced claiming the star had liposuction. She looks better than ever and sources close to Christina say she worked hard for her new body -- see her new diet and exercise plan below. Christina Aguilera, 33, has dropped a reported 35 pounds thanks to diet and exercise, pals tell Life & Style magazine. "Christina didn't get lipo. She's worked hard to change her eating habits, and you can see the results," a Voice insider says.

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss
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Christina Aguilera Weight Loss — She Did Not Get Plastic Surgery

“The last thing Christina wants to hear is that people are talking about her losing weight with liposuction. She’s sick and tired of people assuming things about her body,” a friend tells the magazine. VH1’s The Gossip Table showed a pic of Christina when she was more curvy and we must say she definitely looks gorgeous no matter what!

Christina Aguilera Brings Sexy Back

How She Dropped The Pounds

Christina dropped the weight by dieting and working out! “Christina takes her lunches and snacks with her to work now, so she can watch how much she eats instead of overindulging in anything bad for her.”

She cut back on alcohol, limiting the empty calories, but occasionally has a glass of wine. “She eats carbs, protein, snacks like pretzels — she just watches how much she eats,” says a friend.

Nutritionist Keri Glassman agrees that this works for real women — “If you learn to control portions and also focus on eating the right quality foods — those loaded with fiber and protein — you’ll end up being healthier and lose weight. It’s important not to eat until you’re stuffed and also not to wait until you’re starving.”

To burn calories, Christina loves yoga, which doubles to de-stress her. “She loves her body now. She really is happy.”

“Whatever size or shape you have, it’s important to embrace it,” Christina has said.

Do you think Christina lost weight the old fashioned way, HollywoodLifers?

— Dory Larrabee

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