Kim Kardashian ‘Livid’ About ‘South Park’ Finale Diss

Screw 'South Park,' you guys; Kim Kardashian is going home. The raunchy cartoon knew it was 'Bound 2' get a response from the reality starlet when they mocked her in their Dec. 11 finale, and HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE details on Kim's response to the episode, which essentially called her a Hobbit. South Park has always lived for controversy, and they certainly didn't disappoint when the show mocked Kim Kardashian and Kanye West during its Dec. 11 Season 17 finale. HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE details on Kim's response, and — shocker! — the buxom beauty didn't take kindly to being called a Hobbit.

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Kim Kardashian Mad At South Park
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Kim Kardashian Is ‘Livid’ About The ‘South Park’ Diss

Even though the message at the end of South Park was pure — Kanye realized that he loved Kim even if she did look like a Hobbit — Kim didn’t appreciate the show saying that Keeping Up With The Kardashians was about ”short, loud little people living in a fantasy world.” (She probably didn’t love Kanye being called a gay fish either, but they’ve done that one before.) A source close to Kim told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Kim is fuming over the diss, though she did happen to find a silver lining — that her child was left out.

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“Kim is livid with what the guys from South Park did,” said the source. “She has found nothing to laugh about with what the show did, and considers it an unnecessary attack. The only thing she is happy about is that they didn’t make fun of North.”


UPDATE: A rep for Kim has told that she has not seen the episode, so she doesn’t currently have a reaction of the show.

Did ‘South Park’ Go Too Far?

We totally get why Kim is mad, but South Park has done way worse — in fact, the episode was making a point that women shouldn’t be judged by their bodies, and that the media is way too harsh on icons like Kim. A main character on the show, Butters, realized that his entire perception of female beauty stemmed from watching Kim on TV, and this was shown to be a negative thing. Plus, it’s not like Kim was called a “Stupid Spoiled W–re” like her old friend Paris Hilton.

But what do you think, HollywoodLifers? Did South Park go too far?

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