Taylor Swift Dissing Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles In ‘Shake It Off’

Wed, August 20, 2014 12:03am EDT by 43 Comments 45,757 Article Views
Taylor Swift Kendall Jenner Diss
Courtesy of VEVO, Instagram, Getty

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Posted at 9:46 AM on September 5, 2014  


taylor why are you so obsessed with him?? 1. hes not even 100% legal in america, why you still thirsting for a kid 2. he dont want you, and 3. he dont want you. oh thats right and bc you flaunted haylor and you still butthurt over getting dumped and losing all the attention and envy haylor generated.

talk about other people hating! she cant talk. shes done her fair share of mud raking in the past. aside from hs just ask camilla belle, joe jonas, jake gyllenhall, john mayer. good luck taylor u might need it when karma visits again

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Loni Nicole

Posted at 1:43 PM on September 4, 2014  

Taylor why would you do that to them! Especially Harry! Leave him alone! If you are OVER him like you say you are then don’t worry about what he does! He only has one mom and she ain’t you!!! Stop it! He is grown and can make his own decisions in life and he doesn’t need a girl like you to help him! He’s happy and over you! Why can’t you accept that? You need to put your cowgirl boots back on and go back to where you came from! Im sorry i said this but if nobody can tell you then they are scared but i aint scared of you! So get over him! Gosh your a backstabber! I knew this was gonna happen!!! You need to stay out of peoples love life. Last time i checked you don’t have kids or did you lie about that too just like you lied about your and Harry’s break up! YOU NEED TO GROW UP AND LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!

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Naideliz (@Creepy_Turtle)

Posted at 7:10 PM on September 9, 2014  

Thank you for making me laugh at your stupid comment.

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Shake It Off

Posted at 9:05 AM on September 3, 2014  

I miss Haylor.I hate Hendall and I hate Kendall.Kendall is idiot cause she broke Jelena and Haylor.She Niall, Justin, Harry-and now-was imaged by Ashton.She is b*tch.

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nikki gowda

Posted at 6:07 AM on September 2, 2014  

Yo swiftie… plz…. get over HARRY…. He is an awesome guy….. we luv HARRY. …. just dont write abt him or mock him in public ur level comes down…. its nt gonna make us hate him…. NEVER…. COZ WE LUV HARRY ……More dan anything. .. or anyone! !

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Daenerys Alexandra

Posted at 6:18 PM on August 25, 2014  

You guys are stupid. Guys with the hella food hair DOES NOT mean other guys in 1D, she’s just trying to make a good rhyme and catchy song. STOP GOSSIPING

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Posted at 9:27 AM on September 5, 2014  

its just a coincidence that kendall and harry were supposed to be dating at the time of the amas and taylor had to keep her trap shut (too bad she already started impersonating harrys crush rosie hw). its not like taylor was still stirring about harry ten thousand years after they broke up. she waited a long time to bring ama-kendall jenner up again hahaha

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#FreeKurdistan (@MuslimahZainab)

Posted at 2:44 PM on August 24, 2014  

What the heck is Taylors prob I HATE HER SO MUCH!!!

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Posted at 8:47 AM on August 26, 2014  

in it she should GO TA HELL

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Posted at 9:29 PM on August 28, 2014  

People like you disgust me. What you said, was totally out of line, it say’s a lot about your character and how you were raised. Do yourself a favor, get off the internet. Do something with your life. Taylor Swift is making money, she’s all set and has a bright future ahead of her. Yet, you’re here spreading negativity. Stay in school, kid.

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Posted at 8:36 AM on August 29, 2014  

Huuuuh watch uwa mouth plz cz Taylor ain’t no joke Biffy wizard

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