Get the Perfect Manicure With the Best Fingernail Clipper

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Trimmed nails are essential for good hygiene and safety. A fingernail clipper can help you maintain the shape of your nails and avoid any broken ones. Broken nails are the worst nightmare for anyone who values their clothes or upholstery. Uneven or chipped nails may get stuck in your clothes, sofa, or bedsheets, causing them to tear or rip. With the leading fingernail clippers in 2024, you’ll be able to grow and maintain the perfect nails.

Since people have different types of nails, there are different kinds of nail clippers to suit everyone. The type of clipper you use typically depends on the size and thickness of your nail. For example, if you are investing in a fingernail clipper for children, safety is your top priority.

Many clippers come with additional benefits such as a nail file and cuticle remover. With our detailed buyer’s guide, you can easily find the fingernail clipper best suited for your nails as we touch upon the important factors affecting your decision. Once you have found the nail clipper meant for you, the perfect manicure is only one step away.

Comparing the Top Fingernail Clippers of 2024

HAWATOUR Fingernail Clipper  —  Best Overall

When it comes to maximum utility, the HAWATOUR Nail Clipper Set is the best in the market. It offers two nail clippers: one for fingernails and another for toenail clippings. For fingernails, the clipper is smaller with a curved edge for better precision. For toenails, the clipper is larger with a straight edge to cut through wide and tough nails. 

This amazing product has a comfortable grip to ensure ease of use and a firm hold. It comes in a sturdy box that holds both clippers and makes the overall product more portable.


  • Features a sharp edge for thicker nails
  • Comfortable grip for better control
  • Comes in a good storage box
  • Sharp blade to ensure no nail is ripped or torn


  • Does not include a nail file

Harperton Fingernail Clipper  —  Runner Up

The Harperton Nail Clipper Set features a set of two clippers for clipping on the go. One clipper is for toenails and the other for fingernails. The professional quality offered by the brand makes it perfect for salon and home use. 

The convenient storage bag for clipping makes it easy to cut nails at any place without worrying about the mess. This product comes with an enhanced grip that makes it easy to use without using much force. 


  • Features an ergonomic control for a better grip
  • Professional quality that can be used in salons and at home
  • Comes with a storage pouch for clippings 
  • Sharp edge does not rip or tear through nails


  • Does not include a nail file

GOBETTER Fingernail Clipper  —  Honorable Mention

If you’re looking for a sleek and aesthetic pair of nail clippers, then the GOBETTER Nail Clipper Set is just what you need. The matte black exterior is scratch-proof and doesn’t chip even when the product is dropped. However, the non-slip feature makes it easy to maintain hold of the product when clipping. 

Both clippers have a sharp blade edge that provides optimal force to clip nails without breaking them. The product comes with a portable leather case that adds to its overall aesthetic appeal.


  • Comes as a set for both fingernails and toenails
  • The non-slip feature makes sure your grip doesn’t falter
  • Comes in a portable leather case
  • Comes with a built-in nail file


  • May be difficult to use for people with mobility issues

SZQHT Fingernail Clipper  —  Also Consider

Instead of providing two clippers, the SZQHT Wide Opening Nail Clippers have a unique structure for multi-purpose use. The wide jaw lets you cut high arched nails and toenails along with regular fingernails. 

The unique handle has an ergonomic design that offers maximum force with minimum weight. The sharp blades ensure that the skin isn’t pulled on and the chances of ingrown nails are reduced. Overall, the product is great for optimal nail health and maintenance. 


  • Features a nail file to smoothen out trimmed nails
  • An extra-wide jaw for thicker nails
  • The unique handle allows better control 
  • Sharp blades prevent ripping and ingrown nails


  • Requires a bit of force when clipping

Buying Guide: Fingernail Clipper

When it comes to buying a fingernail clipper, your go-to reference is your hand or the person you’re buying it for. There are many things to be taken into consideration depending on the type of nails and look you are aiming for. Some of the most common factors to consider when going nail clipper shopping are:

Types of Nail Clippers

One of the most unusual things about fingernail clippers is that there are many types of them, even though they all perform the same job. The different features offered by each clipper impacts its performance, weight, ease of use, and accuracy when cutting nails.


This is the classic style for nail clippers. The lever is used to press the jaws of the clipper shut and cut the nail. It is usually preferred by people who have a sturdy hand and good grip.  

Scissor type

Scissor-type nail clippers are for precise and professional hands. They are especially convenient to cut broken or ingrown nails. You can also use them to cut injured skin or any damaged area around the nails.

Guillotine type

Guillotine nail clippers are used for thick and stubborn nails such as ingrown nails or chipped acrylics. They isolate the original area you intend to cut, making sure the area outside of it is not affected. You need a considerable amount of force to use them.

Nipper type

If you’re looking for nail clippers that give you room for dexterity and better control, nipper-type clippers are just for you. These nail clippers resemble pliers and are ideal for cutting wide nails. However, it may take some time to adjust to the length of the handle.

From Our Celebrity Expert, Olivia Elgart:

"You might think that any fingernail clipper will do, but the clipper you use can make a world of difference. Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann says that some nail clippers are sharper than others and that the shape matters too! So keep this in mind before getting your own nail clippers."

Other Things to Consider

Width of nail

In most cases, it is next to impossible to clip an adult nail in one go because nails are typically an inch or wider. Cutting the nails in one clip often puts pressure on the end of the nail and inhibits it from growing out evenly. Most fingernail clippers use at least two to three clips to cut a nail in a certain shape, whilst toenail clippers cut in a single clip.

Thickness of nail

The thickness of the nail also impacts what kind of nail clipper can be used on it. If you have curved or thick fingernails, you would need a nail clipper with a wider jaw. A wide jaw opening allows the nails to fit easily in between the blades. 

A good fit guarantees that the clipper will not rip or damage the nail, but will clip it right off. Wide jaw fingernail clippers are good for adults as they deal with hardened nails much better than regular clippers do.


Safety is another important aspect when it comes to buying the perfect pair of fingernail clippers. The blades of the clippers should always be inwards so that they don’t get caught up in the skin or accidentally cut the user.

This is especially important when working with little children who tend to move around when their nails are being cut. Stainless steel blades are easy to disinfect and do not corrode. Hence they are safer to use as compared to many other fingernail clipper blades.

Blade shape

The shape of the blade impacts how it cuts the nails and how many clips it would take to trim a regular nail. Most fingernail clipper blades are curved to follow the natural shape of the nail. This makes it easy to clip them without damaging the existing nail. 

However, for older people and multi-purpose fingernail clippers, a flat blade is also used. Flat blades give more force when clipping but often require multiple clips to get the job done. In nail clipper sets, there is usually one curved clipper and one flat clipper. 

Ergonomic handle

Another important aspect is the handle design and whether it is ergonomic or not. Most nail clipper handles fit into the palm of your hand and do not need a lot of force to operate. In some cases, the handle design is specifically enhanced to help people with mobility issues such as arthritis. 

Sturdy and durable frame

A sturdy and durable frame is important for a fingernail clipper to work efficiently. These kinds of things tend to fall often and need a sturdy build to resist damage. Similarly, the frame should be made with non-corrosive metal that does not rust. A good fingernail clipper will feel heavy in the palm of the hand but not enough to tire it out. Always check whether the different parts of the clipper align before buying it. 

Additional Elements

Another important factor to take into consideration is the additional elements that can be found in certain fingernail clippers. These elements help set the clipper apart and provide extra convenience to the user. 

Nail file

In some fingernail clippers, you can find nail files at the back of the clipper or a separate tool that comes in the overall package. These are very useful for shaping the nail and rounding it off to prevent scratches from sharp edges. 

Nail tip stencil

Nail tip stencils are useful for those people who are obsessed with getting the perfect shape without going to the salon. 

Storage box

A storage box is almost essential for nail clippers since they’re very easy to lose sight of. If you put them in your bag, it takes forever to find them. A good storage box can hold your clipper and some essential accessories as well. 

Clipping bag

For cutting your nails on the go, a clipping bag is essential. It prevents any mess on the floor and helps you be a more responsible person. You can carry your clippings securely till you find a suitable place to discard them. 


Do consider all the factors mentioned in this guide when going out to buy the perfect pair of nail clippers for yourself. In most stores, clippers are available to try so you can always test one out. When buying clippers online, opt for something with dimensions that are easy to hold and have additional elements like a nail file and stencil. This will help you in the long run to get perfect nails every time.