This Waterproof Speaker Is Perfect For The Shower, Has Over 3k Reviews & Is Under $30

Bring the party into your shower with the best waterproof shower speaker on Amazon, which uses automatic pairing to easily connect to your cellphone & any Bluetooth device.

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best waterproof shower speaker
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Tired of putting on some SZA, cranking up your cellphone’s volume, leaving it by your shower, and hoping for the best? Usually, the sound of the water rushing out of your showerhead — especially if it’s a high-performance one — will only drown out the sound of your music. Get ready for a real dance party with the best waterproof shower speaker on Amazon: Gideon’s Aqua Audio Cube for $29.95 on Amazon!

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No longer will you have to worry about soaking your phone to listen to some tunes, since this is a completely waterproof Bluetooth speaker. All you have to do is use the “Auto Pairing” feature on the device to sync to your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices (like a tablet) up to 50 feet away — far from your bathtub! The Aqua Audio Cube utilizes Bluetooth v3.0 Technology, ensuring a sound connection will be made. It even connects to Siri, meaning you can talk to your phone’s command center right from the speaker — we have more information on that below!

best waterproof shower speaker

This is a truly portable speaker, too, with compact dimensions of 3 inches x 3 inches. Just stick the suction cup to any part of your shower and you’re ready to jam out in between soap scrubs. You get more than a speaker, too: this waterproof shower speaker also offers multiple buttons that allow you to rewind to the previous track, skip to the next track, change the volume, talk to Siri, and power the device on and off. So, you won’t be needing to pause your shower to skip ahead on your music playlist.

best waterproof shower speaker

With a powerful lithium-ion battery, this little device has 10 hours of play time. If you take five-minute showers (the minimum shower length recommended by dermatologists), that means you’ll be able to get in 120 showers before recharging the battery. Even then, such a job only requires 2.5 hours of charging with a USB cable that comes with the speaker.

Gideon’s Aqua Audio Cube looks sleek, too, and is available in four pretty colors: metallic silver or gold, and a matte black or sky blue. It’ll feel like you have yet another smart home device right in the shower with you (without having the usual price tag of such a gadget). Now, let’s move on to what nearly all of the over 2,700 Amazon reviewers discussed: the sound. This waterproof shower speaker delivers 3-watts of speaker power. While the company itself promises “amazing clarity, deep bass and super rich sound,” let’s see what the actual reviewers are saying.

One reviewer gushed that this waterproof speaker’s “sound and loudness are way more than adequate,” and “is well balanced with plenty of bass.” A second reviewer noted that “it’s plenty LOUD” when they “want it to be,” and that they  “have no trouble hearing it over the shower,” and a third reviewer wrote that “the sound of the speaker is very good.”

best waterproof shower speaker

Others gushed about the functionality of the Aqua Audio Cube, given all of its buttons. “Now I can actually hit Play on the speaker to start the music after it has auto-connected and not have to go to the Bluetooth media source device and hit Play every time. Now I can go to the previous track/station or next track/station wirelessly from the speaker, and now I can enjoy utterly fantastic sound quality which must be heard to be believed,” another reviewer noted. And many others were impressed with the longevity of this device, like one customer who wrote, “We all use this speaker every day and after all this time, it still works perfectly, unlike the 3 other speakers I purchased before this.”

We’d also like to add that this speaker is not just built for songs. For instance, you can now listen to your podcast right in the shower, which is exactly what one reviewer did — or perhaps listen along to a YouTube video.

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