Sister Wives Preview! Are Kody Brown's Kids Bullying Robyn's Kids?

In an emotional and disturbing preview for this week's episode of Sister Wives, Robyn reveals that her three children are miserable in the Brown family. Are Kody Brown's 13 children with his first three wives being mean to Robyn Brown's three children by her first husband? It certainly looks that way.

Apparently Robyn’s kids Dayton, 12, Aurora, 9, and Breanna, 7, are being excluded or possibly bullied and Kody’s teens, Logan, 16, Aspyn, 15, and Hunter, 14 aren’t too sympathetic.

“You can’t expect a massive amount of change to come along without situations boiling over and that’s what happened,” says Logan.

Aspyn is even less forgiving. “We know Dayton, Breanna and Aurora came from a different family but you can’t tell us to change, and we’re trying, but they have to change too,” she contends.

The only thing is that Logan and Aspyn are just showing their own immaturity by putting the onus on Dayton who is only 12 and autistic, and Aurora and Brenna who are just 9 and 7. They are babies! The teens can’t expect them to behave like adults when they are just little kids.

Robyn is so distraught with seeing her children being treated differently than the others, that she actually is considering what I would call, a non-starter of an option.

“If Dayton, Aurora and Breanna don’t think they’re part of this family, they can choose at a certain age not to be with me anymore – they can choose to be with their biological father,” she says tearfully.

Wow! Shockingly, it seems that she will choose her life as a sister wife to Kody over her three older children (she’s just had a baby boy, Solomon, with Kody).

Kody, as usual, is leaving by far the majority of the parenting to his four wives. All he can say is, “I’m very concerned about some kind of problems that stem from bullying in this family and I’m at a loss, like lots of families, wondering what the heck to do.” Huh?

Well Kody – you’re the dad. Step up and be a parent and intervene to prevent your older children from bullying Robyn’s. You wanted 17 children. You have to be more than a sperm donor. That means you need to work hard on making Robyn’s kids as much a part of your family as your other children.

And Robyn – I can’t believe you’d choose Kody over your own kids!

For the rest of the episode, tune in Sunday night on TLC, at 9 est., 8 ct. Then read my Sister Wives recap on Monday.

— Bonnie Fuller

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