Exfoliate Faster and Improve Skin Texture With The Best Enzyme Peel

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Enzyme peels come in handy when you need a faster exfoliation experience. These types of peels use non-abrasive, natural enzymes that penetrate the skin, loosening and removing dead skin cells while promoting the expeditious turnover of cells. With regular use, you can expect to see diminished scars and age spots, as well as a reduction in fine lines and discoloration.

If they sound like miracle workers, they just might be. Enzyme peels are also considered to be gentler than scrubs and can work wonders on even the most sensitive skin types, most in under five minutes.  Some can also act as deep facial cleansers to rid your skin of dirt and impurities while providing an all-over clean feeling.

Below are some of our favorite peels that can be used in conjunction with or instead of your regular facial scrubs (just not on the same day) and skin cleansers. These peels all have similar outcomes but use a variety of good-for-you ingredients, with the goal being a smoother, brighter, and all-over glowing complexion.

Comparing the Finest Enzyme Peels of 2022

Alba Botanica Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask  —  Best Overall

This face mask will take your complexion from dull to radiant in one simple step. This quick, five-minute treatment removes impurities from the pores with papaya and pineapple extracts to reveal fresh, vibrant skin and uses botanical ingredients to minimize the appearance of pores for a smoother, more nourished complexion. This scrub works great in a pinch when you are in need of some fast exfoliation and is a great all-around top-performing mask.


  • This is a 100% vegetarian formula that is hypo-allergenic does not contain sulfates, parabens or synthetic fragrances


  • There may be some slight tingling when the enzymes start working

Alba Botanica Sea Algae Enzyme Scrub  —  Runner Up

Another fave is this scrub. In comparison to the scrub above, this is a creamy mask that uses a powerful marine complex combined with walnut shell powder to exfoliate the skin for a deep-down clean. Kaolin clay draws out any dulling impurities and botanicals including aloe leaf juice and sunflower seed oil work to fortify the skin to promote even tone and texture. With this gentle scrub, you will instantly see a more even and glowing complexion.


  • This scrub has a very fine texture


  • The scent of this product may be slightly overpowering

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask  —  Honorable Mention

This enzyme mask uses pumpkin enzymes as a natural exfoliator to help smooth the skin’s surface. This is a powerful yet gentle exfoliating treatment that uses manual, chemical and enzymatic properties to address a dull and aging complexion. It works by using pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate, peels with alpha hydroxy acid and polishes with aluminum oxide to reveal smoother younger-looking skin. It is advised to start using this product slowly depending on skin sensitivity and build up to two to three times per week.


  • For its price point, you get a generous amount of product


  • Use of this product may cause some sun sensitivity, so it is important to use an SPF when using

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Fruit Enzyme Scrub  —  Contender

This fruit enzyme scrub is a multi-fruit scrub with conditioning jojoba beads that removes dull, dead skin cells and deep cleans pores to help enhance texture. This scrub does double-duty with the multi-fruit enzymes working to break down the glue that holds dead and dulling skin cells together while the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) cleanser gently clarifies skin. This scrub also protects skin against environmental and free-radical damage with antioxidants and its skin polishers are gentle on the skin and won’t irritate or tear the surface.


  • This scrub is Environmental Working Group approved and it goes above and beyond with its green score in their cosmetics database


  • There may be some slight tingling

Stabilized Rice Bran Enzyme Powder Wash  —  Also Consider

This enzyme wash is unlike our other product options in that it is an enzyme-filled face wash that will leave your skin healthy and radiant. With origins dating back to the 1300s, its main ingredients, rice bran, and rice germ contain at least 50 different kinds of nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants and are also infused with grapeseed and pollen extract to provide large doses of vitamins and minerals to the skin. In addition to cleansing, the rice powder will gently exfoliate your skin, stimulate blood flow, and keep it smoother and brighter.


  • Rice is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and provides cooling effects to the skin


  • If you are looking for a strong exfoliating effect another option might be better

Bliss Jelly Glow Peel  —  Another Option

This peel is another unique peel with its non-abrasive exfoliation treatment designed to renew and brighten your skin without any irritation. It uses a unique blend of natural plant fibers to gently lift away dirt, oil, and other pollutants. These fibers act like micro-lint rollers to capture and roll away dry, flaky skin and dirt which means no harsh scrubbing action is needed. All these ingredients are then housed in a bouncy jelly base that nourishes and hydrates the skin, making it perfectly primed for a smooth makeup application.


  • For its price point, this is a great premium product worth checking out


  • There is a slight fragrance in this product

Naturopathica Pear Fig Polishing Enzyme Peel  —  Another Top Pick

This enzyme peel uses hydrating fig, smoothing jojoba beads, and exfoliating pear puree to smooth and rejuvenate the skin. This spa-level product also features lactic acid which works to stimulate the natural moisturizers and humectants in the skin such as hyaluronic acid, ensuring a more hydrated appearance. This peel should be used no more than twice per week and thinly layered onto clean skin for 3-5 minutes. This can also be done in the shower, which will allow the steam to activate the pear enzymes.


  • This product is Leaping Bunny Certified


  • It is advised to use sunscreen up to a week after use of this product to protect the skin

Buying Guide: Enzyme Peels

Skincare usually consists of a plethora of items. From exfoliators to scrubs and moisturizers, there is so much that your skin needs to stay healthy and refreshed. However, not all these options are kind to your skin, and not everybody has the time to go through a ten-step skincare routine every day. This is why enzyme peels are a godsend for skincare enthusiasts.

Enzyme peels are the kinder version of chemical peels that allow you to get rid of dead skin cells, scarring, and discoloration without being too harsh on your skin. They leave you with bright and glowing skin in less than five minutes.

This is why we bring you this guide on the best enzyme peels and how to find them. Go through this guide to learn more about enzyme peels.

How Do Enzyme Peels Work?

Enzyme peels are made of enzymes, which are proteins that are naturally found in fruits and vegetables. Enzyme peels usually use fruit enzymes for clearer and brighter skin. Peels are usually used as exfoliators, and the most common type of peels are chemical peels. However, chemical peels are not suitable for all skin types and may irritate sensitive skin.

This is where enzyme peels come in. Enzyme peels use enzymes that penetrate deep within your skin. Since these enzymes usually come from fruits and vegetables, they are natural and good for the skin. They naturally absorb into the skin without being abrasive and loosen the layer of dead skin cells on your skin. This makes it easy to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities from your skin and encourages the growth of healthy cells. Enzyme peels rejuvenate your skin without causing any itchiness or redness. This gives your skin a fresh and glowing look.

Benefits of Using Enzyme Peels

We have already discussed how enzyme peels give you fresher and brighter skin in a small amount of time. However, the perks of enzyme peel don't just end here. Enzyme peels are great for many different skin conditions and problems. Here are some of the most common benefits that enzyme peels provide.

  • Optimal for sensitive skin which may get irritated with the use of chemical peels.
  • Pregnant women can use it without causing any harm to their skin
  • Help in getting rid of discoloration and hyperpigmentation
  • Removes scarring and wrinkles
  • Gets rid of dirt and impurities
  • Help in removing blackheads
  • Prevent acne and pimples in the future

Why Are Enzyme Peels Better Than Chemical Peels?

Both chemical peel and enzyme peel are important parts of skincare routines. However, the difference in their composition gives one precedence over the other.

Chemical peels are made of acids or, more accurately, fruit acids. They exfoliate your skin by removing living skin cells along with dead skin cells. The amount of living skin cells they remove depends on the strength of the acids used in the peel. If the acids are too strong, they will exfoliate deeper and might end up damaging the skin. Even if a chemical peel does not damage your skin, it dehydrates the skin and may cause redness and irritation, especially in sensitive skin. This is why chemical peels are not recommended for sensitive skin types. They also require more downtime, which means that you will have to dedicate a significant amount of time using a chemical peel. Chemical peels have benefits, but their abrasion and irritability make them less desirable.

On the other hand, enzyme peels only exfoliate dead skin cells and uncover living skin cells to give you bright skin. They do not require any downtime and are very gentle on the skin, no matter the type. Unlike chemical peels, you don't need to excessively moisturize after using an enzyme peel. This ease of use, skin-friendliness, and quick application time, along with the numerous benefits of enzyme peels, make them a better option than chemical peels.

How to Choose the Right Enzyme Peel?

There are certain things you must consider when buying an enzyme peel. Following are some of the most important things to consider before investing in an enzyme peel for your skin.


Enzyme peels mostly use fruit enzymes. These include papaya enzymes, pineapple enzymes, pumpkin enzymes, pomegranate enzymes, and blueberry enzymes. All of these enzymes provide different functionality. For example, blueberry enzymes are good for anti-aging and reducing oil production on your face. When choosing an enzyme peel, you must find the best fruit enzyme for your skin.

Other ingredients include essential oils and antioxidants. Check for ingredients like tea tree oil, antioxidants, clay, and other useful ingredients that help rejuvenate the skin.


Enzyme peels come with different consistencies. Some are in a thick liquid with grainy particles, imitating a scrub. Others come in the form of a smooth face mask or creamy paste. You may also find enzyme peels in powdered form that you must mix with water before application. Choose the right consistency depending on what you can handle. If you're looking for a quick application, the scrub-like enzyme peel would be the best option for you.

Price range

Enzyme peels come in many different price ranges, depending on the quality of the peel and the manufacturer. Drugstore enzyme peels cost from $5 to $20. Mid-ranged enzyme peels can cost as much as $35, whereas high-end enzyme peels may cost you up to $60. You should carefully choose which price bracket fits your budget.