Pippa Middleton’s Spray Tan Was Way Too Much — Do You Agree? Vote!

Maid of Honor Pippa, Kate Middleton's little sister, looks unnaturally dark for the morning wedding! Do you think she took her tan a little too far? Pippa Middleton, 28, went overboard with her tan when stepped into her role as maid of honor for sister Kate Middleton's royal wedding with Prince William on April 30! It really looks like Pippa could have used some advice on getting her wedding-day look together!

Kate, the princess bride herself, wore a lot of bronzer on her cheeks for those gorgeously lifted cheekbones. And she looked all the more beautiful!

We’re sure that Pippa also put a considerable amount of bronzer on her face and body. Too much, we’d say!

When contrasted to a white or off-white dress, bronze skin contrasts a lot more intensely than you might think. If you tan easily, you might be better off wearing a soft bronze shimmer cream — rather than risking a bake or spray session.

Looking at Pippa’s face, you also can tell she went through a considerable amount of tanning from the redness showing through her skin. It’s always best to go tanning a few weeks before the special day so your skin can take some time to set the color in.

In comparison to her big sister Kate, Pippa’s her tan was too dark. Kate still had a healthy glow and retained  the freshness of her fair skin so it didn’t look like she just came off an island vacation. Pippa also looked unusually tanned compared to the much younger bridesmaids.

Do you think Pippa’s spray tan was too dark?

–Amanda Chen


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