Apply Your Makeup With Ease Thanks To This Best-Selling $33 Magnifying Vanity Mirror

Want to find an easy solution to applying flawless makeup? This best-selling magnifying mirror is a must-have for perfecting your beauty routine & it's less than $40!

Magnified LED Light Makeup Mirror
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Lighting: is it our friend, or foe? When it comes to makeup, having the perfect lighting is an absolute must. We’ve all been there – applying foundation or bronzer all over your face only to later discover the lack of blending into the jawline and neck, and we blame poor lighting! Need a quick fix to this horrible problem? Ditch your dingy bathroom bulbs for this portable magnifying mirror with salon-worthy lighting, available on Amazon for $33!

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Picture this: it’s a Friday night and you’ve got a hot (socially distanced) date at your local outdoor bistro. Of course, you need to make sure your makeup is immaculate for the date, but all you’ve got is an unflattering fluorescent lamp to work with. Well, this amazing makeup mirror, strengthened by side-emitting ‘LED Strip’ technology, could correct your poor lighting issues thanks to the diffuse light that it gives off. The mirror’s light is bright enough to cover all corners of your face to apply evenly-distributed foundation or bronzer, but also soft enough to protect your eyes from harsh fluorescent. Plus, the light doesn’t flicker making it totally eye-friendly.

LED Magnifying Makeup Mirror

Speaking of lighting, this magnifying mirror has options for you. Choose from warm, cool, and neutral lights, which were chosen for the mirror’s lighting options based on the most commonly used lights in light designing—warm, cold, and natural. Whether you’re applying light or heavy makeup (depending on the occasion), the process will go seamlessly thanks to the lighting choices. Use the cool light for professional, business makeup, the natural light for outdoor events (since this setting has 97% similarity to actual sunlight) and the warm light fits for more dramatic, elegant affairs. Finally, you can actually choose from the appropriate lighting to apply various makeup forms.

These days, we’re all about convenience and this magnifying mirror has got just that. It is adjustable at 90°, which enables you to tweeze and shape your eyebrows to your liking in the utmost comfortable positions. The mirror has a foldable design that will save your dresser some room, and after it’s folded, the mirror even decorates your dresser or beauty stand! Available in black or white, the exterior has a leather-looking texture, so the mirror blends in aesthetically on any makeup station. To adjust the brightness on any of the lighting settings, simply use the touch button by holding it down. Also, the lamp has a brightness-memory function which makes it easy for the next time you sit to do your makeup, at-home wax, and more. 

Magnifying LED Light Makeup Mirror

Clarity will soon be a very dear friend to you when using this mirror. The reflection of this vanity mirror is produced by a vacuum coating technique, which allows the most accurate reflection without casting any colors or vagueness. Accomplish the flawless makeup of your dreams thanks to the 1X/2X/3X magnifications of the mirror, no matter how advanced the technique you’re attempting is. Whether it’s detailed eyeliner or a dramatic contour, perfect all the glam makeup looks you’ve been dying to try out with ease! 

Just about had it with being bothered by charging cables? No worries! This mirror supports both micro USB and AA batteries for power supply, making lighting too easy. Kiss splotchy, uneven makeup goodbye and get your hands on this miracle-working LED lighting vanity mirror, which can be yours for only $33!

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