Shania Twain's Sad Fertility Struggle — She Fears It May Be Too Late For A Baby!

Behind their newlywed smiles, Shania and husband Frederic Thiebaud are hiding their painful struggle with infertility. Now that Shania Twain, 45, has a fresh start with Frederic Thiebaud, 40 -- after their spouses, Mutt Lange and Marie-Anne Thiebaud, embarked on a heartbreaking affair together -- the country songstress is hoping to have a baby with her new husband. But their baby dreams have been shattered by a hidden battle with infertility. 

The couple, who wed four months ago, have been struggling in vain to conceive a baby, having no luck experimenting with acupuncture, meditation, vitamins and fertility drugs.

“She knows conceiving can be difficult for a woman her age,” a source close to Shania explains to Star Magazine. “She really hoped she wouldn’t have to face infertility.” Shania had originally left her baby dreams behind after she felt stuck in a rocky marriage with ex-husband Mutt, but after she fell in love with Frederic, her hope for a child was renewed.

“But nothing,” the source says of their efforts to conceive. “It’s incredibly frustrating; she’s cried over it more than once.” So now, Frederic is trying to get his new wife to consider different options, like surrogacy or adoption.

“He asked her if she would consider using a surrogate, and she’s open to the idea,” reveals the source. “He’s also been calling around to adoption agencies, figuring out how they should proceed if they decide that’s what they definitely want to do.”

Both Shania and Frederic have 9-year-olds from their previous marriages — Shania’s son, Eja and Frederic’s daughter, Johanna. But the source adds that Shania would love to have a daughter of her own.

“She’s really hoping for a daughter, and she’s even been writing songs about it,” the insider reveals. “But no matter what, she’s just excited about having more children around. She loves being a mom.”

–Leigh Blickley
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