Selena Gomez Collaborator: She Will Be The New Jennifer Lopez

Selly from the block? Jason Evigan, who appears on Selena's new album, says the album is so good that Selena is on her way to being the next J.Lo!Selena Gomez gave fans a taste of her new album when she released her first single "Come & Get It" on April 8. Jason Evigan, a collaborator on the album, assures that fans will not be disappointed when she releases the rest of her music, because she's going to be the next Jennifer Lopez!

“Her album’s really cool. It’s a really strong dance record and it’s really cool actually,” Jason tells MTV News. “I think it’s going to take her to the next level too. All the stuff I’ve heard has been really, really cool.”

Jason adds that Selena’s upcoming album has a definite J.Lo vibe. “She’s got some really cool like ethnic influence, kind of tribally dance drums and stuff like that. I kind of feel she’s going to be like a new J.Lo kind of thing.”

Jennifer Lopez Wanted To Use One Of Selena’s Singles

Jason also reveals that Selena was able to snag the single “Save The Day,” for her new album, which is a song J.Lo actually wanted for her own album!

“Jennifer Lopez wanted [it] really badly. It’s, like, real. It’s, like, really cool [and] up-tempo. It’s about like kind of ‘[Let’s] dance all night. Let’s save the day. Let’s go into the next day. Let’s keep it going all night’ type of thing.”

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WATCH: Selena Gomez – Come & Get It

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