Body Lotion: 9 Hydrating Products That Will Moisturize Dry Winter Skin In No Time

Winter is here & to help you combat dry, dull skin, we rounded up the best new body lotions that will leave you feeling hydrated & silky soft!

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The winter can be tough and damaging on your skin which is why it’s important to keep hydrated all season long. While the everyday skincare brands we see in our convenience stores and supermarkets are always readily available and great, we thought it might be nice to also spice things up a bit.

This winter, keep your skin hydrated and looking its best with these amazing body lotions. From butter to gel and creams, we’ve rounded up a batch of decadent and effective lotions to save your skin from the cold weather’s elements! No matter your preference, there is something for everyone in this list of products and we’re guaranteeing you’ll love them. Shop these winter skin must-haves below, and kiss dry and rough skin goodbye!

1. Nécessaire The Body Lotion

One of our favorite lotions is the Nécessaire The Body Lotion. It’s fragrance-free which is preferred by many, and formulated with vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as Omega-6 and 9 which work together to moisturize your skin and give it the ingredients it needs. Plus, it’s infused with Marula, Cacay & Meadowfoam luxe oils – making it ultra-luxurious. The multi-vitamin formula is proven to strengthen the skin, which definitely is helpful during the winter months when our skin is rough, brittle, and cracks easily. $25,



2. MUTHA Body Butter

The  MUTHA Body Butter is another best-selling, lightweight and fabulous body lotion. It isn’t heavy or clogging, and is made with 100% natural origin, 98% organic ingredients, and packed with pure seed extracts. Suitable for sensitive skin, this body butter is totally versatile for all skin types – and it truly is a “butter” for your skin, without feeling too heavy. You’ll feel like you just left the spa after each use! $95,

3. Philosophy ‘Nature In A Jar’ Body Lotion

Calling all nature-lovers! This 100% vegan, cruelty-free ‘Nature In A Jar’ collection from Philosophy is perfect for those who live a chemical and totally ‘green’ lifestyle. Loaded with incredible natural ingredients, this lotion is also very lightweight and formulated with fragrant, all-natural extracts and oils. Cactus fruit, for example, is extracted into this lotion’s formula which melts right into the skin for the deepest hydration. Moisturize your skin completely paraben-free with this delicious-smelling and eco-friendly lotion. $30,


4. Jergens Rose Triple Butter Blend

You can’t go wrong with Jergens products, and their collection is filled with best-sellers across the board including moisturizers, self-tanning lotions, and more. The Jergen’s Rose Tripe Butter Blend is not only a great moisturizer for the whole body, but it’s also extremely calming and relaxing. Thanks to the rose essence and camellia essential oils that it’s infused with, you’ll instantly feel relaxed and at ease every time you use it. Plus, it smells just like flowers, which is never a bad thing! $7,

5. Love Beauty & Planet Body Lotion Delicious Glow

With nearly a five-star review on Amazon, the Love Beaty & Planet body lotion promises 24-hour skin hydration. Available in four diverse scents such as “coconut water and mimosa flower”, “argan oil and lavender” and more, the ingredients are inspired by nature and include murumuru butter, rose extract, sunflower seed oil, and more. This lotion is said to leave a “glow” to the skin over time, and we can’t argue with that! $7,

6. Drunk Elephant Body Lotion

Both a catchy name and an “Amazon Choice” product! The Drunk Elephant body lotion is a hot item on Amazon and is unique in so many ways. It’s packed with nourishing plant oils and butter, squalene, strengthening amino acids, and a 5-ceramide blend to lock in hydration and maintain moisture that tends to be lost due to damaging environmental factors (hello, winter weather). It’s different from other body lotions in that it can even be applied to wet skin, the scalp or wherever else you need some extra hydration. $20,

7. Hempz Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon Lotion

We’re a huge fan of basically anything that smells like fruit, and this Hempz body lotion could not be fruitier. The sweet pineapple and honey melon body lotion is essentially made of all oils, vitamins, and, yep, even some THC. Indulge in the fruity formula while feeling totally mellow-ed out with every use. It’s 100% cruelty-free and vegan, so as you use this lotion every day you’ll also have peace of mind knowing it’s totally environmentally sound. $23,


8. Nivea Essentially Enriched Body Lotion

We can’t forget about our drugstore favorites! Nivea is a cult favorite for many people in the skincare department, and the Nivea Essentially Enriched collection is one of the best. A favorite of mine, in fact, I keep this lotion stocked in my bathroom at all times. Personally, the almond scent is a winner for me, and I often get compliments for smelling nice every time I use it. It has a deep moisture serum infused in the formula, and the almond oil not only smells great but also works wonders on those stubborn, extra-dry parts of the skin. Best of all, on Amazon, you can get this two-for-one deal for only $10! I definitely recommend this one, and as another Amazon Choice product, clearly, others do as well! $11,

9. Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Body Lotion

Closing out with another drugstore fave, Aveeno products are always a solid go-to and are always recommended by dermatologists for over 65 years. The Aveeno Stress Relief moisturizing lotion helps you relax with its unique formula including oatmeal, which is known for having skin-soothing qualities, and also lavender, chamomile, and more essential oils to help you truly de-stress after a long day. Keep your skin balanced, hydrated, and calm with a mild scent all day long. $14,

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