Drita D'avanzo: Karen Gravano & Ramona Rizzo Set Me Up

Drita tells her side of the bloody, balcony battle to HollywoodLife.com exclusively. She believes that Karen Gravano and Ramona Rizzo planned to fight her at Renee Graziano's party. Drita D'avanzo is now at war with Karen Gravano and Ramona Rizzo after the three women got into a massive, bloody battle at Renee Graziano's party during the Jan. 8 episode of Mob Wives. But while Karen and Ramona maintain that Drita started the fight, Drita tells HollywoodLife.com that the women wanted to attack her from the get go.

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Drita D'avanzo

“I definitely think they had the intention 1000 percent to do the tag team on me,” Drita reveals. “I’ve gotten jumped. I know body action, motion, feeling — and I saw it. I saw the whole f*cking sh*t going on. I really did feel set up.”

But despite her gut, she was convinced by others that Karen wanted to have a chat and work out their problems. “I was told she wanted to talk to me. I was so happy [she wanted to makeup],” Drita admits. “If you see me, you see my body language. My gesture is genuine. I’m not trying to be a f*cking asshole. It’s crazy to me that she reacted the way that she did and changed and just turned the whole thing into a bad f*cking situation.”

“Who started it? Karen,” continues Drita. “Who instigated and made it worse and then put me on defense mode? Ramona. She was told not to be there and she got involved. She knows I got nobody there.”

Karen and Ramona pushed Drita up against a wall. “I was the one getting bullied,” recalls Drita. “I felt cornered. I felt they had bad intentions. I’m going defend myself.”

Drita admits she threw the first punch, but only because she had no way out of the situation. “I hit Ramona first,” says Drita. “I punched her across the mouth.  She shouldn’t have been there running her mouth. She knows I don’t trust her. And, Karen could have turned around and said, ‘Listen Ramona, this has nothing to do with you.’ Instead she got louder and nastier.”

“I didn’t want to go to the party [in the first place],” adds Drita. “I promised myself to never fight again on television. This is what I went in thinking. I never had intentions to ever touch her again. And, I specifically told everybody to keep Ramona far away from me.”

But it doesn’t surprise Drita that she was cornered the way she was.  “Karen and Ramona did this same thing to one of Carla [Facciolo]’s close friends,” says Drita. “They jumped her. They don’t have a great rep when it comes to this.”

Now, Drita is done fighting and wants to avoid Karen and Ramona at all costs. “Fighting, I’m f*cking done with it man,” she declares. “I’m trying to put that behind me.”

BFFs — are you Team Karen or Team Drita?

– Lindsey DiMattina

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