Zendaya Uses This Natural Ingredient for ‘Problem Spots’ on Her Skin

Zendaya's skincare secret includes a simple ingredient that will provide plenty of benefits for your skin.

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Image Credit: Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media

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Simplifying your skincare routine can often be the key to avoiding exacerbating skin issues caused by complex ingredients. Zendaya, renowned for her radiant skin, opts for a straightforward solution—tea tree oil—for tackling her skincare concerns. We found a tea tree oil on Amazon, the Lagunamoon 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil, which also provides benefits beyond just skincare. This oil extends its positive effects to various parts of your body, including promoting hair and scalp health.

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“I use tea tree oil for problem spots. I use anything that’s easy on the skin. I don’t like things that are too harsh or too strong,” Zendaya told The Skincare Edit. Although this is how Zendaya utilizes the ingredient, there are endless ways to incorporate tea tree oil into your routine. Whether it’s for your skin, hair, or nails — it provides plentiful benefits wherever you apply it. The Lagunamoon Tea Tree Oil is rich in active A-Terpineol, which is where the tea tree gets most of its cleansing and inflammation-reducing properties.

tea tree oil
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Enjoy prolonged usage with this product as the carefully designed bottle ensures the stability of the oil for over two years. Plus, rest assured, it’s undiluted, ensuring you receive all the potent benefits without compromise. This ingredient is like magic — wherever you apply it, it will help it nourish, glow and thrive. It smells divine as well, mimicking the ambiance of a relaxing spa. The captivating scent will ease your mind and create a calm environment.