Define Your Eyebrows With the Best Eyebrow Tools

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In order to achieve perfect eyebrows, you must do one of two things – be precise and use the right tools. When grooming your brows, it is important to be patient and luckily, we rounded up all of the best tools that will help you achieve perfect brows in no time.

If you want gorgeous shaped brows, you have to trim them, fill them in with makeup, brush them out, remove unwanted hairs, and shape them. If that sounds like too much work, have no fear because we rounded up all of the top eyebrow tools of 2022 that will help you get a gorgeous look in no time and you can see all of our top picks below.

Some of our favorite products include a spoolie brush, an angled brush, curved scissors, and more. No matter what type of eyebrow tool you’re looking for, there is something for everyone below!

Detailing Our Favorite Eyebrow Tool of 2022

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Pack of 6  —  Best Overall

This pack of 6 eyebrow razors all comes with stainless steel safety covers so that you don’t hurt yourself or your skin. The razors remove unwanted hairs on or around your eyebrows, plus they can be used to remove any unwanted hair on the face. The razor is meant for mainly fine hairs. The razors are super gentle on the skin and safe enough for beginners to use.


  • Six razors come in a pack


  • Can irritate sensitive skin if used often

Eyebrow Brush – Duo Eye Brow Spoolie  —  Runner Up

This eyebrow grooming set includes 3 professional quality vegan eyebrow brushes including a small eyeshadow brush, a double-ended brush with an angled side and a spoolie side, and a flat definer brush. The angled brush can be used to outline the edges of brows and fill in any spots. The spoolie softens your brow hairs, tames flyaways, and blends product. The flat definer brush allows you to apply concealer to the edges of your brows with precision, and the small shader brush blends concealer, and can be used to apply highlighter on the brow bone, and covers up tiny hairs.


  • This set comes with three different brushes


  • It doesn’t come with a case

EcoTools Brow Shaping Duo  —  Honorable Mention

Included in this brow shaping set is a spoolie brush to comb out your brows while taming flyaways and an angled brush to shape your brows and give them definition. Both brushes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and they can be used with all different eyebrow makeup – pencils, pots, liquid, and more. Even better, when you purchase a product from the brand, they donate to Glamour’s The Girl Project to support women’s empowerment.


  • The brushes are 100% vegan & cruelty-free


  • It only comes with 2 brushes

Tseifry 5 In 1 Unisex Eyebrow Kit  —  Contender

Included in this easy-to-use eyebrow kit are 5 tools – Stainless Steel Curved Eyebrow Shaping Scissors, two Eyebrow Razor Sharpers in different sizes for different parts of the hair, tweezers, and a spoolie brush. Even better, the tools come in a small white faux leather case that has slots for each of the tools and buttons up into a small compact, making it easy and convenient to throw in your purse or to travel with. 


  • All 5 tools come in a convenient carrying case


  • It doesn’t come with an angled brush to define your brows

Buying Guide: Eyebrow Tools

How to Maintain Your Eyebrows at Home?

Maintaining eyebrows is no easy task. Of course, it’s no life or death matter, but it is an important part of your grooming practices that can help you feel confident and relaxed. In order to maintain your eyebrows safely at home, there’s a lot you need to determine. For example, how you can discover your natural eyebrow shape, whether tweezing or waxing is better for you, etc. So, let’s not beat around the bush anymore, and let’s get started!

What’s Your Natural Eyebrow Shape?

The first step to picking out the ideal eyebrow tools for you is to figure out whether you need to tweeze or wax your hair away. This can only be determined when you are sure what your natural eyebrow shape is so you don’t end up taking off too much hair.

Just take the bottom half of your pencil or makeup brush and start by lining up your points. Confused? Maybe this will help. Line up your brush or pencil straight vertically towards your eye right from the outermost point of the nose. This will determine where the arch of your eyebrow will be.

Next, line up your brush diagonally from the place where your nose would be pierced to the middle of your eye to determine where the highest point of your arch is. Using the same starting point on your nose, slant the brush to the end of your eye and find the point where your brow should end.

How Much Hair Should You Take Off?

Whether you are using a tweezer or waxing your stray hairs off, the best tip you can get is to start with removing only the smallest amount of hair you can. Once you have figured out the general shape of your eyebrows, you can go in and remove the rest. Remember, you can always remove more if there’s anything left, but if you take off too much hair, there’s no coming back from that. You can even use a brow liner to draw a line under the eyebrow where you want your brow line to be and then use that as a guide to removing all the hair under it. Since the top of your eyebrow is what determines the shape, you should use the tweezer with a very light hand to get rid of any stubborn and obvious strays.

Should You Trim Your Eyebrow Hair With Scissors?

You might have always seen your stylist doing this step but beware, it’s not as easy as it looks. It might not seem like a big deal when someone else is doing it to you but trilling your brows with scissors can make or break your eyebrow shape so it’s always better to not risk it.

If you still have some wild eyebrow hair then a good idea would be to use a shaping gel to get you through the days until your next brow styling appointment. A small brow brush is your best bet at reaching all those stubborn, unruly hair that refuses to calm down.

Another tip that is important for you to know is that you shouldn’t wax if you’re not confident in your waxing skills. Tweezing is a much better alternative and is highly recommended for people who prefer to maintain their eyebrows at home.

Looking to Increase Your Eyebrow Hair Growth?

If you’re growing out your eyebrows into a fuller and thicker mane then stay updated with the best brow enhancing serums in the market to expedite the process. However, if you’re looking for a natural alternative then castor oil has proven to guarantee promising results by conditioning the brow hairs and keeping them strong and thriving so they don’t end up falling or breaking off.

Am I Going Overboard?

If that’s a question that keeps on popping in your head then drop your tools. Doubt in your head means it’s time to take a step back and just leave your eyebrows as they are. The key to maintaining them without looking like you just took all of your hair off is to keep it as simple as possible. Remember, less is more so if you’re unsure when to stop then leave those one or two hairs for next time when you have a better idea about what to get and what not.

What Does Waxing After-Care Look Like?

It is always best to start waxing, no matter where you do it, with clean skin so make sure you wash your face and powder wherever around your eyebrows you want to wax. Powdering will help soak up the extra moisture so the wax can stick to the hair better.

The next step is to strategically place the wax on your stray hair and pull the strip off in the direction of your hair growth.

And lastly, it is important to lightly moisturize the waxed area to calm the skin that got inflamed from the pulling and rehydrate it.