Chris Brown: The Real Reason He Feuded With Drake & Frank Ocean

In his fights with Drake and Frank, Chris has always been made out to be the villain, but that may not really be the case. In a new interview, the "Fine China" singer breaks down his feuds and explains why things got so heated. Chris Brown is still on a quest to rehabilitate his image, but trying to show everyone that he has his anger in control after his 2009 domestic abuse incident with Rihanna hasn't been easy, especially because he's gotten into battles with stars like Drake and Frank Ocean since then. But in a new interview, Breezy reveals that those recent feuds weren't of his making.

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Chris Brown Explains His Fights

“There hasn’t been any incident that I started since I got on probation,” Chris said defiantly in his interview with The Guardian. Even with the Frank Ocean fight, the Drake situation, all those were defense modes.”

Chris continued, saying that in both of those situations, he was made out to be the bad guy because that’s just how everyone thinks of him. “People think I walk around as the aggressor, this mad black guy, this angry, young troubled kid, but I’m not. I’m more and more laid back.”

So why did Frank and Drake pick fights with Chris? Well, the R&B singer has a theory: “It’s just that people know if they push a button, it’ll make more news than their music. Attaching themselves to me, good or bad, will benefit them.”

Chris Brown & Drake Feud

Is Chris right? In the case of Drake, it does seem as though the rapper threw the first punch, reportedly sending Breezy a bottle of alcohol with a note saying, “I’m f**king the love of your life deal with it,” which led to the all-out nightclub brawl at WIP on June 14, 2012.

But since then Chris hasn’t been blameless, writing diss songs and screaming out “F**k Drake” at nightclubs. And actually, Drake was the one who said he only wants people to focus on his music — not his feud with Chris. “It’s embarrassing… it distracts from the music,” he told GQ in June.

For the record, Chris and Drake have recently made up, with a source close to Chris telling exclusively, “He and Drake ain’t got no more issues. They’re cool.”

Chris Brown’s Beef With Frank Ocean

As for Frank Ocean, who started their Feb. 2013 parking lot fight is still up for debate. One report at the time claimed that Frank dissed Rihanna (shades of Drake), while another claimed that Chris started the brawl by screaming homophobic slurs at Frank.

And a source told exclusively that, “Chris and his people started everything.”

Both musicians seem to have gotten over that fight — save for a few song disses — but we still wonder if Chris is lying to himself by claiming total self-defense.

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— Andrew Gruttadaro

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