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Enhance Your Zoom Meeting Look With This Quick & Easy Heated Eyelash Curler That’s On Sale For $20

Tired of using your hairdryer to heat up your eyelash curler? Get bold lashes for every occasion with this heated eyelash curler for just $20!

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Just like curling your hair with a hot iron, if your eyelash curler is heated, you get more lift and plump in your eyelashes! Instead of using your hairdryer or hot water to warm up your eyelash curler, look no further than this Heated Eyelash Curler by BeMyLady for just $20 on Amazon! This USB-rechargeable heated eyelash curler adopts an ergonomic radian design, perfectly fit for your eyelashes curve, and creates a long-lasting and graceful curling effect that allows mascara to be put on swiftly and evenly.

Buy the Heated Eyelash Curler by BeMyLady for $20!

This heated eyelash curler warms up within 10 seconds and is ready for use! The heat pads within the curler quickly relax and separate the lashes while applying gentle heat evenly along the full length of each individual lash. The heating wire is made of nickel-chromium alloy, which has a faster heating speed and a wider heating area. The heat protection groove lengthens the distance between the heating wire and the eyelid, so it will hug every lash for incredible lifting and curling, while also remaining safe.

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The heated eyelash curler has three temperature settings for you to choose from, depending on your needs. The Blue Low Light temp. is for soft lashes. the Yellow Light Middle temp. is for soft/short lashes and the Red Light High temp. is for thick/hard lashes. With the pen-style curler, there is no crimping or clumping of the lashes, just a smooth, even lift. The product was created to fit all eye shapes and sizes and create long, gorgeous lashes that take seconds to achieve, and will last all day. It’s super easy to throw in your purse or cosmetics bag and take anywhere on the go!

The brand recommends cleaning the head of the curler with just a soft cloth or paper towel and avoid using water. They add not to use it while it’s charging. The heated eyelash curler takes 1.5 to 2 hours to charge and can be used up to 125 minutes before it needs to be recharged. 

Reviews of the BeMyLady Heated Eyelash Curler speak for themselves! “Works very well! My eyelashes are pretty long but straight. As you can see, in the top image, I used the heated eyelash curler on my bare lashes on just one eye to compare and it definitely made a difference and lifted my lashes. The bottom image shows that the lift stays even after applying mascara. Good product definitely beats a manual eyelash curler in my opinion,” one user wrote, sharing a photo of her startling before and after.

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“This magical device works so well. I haven’t used any others so I truly can’t say that this is the best choice of all the different brands but if you have not tried anything like this, you are going to be so happy when you do!” another reviewer said, revealing she “used the lowest setting pre and post mascara- worked well both ways.”

Another raved, “I’m seriously in love with this product. I’ve recommended to many people. I don’t know how I lived without it before. Works 1000000x better than a traditional curler. Stays curled all day. Trick is to get a mascara that hardens. Put that on, do the rest of your makeup, then once it’s dry, use the curler. I use a lengthening mascara after I use heat. The curler does take off some of the first coat so you will need a second, third coat depending on the look you want. For a more natural look, I curl it and then just “dust” the tips of my lashes with my mascara brush and voila!”