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Tone Your Thighs & Butt With This Resistance Band Set That’s on Sale for Just $15

If you're in need of a good workout, look no further because this resistance band set will get your lower body toned while you work & it's on sale for just $20!

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If you feel like you’ve been sitting around all day long and you’re in need of a serious workout, look no further because this set of GYMBee Booty 3 Resistance Bands is a great way to exercise your lower body while you work. The set comes with three bands in black, gray, and pink, and the set is currently on sale for $15.01 which is a great deal considering the retail price is $24.99. The bands are all the same size – 14 inches with three inches of thickness – but they each have different levels of resistance – light, medium, and strong.

Get the GYMBee Booty 3 Resistance Bands here for $15.01.

If you’ve ever used resistance bands before, you know that they give you a great workout but the most annoying factor is that they tend to roll up your legs and don’t always stay in place. This is why we love this set because they are wider than conventional bands, they’re covered in a non-slip fabric, have grips on the inside that keep them in place, plus, they are much sturdier and more durable than other brands. Included in the set are three bands, one mesh carrying bag, and an exercise printed booklet. Plus, when you purchase the set, you will receive access to over 50 workout videos and you can follow the brand on Instagram @gymbee_girls, where the brand posts workout videos and inspirational fitness ideas.

resistance bands
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There are so many different workouts you can do when it comes to bands. Place a band around your upper thighs and do some squats to tone your glutes and quads or place a strong band around your ankles, lay on your side, keep your legs straight and stacked, and slowly lift one leg up and bring it back down. Another workout you can do is place the band around your upper thighs, keep your feet on the ground and slowly lift up your hips in thrusts. You will almost immediately feel the burn in your butt, abs, and thighs. Not only are there so many different workouts to do with these bands, but they also come in a convenient carrying case that allows you to take them with you wherever you want to go. Plus, the best part is, they don’t require any equipment so you can literally work from your laptop while exercising, all in the comfort of your own home.

There’s a reason these bands have over 31,000 positive reviews and it’s because they seriously work. One user, Chloe, wrote, ” Get these bands and feel the burn! The best burn. It literally takes a few minutes to workout with these bands on before you feel your legs and glute on fire. In the best way possible. The bands come with a convenient carrying sack and workout cards that help to guide you. Perfect for beginners and any other fitness level.”