Shay Mitchell Always Packs This Silk Sleep Mask in Her Bag

Shay Mitchell recommends this sleeping eye mask to feel luxurious and calm before going to bed.

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Falling asleep on a plane can be impossible — whether it’s the reading light glaring in your eyes from the person next to you or the window passenger keeping it open when it’s light out — the struggle is real. We’ve all been there, so it’s time to be prepared. Shay Mitchell recommends bringing the Slip Silk Sleep Mask with you on any vacation or trip, ensuring you get the rest you need without disruption. This isn’t just any ordinary sleep mask, it’s super high quality and made with pure silk. The basic cotton masks you often see will absorb the moisture from your skin and dry it out. With the Slip Mask, it lays delicately on your skin, avoiding breakouts and irritation.

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Eye masks are great for a plane, but also when you want to catch a quick nap in the middle of the day after a morning of swimming. I love the ones by Slip,” Shay told Allure. Not only do eye masks come in handy on planes, but if your blinds aren’t the most effective in keeping your light out in the bedroom, the sun will no longer disturb you once you start using them. Once you place the eye mask on your face, it feels like a soft cushion that you’ll never want to take off. Eye masks can help reduce the risk of eye wrinkles since there’s less pressure on creased skin than just laying your face on the pillow. Given the eye mask’s exceptional quality, it’s built to endure, promising you a long-lasting use.

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