iPhone 12 Alternatives Available Now For Prime Day: 3 Smartphones You Can Buy For Half The Price

If you're over your iPhone or in need of a new smartphone, today is your last chance because Amazon Prime Day has three amazing deals on the latest iPhone 12 alternatives!

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Today is the last day of Amazon Prime Day which means it’s time to fulfill all of your tech needs because Amazon has the lowest prices on the hottest and latest technology! Apple released four new iPhones on October 13 and one of these is the iPhone 12. The price point for the new phone is just over $1000, but luckily, there are three Samsung Galaxy smartphones for sale on Prime Day that are equipped with all the things an iPhone 12 can do, for an amazing price! In order to shop Amazon Prime Day, you must be a Prime member, but have no fear because you can sign up to be a member, right here!

Purchase the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Android Cell Phone for $749.99.

For starters, the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Android Cell Phone is a whopping 25% off today, going from $999 to $749.99! Coming in four different colors (Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink, Cosmic Gray, and Cosmic Black), the Samsung Galaxy S20 is definitely comparable to the iPhone 12. When it comes to screen size, the iPhone 12 Pro slightly falls behind the 6.2″ Galaxy at 6’1″. The Galaxy S20 also has the upper hand in terms of overall display sharpness and has a catchy new feature that the iPhone might not have: 120Hz high refresh rate, if that matters to you! 

samsung s20

Obviously, something that does matter to phone users is the camera advancement and the Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with triple camera setup, consisting of a regular, ultra-wide angle, and telephoto snappers, just like the iPhone 12. Techies are predicting the phones will be neck and neck when it comes to pixelation, as well, as the iPhone 12 is so new to the market, they don’t know for sure. When it comes to battery life, the Samsung Galaxy S20 offers an all-day charge with a super-fast lightning speed charge. Plus, you can charge up your Galaxy buds a boost of power with Wireless PowerShare right from Galaxy S20 5G.

The 5G capabilities are also a must-have these days. With 5G, your phone works in mind-boggling speeds with superior connection and nearly undetectable lag times no matter where you are.

Another iPhone 12 alternative that’s available on Prime Day for a great deal is the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G, which is currently on sale for $419.99 from $599.99. That’s 30% off of this brand new phone! Not only is the price more than half of what the iPhone 12 currently goes for, but it has 128 GB of storage versus the iPhone’s 64 GB, its battery life is longer, its screen is .6 inches bigger and its camera has more megapixels. Like the Samsung Galaxy S20, the A71 has super-fast charging, as well as a long-lasting battery. The photo capabilities on this one are top-notch. You can take professional-grade photos and videos with A71 5G’s quad lens camera. From epic landscapes to dramatic portraits, to super clear and steady videos, the 64-megapixel front camera is one of the best on the market. Like the S20, the A71 is also a 5G capable phone.

samsung a71

Purchase the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G for $419.99. 

And finally, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is 27% off on Prime Day and going for $474.99 today and tomorrow! While this phone doesn’t have the 5G capabilities like the A71 and the S20, the S10 has easy-to-use pro-grade features. As compared to the other phones in the 10 line, the S10 Lite is elite, with the longest battery time, the most megapixels, and the largest screen. As an alternative to the iPhone 12, the S10 Lite is great for all the gamers out there due to the ability to amp up your gaming experience and turn down the distractions with the built-in Game Booster. Block out alerts, sharpen sound quality, and regulate your device’s temperature, so you can focus on the game and nothing else! Plus, like the other two phones listed above, the camera on the S10 Lite is pro-grade and perfect for capturing any moment!

samsung s10 lite

Purchase the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite for $474.99. 

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