Refresh Your Skin With the Best Skin Tag Removers

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If you deal with annoying skin tags, you may be looking for a product that can get rid of them. Skin tags are essentially small, skin-colored lumps or skin growths that are painless, but may be annoying to have for most people. They commonly appear on the skin of the face, neck, eyelids, armpits, and around the groin area.

Scientists aren’t entirely sure about why skin tags suddenly start to appear, but they suspect that it may be a result of friction. Nevertheless, there are several proven ways to remove them: homeopathic treatments, cryo-freeze methods, and skin tag removers. The latter offer an easy, quick, and readily available solution. If you’re looking for even-textured and clear skin, we’ve got you covered with a list of some of the premium skin tag removers of 2022.

Comparing the Top-Reviewed Skin Tag Remover of 2022

TagRid Skin Tag Remover  —  Best Overall

TagRid’s Skin Tag Remover is fast and easy to use and is a great choice for small or medium skin tags, especially ones in hard-to-reach, and sensitive areas. This do-it-yourself kit contains 24 removal bands, 12 cleansing wipes, and one skin tag remover that is gentle on your skin, yet effective against skin tags. The application process is super easy and involves cutting off circulation in the tag, so it can fall off on its own in just a few days. This product gets the top spot on this list for its user-friendliness and gentle application. 


  • Simple to use
  • Removes tags quickly and efficiently
  • Completely painless removal process
  • Minimizes skin irritation
  • Includes plenty of supplies


  • Difficult to use on armpits

TagBand Skin Tag Remover  —  Most Ergonomic

This TagBand Skin Tag Remover is designed to look like a pen, which makes it easy to hold and use, and is meant for getting rid of small and medium-sized skin tags. The innovative design of this device isn’t just ergonomic, but also super efficient. It features a simple push button on one end, and a cone-shaped structure on the end. 

The cone-shaped part delivers a tiny band onto the device. After the band has been transferred onto the tag-removing contraption, the cone is pulled out, leaving the hollow end free to be placed on the skin tag. When the push button is released, the band is released onto the tag, cutting off blood supply to it. With no blood flowing through the growth, it will fall off on its own in two to three days.


  • Pen design makes it easy to use
  • Removes tags quickly and efficiently
  • The removal process is completely painless
  • Includes 10 removal bands and cleansing wipes


  • May result in temporary redness

Kelinul Skin Tag Remover  —  Most Versatile

This Kelinul Skin Tag Remover makes tag removal easier and more efficient than ever before. Its single-hand user-friendly design makes it super simple to use, while its micro and regular auto design makes it suitable for skin tags of all sizes. The kit contains one remover pen, three regular and small band removers, 24 regular and micro bands, and 10 cleaning wipes. 

The kit also comes with clear instructions, so you know how to use the device before operating it. Whether you want to get rid of a skin tag from your face, neck, armpits, fingers, or shoulder, this is your go-to product for non-intrusive removal.


  • Suitable for all sizes of tags
  • Includes two sizes of materials
  • User-friendly design for easy usage
  • Includes clear instructions for installation and application


  • Not great for larger skin tags

Inscape Data Skin Tag Remover  —  Most Natural Formula

This Inscape Skin Tag Remover is suitable for all types of skin. It gets close under the skin tags you need removed, getting rid of them effectively and permanently to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. This skin tag remover is available in liquid form and is of the highest quality, guaranteeing fast results.

The application process includes washing the skin tag area with disinfectant and drying it thoroughly before rotating the end of the skin tag remover to dispense the liquid from inside it. Once the liquid is in the applicator, apply a thin layer of it onto the skin tag two to three times per day until you notice the tag starting to fall off.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Does not dry out the skin
  • 100% herbal formula for safe usage
  • Offers effective healing with no irritation


  • Smell might be irritating for some

Buying Guide: Skin Tag Removers

While skin tags are harmless, many people may want to get rid of theirs because they find them unsightly and bothersome, especially if they are located in visible areas like the face or neck. With skin tag removers, you have an effective, quick, and affordable way of getting rid of these pesky growths. However, before using any medication or removal device such as a skin tag remover, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind to ensure safety for yourself, as well as to make sure that the remover you buy is effective. With this guide, you can learn more about skin tags, and how to deal with them by using skin tag removers.

How To Use a Skin Tag Removing Device

Most skin tag removers typically function by cutting off blood circulation to the skin tag that needs to be removed. They do this by placing a band at the base of the skin tag. With the lack of blood flow to the tag, the tissue in it eventually dies, and the tag falls off. 

Once you’ve cleaned the area around the skin tag properly, place one removal band on the base of the removing device’s cone, place the band remover around the cone, and keep pushing it down until it meets the band. Place the cone over the skin tag and level it with the surface of the skin. Push the band toward the skin while pulling the cone away. The band should then be placed securely around the base of the skin tag, until the tag naturally falls off.

Things To Consider Before Using a Skin Tag Remover

Size of the skin tag

Determine the size of the skin tag you want removed. Different skin tag removers are meant for different sized tags, so if you buy a remover meant for smaller tags and you have a relatively larger tag, the remover may not be effective. If your skin tag is especially large, you may need to consult a dermatologist to have it removed.

Healing time and scarring

Most skin tag removers will take anywhere between two days to three weeks to remove the tag entirely. If you’re looking for faster results with minimal scarring, look for a remover that offers quick-removal. This factor depends largely on your preference.

Purpose-made skin tag removers are recommended because they don’t cause long-term damage to your skin and lower the risk of scars after removal of the tag.

Ease of use

Ideally, your skin tag remover should be safe and simple to use without the need for a medical professional to assist you. The whole point of these contraptions is to make the process easy for you to perform at home, so look for a remover that is designed for ergonomic usage.

Sensitivity to pain

We’re sure you want to opt for the least painful option, as zero pain during the removal process is a huge plus. Especially if your skin tag is located in a particularly sensitive area, you will want to choose a remover that is safe and easy to use, and causes minimal to no pain. Read the instructions to ensure that there is minimal risk of pain and irritation from removal. 

Other Ways To Remove Skin Tags

Skin tag removal cream

These creams don’t contain any active ingredients, and while some people swear by them, doctors state that none of them have proven to be clinically effective.

Skin tag removal surgery

If you’re not comfortable with performing the removal yourself, you can always consult a medical professional who can provide removal services in the form of a small cosmetic surgery procedure to remove the tag.

Skin tag removal patches

These are small patches that can be fitted over a skin tag to make it fall off. The plaster contains medication that transfers onto the tag and works by cutting off blood supply to it over a period of a week or more. These patches aren’t always effective.

Cryotag freezing

Professional removal will typically involve cryotherapy (freezing) of the skin tag. While effective, this procedure can be unnecessarily expensive.