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Karen Gravano & Ramona Rizzo Accuse Drita D'avanzo Of Starting Their Vicious War

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Karen Gravano And Ramona Rizzo V. Drita D'avanzo

Karen tells exclusively that the bloody, balcony battle began when Drita ‘threw the first punch.’

All hell broke lose during the Mob Wives Jan. 8 episode when Drita D’avanzo got into an explosive and dangerous fight with Karen Gravano and Ramona Rizzo. Now, Karen and Ramona exclusively share their sides of the story with about what really went down the night of Renee Graziano‘s party. They say that Drita ignited the fight when she threw the first punch.

“I never wanted that to happen at Renee’s party,” Karen admits to us. “I went out on the balcony because I wanted to talk to her, but when someone puts their hands on me as Drita did, I am going to be on the defense.”

Drita raised her fists first. “She threw the first punch,” explains Karen. “We didn’t go there to jump Drita. If we wanted to jump Drita, I could have waited outside of her house.”

Karen insists she was just trying to talk to Drita about their problems, but Drita couldn’t handle the truth. “Drita has no control of herself and she’s scared of the truth,” says Karen. “Anytime she can’t back her words up, she throws fists. She knows I’m not going to [let her] keep saying that she put me in the hospital. She knows that it all came from her. I was never in the hospital. That’s a lie.”

“I don’t condone violence,” Karen adds. “But, I will stand my ground and hold my own all day. I’m not backing down to someone who thinks that they can say whatever they want or put their hands on people.”

Karen is done with Drita. “At this point, it has escalated to something that is beyond control,” she says. “A future as far as friends? No. I’m just done.”

Ramona did’t want to fight Drita either. “I think it’s disgusting,” she confesses. “I do go over and I perfectly state that this is party. This is not the time nor the place.”

She blames Drita for getting confrontational with Karen. “Pick up the phone and call her,” says Ramona. “If she doesn’t want to do it, it’s her right not to meet you. You don’t take somebody else’s time to shine at a party. The spotlight is not about you and then here we go again. We have to raise hands. Could you do anyting else? Could you bring anything else to the table?”

Drita didn’t want to have a civil conversation with Karen. “You should sit there and try and talk it out and talk it out fairly,” insists Ramona.

– Lindsey DiMattina

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