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CAUGHT RED HANDED! Scott Disick’s Secret Six Hour Hook Up Behind Kourtney’s Back!

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Uh oh! BFFs, it looks like Kourtney has a cheating man on her hands once again! Scott spent several hours with a look-alike woman and he was all over her!

Kourtney Kardashian, you need to run away and do it fast! Your baby daddy Scott Disick was spotted June 16 drinking with Dutch Designer and mega hottie Olcay Gulsen, 29, — for six hours! The two met at the Beverly Hills Montage hotel and were drinking together sans Kourtney!

“Scott sat down with Olcay and ordered a drink and he was staring at her, very obviously,” a source tells In Touch magazine. “She kept teasing him about being a dad, but he was being totally flirtatious with her. He was even blushing.”

It turns out the two even went up to Olcay’s hotel room for an hour! Ladies, this is not good!

But Kourtney, 31, is no stranger when it comes to Scott, 27, letting her down. He was recently hanging out with a bunch “cougars” at Miami’s Gansevoort hotel while taking a break from shooting Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami!

“[Scott] was tanning by the pool and a group of out-of-town cougars started coming on to him,” says the source. “He hung out with them all day, drinking and flirting and living it up.”

Kourtney is supposedly SO fed up with Scott and his out of control partying that she’s trying to send him to rehab!

“She and her family are working on sending Scott to a 30-day treatment facility to get him the professional help he needs.”

Wow, it sounds like Kourtney has more than just one child to take care of! If she knows what’s good for her she should drop him like his own bad habits!

-Chloe Melas