Get Salon Quality Hair With the Best Whole Head Hair Dryers

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Blowdrying your hair is not everyone’s favorite past time especially when you know you may never be able to replicate the fabulous blowout done by your stylist. However, to help make the job easier, faster and a bit more pleasant it might be time to check out the whole head or bonnet-style hairdryer.

These bonnet hair dryers include a generous-sized cap you place over damp hair that has either been set with your favorite hair rollers or curlers and gently starts circulating warm or hot air into the cap, evenly distributing the heat all over your hair. This allows for ideal wavy or curly hair styling as the rollers stay in place under the hood. These devices also work great with hair conditioners, oils, and treatments as it helps to open up the cuticle, allowing the nutrients to deeply penetrate the hair.

Below are some bonnet-style dryers that are simple to use, convenient for travel and allow you to multitask while setting your hair. The bonnets are all extra-large in size to accommodate large hair curlers and head sizes and all can be attached to most standard hair dryers. We have also thrown in a couple familiar-looking, salon-quality hooded dryers that give you the same professional hair outcome depending on your preferred method.

Compare the Top Whole Head Hair Dryer of 2022

Hair Flair Soft Hood Deluxe  —  Best Overall

The Softhood Hair Dryer Attachment by Hair Flair makes it fast and easy to dry your hair when using hair curlers, rods or rollers. The large hood capacity easily fits over larger rollers and over 120 ventilation holes allow for faster and more even heat distribution. Ideal for multi-tasking, the long attached tube allows you to easily move around while wearing this hood and an adjustable chin strap secures it in place. Not only for rollers and curlers, you can also use the Softhood with hair conditioning treatments as well and due to its low heat setting requirements, you can feel confident knowing you won’t be causing any extreme heat damage.


  • The Softhood fits all standard hand-held hair dryers


  • It is important to secure the strap tightly to ensure the bonnet doesn’t come off

Glow By Daye Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment  —  Runner Up

Glow By Daye’s Bonnet Hair Dryer is another option to give your hair the blow-dry of your dreams without any of the arm strain. This attachment is made with a lightweight and waterproof material that will stand up to the many drying and conditioning sessions it is meant to go through while feeling light and comfortable on the head. This bonnet is also adjustable to fit around many unique head sizes, hairstyles and/or hair accessories and a long three-foot hose allows for freedom of movement so you are not stuck sitting down while your hair is drying. The consistent and even heat flow also makes this bonnet perfect for deep conditioning treatments, wrap and roller sets, drying extensions and for longer, thicker hair types.


  • A handy storage bag is included to keep your bonnet clean until the next use


  • It is recommended to place a towel on the back of your neck as it may get slightly warm when drying

Conair Pro Style Bonnet Dryer  —  Honorable Mention

A great alternative to the soft hood, bonnet-style dryers is a portable version that looks just like one you will find at your local hair salon. Conair’s Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer brings the salon to your house with their 1875 watt dryer for powerful drying with two different heat and speed settings and even airflow distribution. This dryer has a fully adjustable height, extra-large hood to accommodate a jumbo set of rollers and a six-foot-long cord that stores conveniently in the hairdryer base.


  • This dryer folds easily for neat, compact storage


  • You may not be able to move around as much with this type of dryer

Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer  —  Contender

Conair’s contribution to the soft, whole head hairdryer is their Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer with a twist – this version does not attach to your blowdryer as the heating mechanism is contained in its compact storage box with handle for convenient travel. It also comes with four heat levels and adjustable controls that allow you easy styling options to let you set and ultimately style your hair exactly the way you like it. Other amenities include an extra-long, four-foot flexible hose, six-foot-long cord and an extra-large bonnet that fits over most jumbo-sized rollers and can be secured in place.


  • This hairdryer comes with a bonus hot air vent brush attachment for creating smooth and straight styles


  • This dryer is ideal for longer, thicker hair types

Granteva Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer  —  Also Consider

The Soft Hooded Hair Dryer System by Granteva makes drying your hair at home fast and convenient. Great for all hair types, this dryer works especially well with thicker, course and more frizz-prone hair types for a more efficient blow-drying experience that’s comfortable and relaxing. In addition, your hair will dry evenly with less effort while providing maximum heat distribution from follicles to hair ends.  Once your bonnet is in place, you will have the freedom to take care of other things such as your skincare or makeup routine, making your mornings a lot less hectic.


  • This dryer works with most standard hair dryers


  • It is recommended to use only on the lowest heat setting for optimal results

MiFine Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer  —  Editor's Pick

whole head hair dryer reviews

MiFine’s Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer is meant to last through many, many drying and conditioning sessions with its durable, waterproof material. Its patented design is adjustable and will fit around most head shapes, hairstyles and hair accessories without any annoying slip and strategically placed holes allow for maximized heat distribution, drying your hair evenly and efficiently. It also comes with a wide hose that allows for a robust flow of warm air to dry your hair while you set, style or condition while its long length allows for easy movement.


  • This set is ideal for travel and comes with a convenient storage bag and makeup-up mirror


  • Keep the chin strap slightly loosened for more comfort
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Nova Microdermabrasion Professional Freestanding Hair Dryer  —  Another Option

If you are truly in the market for a salon-quality, professional hairdryer, then the freestanding dryer by Nova Microdermabrasion is a great option. This hair dryer works similar to all our other options, however, is a full size, free-standing dryer that is ideal for any salon professional or in the comfort of your own home. This dryer provides the same type of drying as a bonnet hood and will not “blow out” your hair, but works great for hairstyling, coloring, conditioning and drying all the same. It works similar to the dryers you have seen and used at a salon and has a hinged hood door that will accommodate the largest of rollers and the bonnet can be tilted up or down for desired positioning.


  • This dryer comes with a timer and temperature control system


  • The dryer needs to be pre-heated for about 30-40 minutes prior to use

Buying Guide: Whole Head Hair Dryers

If you have longer hair, or simply don’t have the patience to hold up a hair dryer to dry separate sections of your hair, a whole head hair dryer is what you need. You might have never heard of this fantastic contraption before, which is why we've covered everything you need to know about them in this guide.

Are Whole Head Hair Dryers Different From Other Blow Dryers?

Simply put, the answer is yes, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. Currently, there are two types of hair dryers used in salons and homes throughout the world - handheld blow dryers and free standing hair dryers. Handheld blow dryers are the types of dryers you’ll find in the average home, hotel room, or even some toilets - they’re shaped like a gun and you point it to the section of your hair you want to be dried.

On the other hand, you have free standing hair dryers, which work slightly differently. Instead of holding the device at all times, the dryer hovers slightly above your head. It maintains its position thanks to a connected stand that reaches the ground, hence the name. This allows you to do your nails, read magazines, and browse social media in the meantime.

The term “whole head” in hair dryers implies that it covers every inch of your hair or at least the roots. Freestanding hair dryers obviously fall into this category, but handheld blow dryers can also be converted into supporting whole head capability using a special accessory. It’s known as a bonnet, and as the name suggests, it covers your head, but not only your head - it can also dry the long strands of your hair if needed.

The way bonnets work is by funneling the hot air from the handheld blow dryer and isolating it in the area around your hair. By doing this, you don’t waste as much hot air, and more importantly, you get to dry your hair more evenly from top to bottom. The bottom of your hair may end up slightly drier due to proximity, but at least it’s a lot more hands-free than how you’d normally use a handheld blow dryer.

So in short, whole head dryers aren’t a “type” of blow dryer. Instead, it refers to hair dryers that are able to cover a large portion of your hair, if not all of it.

Are Hair DryerBonnets Safe to Use?

Some people may be worried about using bonnets because it’s a synthetic substance that’s exposed to hot air. This may sound like a recipe for disaster, but rest assured that the materials used in the making of hair bonnets are resistant to heat. So, even if you use the bonnet regularly, both your hair and your bonnet will remain in good condition.

When Should I Use a Whole Head Hair Dryer?

Since you can use handheld blow dryers in both the traditional way and with the help of a bonnet, it’s really all a matter of preference.

If you’re short on time and you need to do your makeup ASAP, you can do so while the bonnet’s drying your hair. You can also make calls, check your email, and more with a bonnet on. Bonnets also help dry long hair more evenly! However, if you wish to style your hair a certain way, that won’t be possible with a bonnet.

On the other hand, using hair dryers the old-fashioned way has its benefits. You can dry parts of your hair that are still somewhat wet more precisely, so they’re great as a way to finish off drying hair after wrapping it in a towel turban. It’s also very easy to use, and you don’t need any setup to get started with using it right after you shower.

In the end, you should pick whatever method floats your boat. As long as you get your hair dry in time, then either option is equally viable.

Is It Safe to Blow Dry Your Hair?

Finally, one common concern you’ll hear is that hair dryers and blow dryers have the potential to damage your hair, which is why you should avoid them at all costs. This is, technically, true - you can very well damage your hair if you heat it too much with a dryer. However, as long as you use the dryer correctly, your hair should come to no harm at all.

The important thing when drying your hair is to know the whens and the hows - when to dry your hair and how to do it. It’s not overly complex, but it does take a while to get used to. Once you’ve passed that hurdle, though, you can easily (and safely) dry your hair, with no risk to your hair’s condition whatsoever.

Furthermore, you can use heat protectants to prevent your hair from getting seriously damaged while applying heat to them. Alongside that, you can incorporate nourishing hair care products in your routine to replenish your hair strands.