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Hydrate Brittle and Dry Hair with the Best Hair Moisturizer Available

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Have you ever seen someone flaunting beautiful, shiny hair and thought to yourself, how do they maintain that glossy mane even in extreme weather? Hair moisturizers could be their secret. This guide will cover the highest-rated hair moisturizers in 2023 and share information on different hair types to help you choose the best product accordingly.

Over-washing and under conditioning are two main reasons that could strip away the natural oils of your hair. Some formulas are way too harsh for your tresses, and shampooing too frequently without using an appropriate amount of conditioner can lead to dry hair. That’s where hair moisturizers come in.

Most of us already use shampoo and conditioners for washing our hair, but hair moisturizers are often overlooked. Lately, moisturizers that are designed to hydrate hair have made quite a stir. People are inquisitive about the overall results of these moisturizers and curious about how this product can help them retain the perfect hair moisture for healthy-looking, shiny hair.

If that’s everything you’re also looking for, you’ve landed on the right page. Keep reading!

Comparing the Top Hair Moisturizers of 2024 in Detail

Tea Tree Hair Moisturizer  —  Best Overall

hair moisturizer review

Key Features

  • Versatile moisturizer for hair and skin
  • Excellent for sensitive skin with a natural list of ingredients
  • Offers goodness of jojoba, tea tree, and peppermint oils
  • Makes a great post-shave soother

Have you heard about the benefits of tea tree oil for treating dry and damaged hair? And did you know tea tree oil also has some great benefits for your skin? This hair moisturizer offers all that and more. This versatile product can be used as a leave-in conditioner for long-lasting treatment for damaged hair, an effective moisturizer for hydrating the skin, and an after-shave cream for a soothing effect.

This hair and body moisturizer is enriched with the best combination of ingredients, including tea tree oil, jojoba seed oil, and peppermint, which hydrates the deepest layers of your skin and leaves the hair silky and smooth. Next time you’re looking for a versatile hair-care and skincare moisturizing product, don’t forget to feast your eyes on this magic potion.

Ancient Greek Remedy Hair Moisturizer  —  Great Option

Hair Moisturizer reviews

Key Features

  • It makes your skin velvety soft
  • Nourishes hair for a fuller look
  • Essential oils leave a beautiful scent

If you're looking for the best hair moisturizer, this selection has it all (and much more). Suitable for all hair types, it is the ultimate blend of organic hair oils such as almonds, grapeseed, vitamin E, and jojoba. It will make your hair look longer, fuller, and smoother. Apply it as a nighttime hair mask or a hairdressing cream to nourish and protect your hair and scalp while rejuvenating and thickening weak and damaged hair. This chemical-free blend promotes more than just beautiful hair, such as healthy skin and neat cuticles.

Oribe Hair Moisturizer  —  Runner-Up

hair moisturizer review

Key Features

  • Enjoy intense high shine hair
  • Creamy texture suitable for damp hair
  • Provides anti-frizz benefits without product buildup
  • Helps retain hair moisture for good

If you’re looking for a hair moisturizer that brings back life to your dry, damaged hair while taming frizz and elevating shine, look no further. This moisturizing crème by Oribe is the perfect example of the luxe reinvention of a leave-in conditioner. The super creamy, hydrating formula thoroughly moisturizes hair and keeps them from heat damage.

Offering the goodness of wheat amino acids, soy protein biopolymer, and moringa seed extract, the high-gloss, super shine moisturizing hair crème also enhances the natural color of your hair. Enjoy a celebrity moment every time you flaunt your perfectly healthy and shiny locks.

Cantu Hair Moisturizer  —  Contender

hair moisturizer review

Key Features

  • Strengthens your hair by reducing breakage and split ends
  • Features essential oils and 100% shea butter
  • Deeply nourishes and conditions wavy, curly, and coiled-hair types
  • Prevents frizz and tangles

Your curly hair deserves the best, and that’s what we’re going to recommend for you. Cantu shea butter daily oil hair moisturizer is the ultimate hair moisturizer you need for your beautiful curls. The oil-based moisturizer treats your hair from root to tip restoring moisture, preventing frizz, tangles, and breakage, leaving them soft and silky with lasting shine.

Use this product for its revitalizing magic to fix damaged and brittle hair. The formula can be used for straight hair but is more suitable for curly, wavy, and even coil-like hair. It has a perfect concoction of essential oils and shea butter to bring shine to your hair and protect them from harsh weather conditions.

Daily Dose Hair Moisturizer  —  Honorable Mention

hair moisturizer review

Key Features

  • Lightweight, non-greasy formula
  • Easy-to-apply hair moisturizing spray
  • Instantly detangles, repairs, and strengthens hair
  • Suitable for all hair types

The Daily Dose miracle moisture spray is an easy-to-use blend that can be directly sprayed into the hair for its amazing results. The blend restores dry and brittle hair to its natural beauty by eliminating the damage and bringing back the shine. This versatile hair moisturizer works perfectly for all hair types. So if you have thin, frizzy hair and your sister’s hair is thicker and curlier, you two can still use the same product and get the best results.

This excellent hair moisturizer features a perfect blend of the right ingredients to hydrate your hair well, keeping them well-conditioned and soft for longer. What’s more, it helps prevent damage without building up the product – thanks to the ultra-lightweight formula. Add the desired moisture to your hair and enjoy a more manageable mane with this miracle product.

BIOLAGE Hair Moisturizer  —  Also Consider

hair moisturizer review

Key Features

  • Hydrating conditioning that locks in the hair moisture
  • Suitable for dry and color-treated hair
  • Based on ten beneficial ingredients
  • Optimal moisture balance

This hair moisturizer by BIOLAGE is an ultimate favorite for thousands of people for repairing dry hair. The brand uses a state-of-the-art formula to revitalize and restore the damage. A tiny amount of this moisturizing balm goes a long way in preventing further damage and frizz. Enjoy healthier, stronger hair that feels soft and looks lustrous.

The leave-in moisturizing tonic is a miracle product that helps you retain the moisture of your precious locks. Enriched with the goodness of aloe, the balm optimizes your hair health with lasting hydration. Apply to freshly shampooed, wet hair for best results.

Finding the Most Effective Hair Moisturizers: A Buyer's Guide

It’s natural to blame the weather as the major culprit that damages your hair. In the summer, the heat and direct exposure to the sun can mess up your locks while the cold breeze in the winter could strip their moisture down. Regardless of what stripped your hair of all its natural oils, we’re here to help you find the best solution. 

Read on to learn everything about hair moisturizers. 

Why Do You Need a Hair Moisturizer – Discovering the Benefits

Hair moisturizers are a disguised blessing for many hair problems. In addition to preserving your gorgeous locks by providing the much-needed hydration, there are many other benefits of using a hair moisturizer.

  • The extra coating of moisture will protect your hair, making them stronger
  • The glossy look of leave-in hair moisturizer gives your hair a lustrous look
  • Hair moisturizer works all the way to the scalp, retaining the natural oils of the hair to reduce dandruff problems
  • The added layer of moisture on each hair strand protects it from the damage caused by weather and other environmental factors
  • Most popular hair moisturizers are rich in the goodness of natural ingredients, promoting hair growth
  • Hair moisturizers protect the possibility of hair loss, hair breakage, and damaged hair
  • Reduces the dull, dry, and brittle hair significantly

From Our Celebrity Expert, Olivia Elgart:

"I'm fully, completely in love with hair moisturizer, and judging by the hair of celebs like Kerry Washington and Viola Davis, I'm not the only one. It's such a simple fix to making hair look healthy and hydrated, it's unreal. I could go on all day about the wonders of hair moisturizer, but I'll save you the reading and just say: go get it."

Choosing the Right Hair Moisturizer – Top Factors to Look For

Thinking of getting your hands on the best hair moisturizer to boost hair health? To select the most suitable one from the list above, consider the factors mentioned here and make a more informed decision. 

Type of hair

Some products are designed for curly hair, while others work better for thin and frizzy hair. Identifying your hair type will significantly impact your decision when choosing the best hair moisturizer. You will find some options that are suitable for all hair types as well. It really depends on you if you want to be specific about your choice.  

Type of moisturizer

There are two main types: a leave-in one that does not require rinsing your hair after usage and the other type that needs to be washed out. We recommend a leave-in hair product for its lasting effects and because it allows for better hair styling.  

The result you desire

What do you want the hair moisturizer to do for you? Your personal goals will also help you pick a suitable option. While all moisturizers will offer hydration for your hair, some are infused with natural ingredients for extra protection and nourishment. So if you’re looking for more than just moisture for your hair, pick a package.

The Best Way to Use a Hair Moisturizer – Our Top Tips

While it’s best to check the recommended application on the product before using it, we have some top tips listed below to help you use a moisturizer and achieve great results.

  • Prepare your hair by applying a hair mask. This will guarantee lasting results and shinier hair. Masks help treat your hair for deep moisturizing. You can use any mask you like. If you prefer using natural ingredients, try mixing bananas and avocados as a hair mask and see the result yourself.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly. Rinse out the mask and use a gentle shampoo to clean your hair completely.
  • Apply the hair moisturizer on damp hair and start with a bit of it at first. Use more if required. Run your fingers from your scalp to the tip a few times.
  • Divide your hair into sections and use a wide-tooth comb to further spread the moisturizer in your hair. This will further ensure an even spread of the product.
  • Leave it on or wash it after a few minutes depending on the instructions on the product box.