Salma Hayek Revealed the Secret Ingredient Behind Her Ageless Skin

Salma Hayek has shared that this skincare ingredient has prevented her from doing Botox or fillers — it works wonders!

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salma hayek
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Salma Hayek may have found the secret skincare ingredient to reverse the signs of aging or even prevent them — and it’s called Tepezcohuite. We found a night cream for less than $15 on Amazon — the DEL INDIO PAPAGO Facial Night Skin Cream that has Tepezcohuite as the main ingredient — since Salma credits it to her ageless skin, you know it’s time to try it out yourself. Not only does this cream help with anti-aging, but it’s moisturizing, and rejuvenating and has Vitamin E and A infused in the formula. It’ll do wonders for your skin — all for a reasonable price.

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“I use an ingredient called Tepezcohuite that’s used in Mexico for burn victims because it completely regenerates the skin, and there’s no one in the States who is using this ingredient except for us,” Hayek shared with Elle. “Some of the ingredients, when I took them to the American labs, they were like ‘Oh my god! How come nobody is using this?’ This is why I have no Botox, no peels, no fillings. I’m 48. I will be 49 this year and I only use my creams.” This interview was done in 2015 — so she’s now 57 and nothing has changed.

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This cream is also extremely healing — if you have a cut or a rash, it’ll do the job of soothing and curing any ailments. There are so many benefits to this cream with over 1,000 Amazon reviews to prove it. “This cream is the best thing I’ve purchased in facial cream in 20 years…I have horrible rosacea and my skin is very sensitive but this lotion works wonders. My skin is softer, more even in tone- for the price it can’t be beat,” a customer shared.