Sophie Turner Called These Pillowcases the ‘Greatest Invention of All’

Sophie Turner swears by these pillowcases to help with anti-aging and hair health.

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sophie turner
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It’s very easy to get caught up in the ins and outs of skincare, but Sophie Turner shed light on a game-changing product that doesn’t involve any serums or moisturizers. The SLIP Silk Pure Silk Queen Pillowcase not only renovates your bed decor but also revitalizes your skin and hair. By making the switch to Slip, you can say goodbye to bed head, skin breakouts, and hair breakage. The brand guarantees visible results in just four nights, including improvements in fine lines, skin hydration, texture, smoothness, and radiance. If you purchase now, you’ll get 24% off.

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“What I’ve learned about beauty is that it’s not necessarily just about [your] face. Silk pillows, by Slip: the greatest invention of all. They keep your skin soft, they keep your hair soft; you sleep on them, you wake up and you look so refreshed. It’s really good for everything,” Sophie shared with Harper’s Bazaar UK. The pillowcases come in plenty of colors to match your bed’s aesthetic and you will not regret the purchase. According to the brand, over 95% of users said that their sleep creases, sleep lines, and sleep wrinkles declined after using the pillowcases.

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The benefits are endless — so if you’re looking to enhance your overall wellbeing, this is a simple way to start. The Slip pillowcases are made with 22 momme mulberry silk, which absorbs your face cream significantly less than cotton does. So, all those products you apply before bed can do their job better if you switch to these pillowcases. They also reduce friction and pressure on your skin, as well as create less hair tangling. And most importantly, they’re cooling and smooth — super comfortable to sleep in.