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Alex Welch: Demi Owes Me An Apology For Punching Me In The Face!

Mon, December 6, 2010 4:29pm EDT by 3 Comments

The Demi scandal continues, whether you like it or not. This time, we’re getting the full story from the victim of the punch-and-run!

Alex Welch, the girl on the receiving end of Demi Lovato’s punch heard around the world, is finally shedding new light on exactly what went down on the airplane before the singer was sent off to a treatment facility.

“To this day, I haven’t gotten an apology. I’ve heard nothing,” Alex tells People. “That’s sad if you think that person is your friend.”

As previously reported, a few hours before the fight, Alex and the other dancers were threatened by Demi because someone had apparently tattled on the 18-year-old singer’s inappropriate behavior from the night before. Alex says in the interview that Demi “pulled the dancers in a room and threatened: ‘If I find out who told on me …’”

But the 21-year-old dancer claims she wasn’t worried because she hadn’t witnessed what had happened that got Demi into “trouble” in the first place, and she even insists she wasn’t the one who told the tour managers. “I didn’t say anything and didn’t think twice about it,” Alex tells the mag.

Once on the plane, all hell broke loose. “We were on the plane with the Jonases having this awesome time and I didn’t get a call or text from Demi or a ‘hey, you got a problem with me,’ nothing. And she walks up and punches me and literally walked away and got in her seat.”

So why is Alex speaking out now? She simply believes that “no one should walk up and do that and brush it over, it’s not right.”

Meanwhile, a source close to Demi insists that “Demi hasn’t been able to call Alex because she is sequestered in treatment, but multiple efforts have been made to reach out to her.” And while we haven’t heard from the Camp Rock 2 star about the altercation in her own words, her spokesperson Jesse Derris promises that “Demi feels awful about what happened. Right now, she is 100 percent committed to her treatment.”

However, that doesn’t seem to be enough for Alex, who has hired Beverly Hills attorney Donald Karpel. He tells People: “We have contacted the Lovato camp and we are waiting for a response. If we don’t hear back, we will pursue litigation.”

A spokesperson for Demi has confirmed that lawyers are now involved. “We are in the process of engaging with Alex’s lawyer and hope to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

For both Demi and Alex’s sake, we hope for that too.

–Jenna Mullins