'Sister Wives' Recap: Robyn Would Give Up Her Own Kids To Stay With Kody Brown & The Sister Wives!

In the most shocking episode ever, Robyn says she will send her own three children away rather than consider leaving her "new" Brown family. Were any of you as stunned as I was when Robyn made it clear that if the 13 other Brown children didn't stop bullying her 3 kids, she would let them leave her and live with their biological father and not her.

“If Dayton, 12, Aurora, 9, and Breann, 7, don’t feel like they’re a part of this family, they can chose at a certain age to not be with me anymore. They can chose to live with their biological father,” she announces tearfully.

She explains that her children have been treated differently by the other Brown children and she thought that it would get better after a year and a half but that it’s actually been getting worse.

Paedon, 13, and Garrison, 11, have been the worst offenders apparently in picking on Robyn’s children and Paedon hits little Breann in the eye on the episode.

Meri actually intervenes and blows up at all the kids: “You guys – these are your brothers and sisters and you better start treating them like it,” she yells and asks for backup from the other mothers.

But she doesn’t get it – at least not from wife #3 Christine, who’s been acting out herself ever since Kody married Robyn.

In fact, Christine doesn’t like that Meri is standing up for Robyn’s kids . “For me the timing was off. I would have preferred if Meri just talked to Paedon ( who is Janelle’s son),” she said.

It seems that in her usual passive aggressive way, Christine is getting back at Robyn, who stole her spotlight, but this time is using Robyn’s kids literally, as a punching bag.

Let me remind you that Christine at 222 lbs has said she wouldn’t want to be slim like Robyn. She’s said she was blissfully happy as Kody’s third wife before Robyn came along AND she has been very clear that she feels that Kody has ignored their relationship since he’s been focusing on Robyn and her kids, and now she feels that her and Kody’s relationship is in trouble!

But who would have thought that Christine would sink this low – allowing bullying of little Breann to go unpunished.

Meanwhile, Kody has usual, is helpless and hopeless, when it comes to disciplining his kids, or shall we say – even raising them!

“I’m very concerned about problems that stem from bullying in this family. I’m at a loss,” he whines. “And I’m figuring there are millions of other parents wondering what the heck to do with their kids.”

Oh please, Kody. You’re not just a sperm doner to 17 kids – you’re their father and that means you intervene and discipline your kids that are bullying your other kids. It’s simple. It’s what fathers who have only one wife do – they get involved!

Kody’s so busy running to four different houses, wives and beds – I guess he has no time left to actually parent the kids that he sires.

It’s left to Robyn to make the decision that if she can’t “cement” her kids into the family and make them feel like it’s their family within a year and a half, then they can start leaving and going to live with their biological father.

Amazingly, she is more committed to staying as a sister wife than to being with her own children. Would you make the same decision?

Actually she’s already giving Breann, 7, away to live with Kody’s first wife Meri and  Christine is giving her daughter, Ysabel, 6, away to Meri as well.

Poor Breanna and Ysabel don’t seem to understand that their mothers are giving them away to Meri and that it’s not just as an overnight trip.

Meri has redecorated her guest room for the little girls and it looks like she’s had some help from Pottery Barn Kids. The room is a little girls’ heaven. Except that it seriously appears that Breanna and Ysabel have been handed off to sister wife, Meri for a lot more than a sleepover!

“I know Ysabel respects Meri and there are rules that she has to follow more, and there are things that Meri can give her that I can’t,” explains Christine.

Some people will think I’m being a bad parent because I’m dishing off a child,” Christine adds cheerfully. “But it’s a perk of the lifestyle.” The polygamist lifestyle that is.

Christine even goes so far as saying “maybe Ysabel was supposed to come to (infertile) Meri, while Robyn just cackles and says, “my evil plan is to keep Meri, busy with my kids!”

Trouble with the kids, is the theme of the show. The Brown teens are still miserable and cranky after the move to Las Vegas.

Clueless Kody points out that “teenagers have this hormonal issue. They get angry for no reason at all.”

Except that they do have a reason: “I don’t like it here (Las Vegas),” grumps Hunter, 13. You’re just stuck here in this hell hole,” gripes Madison 14.

Hunter’s so angry he basically accuses Robyn of being lazy for putting makeup on a camping trip, when he is desperate to go fishing.

All Kody can do is tell us that “Hunter’s a raging testosterone monster. He just has this attitude that my parents are stupid and I am God.”

Even oldest son Logan 15, is a better parent than Kody. He at least calls his brother out, unlike his father.

“You are disrepectful!,” he yells at Hunter.

Thank you, Logan! At least you’re acting like a grownup and are trying to discipline the Brown children, unlike your dad!

–Bonnie Fuller

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