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Act Fast: K-Beauty Favorites Are On Sale For Prime Day And Selling Out Fast!

Treat yourself to these savings on beauty and self-care products.

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Amazon Prime Day is in full swing, and if you’re a K-Beauty lover, you’ll want to grab some of these great deals while they last. We’ve rounded up all of our favorite K-Beauty products that are on sale for Prime Day and are selling out fast. Don’t wait too long or these items will be gone in a flash!

From clay masks to hydrating serums and foaming cleansers, this list has everything you need to create your very own skincare routine or to improve your existing one. These products are well-known for being high-quality and incredibly effective. So, let’s shop for these awesome deals.


Innisfree Green Tea Face Cleanser
Source: Amazon

Cleansers are the number one item for starting your skin-care routine. These products can remove oils and impurities so that your skin can absorb all the nutrients and moisturizing properties of serums, masks, and any other product you use.


Laneige Water Bank Gel Moisturizer
Source: Amazon

These items are focused on moisturizing, hydrating, and protecting your skin so that you can feel fresh and rejuvenated all day long. Check out how these products can guard your skin against the sun and give it the nourishment it needs.


Laneige Glowy Makeup Serum
Source: Amazon

These products provide tons of benefits to your skin. They’ll give your skin an instant boost of hydration, improve its moisture barrier, and leave you with a healthy, glowy complexion. Go ahead, give them a try and add them to your routine!

Lip Care

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm
Source: Amazon

This type of self-care is often overlooked, but lips deserve treatment just the same. Dry and cracked lips can be uncomfortable and can even hurt, so make sure you give your lips some love!

Bonus Products

Sulwhasoo Bestsellers Trial Kit
Source: Amazon

These two products include Sulwhasoo’s trial kit and Innisfree’s pore-clearing masks. Both are great products, with the kit containing basic skin care items so you can get started on creating your routine with just the right products. You can also get pore-clearing masks that will clean and reduce the appearance of your pores. Buy them to use together for amazing results.