This Debloating Body Lotion is on Hailey Bieber’s Holiday List: ‘Smells Amazing, Feels Amazing’

Hailey Bieber included this special lymphatic drainage lotion to her holiday list that provides real results.

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If you’re still looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer, Hailey Bieber has raved about this body lotion on multiple occasions. The GENTE BEAUTY Lymphatic Drainage Effect Detoxing Lotion does not simply moisturize like other lotions — it targets excessive water retention and enhances the lifting effect of the skin, as well as tightening and softening. Lymphatic drainage massages have become a popular trend when a professional removes toxins from your body with advanced tools in a spa. This can be an expensive endeavor, but this lotion is an efficient and affordable way to see visible results straight from your home. Acai, caffeine, and guaraná are infused in the formula of the Gente Beauty lotion. If it’s Hailey-approved, we know it’s a must-have for your self-care collection.

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Hailey recently posted a series of different products on her Instagram story for a 2023 Holiday Gift guide and the Gente Beauty lotion was the last product featured. This isn’t the first time she has mentioned the lotion on her Instagram story. One time, she raved that the product “smells amazing, feels amazing” and she is “obsessed” with the results. Each ingredient has a specific purpose to ensure the lotion is effective — the acai is a powerful antioxidant that targets cellulite and breaks down fat cells, caffeine brightens the skin, and guaraná stimulates circulation in the skin.

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Hailey isn’t the only fan of this lotion. An Amazon customer called the Gente Beauty Lotion, “heaven in a bottle.” They continued: “I use this all over my stomach, arms, and thighs for its superb toning effect. After losing a significant amount of weight, I found that my skin was losing some of its elasticity and this really helped after using it on a regular basis. The smell is so fresh and almost fruity and lasts on the skin. It dries down really well without getting tacky or sticky.”