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Dress The Way You Want Comfortably With The Best Breast Lift Tapes

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Breast lift tapes are highly common among women who like to wear deep neck cuts. The breast lift tapes allow you to wear any type of clothes without wearing a bra. You can use them while wearing backless garments. Women go crazy over this product as it is their savior and allows them to wear any clothes they want with ease. Many factors need to be noticed while buying breast lift tape, and some products in the market are not up to the mark while others are. We have tested many of them and then reviewed the leading breast lift tapes in 2024.

We have also incorporated a buyer’s guide in our article to answer any questions related to the purchase. The focus is aimed at letting you find the top breast lift tapes.

Comparing the Top Breast Lift Tapes of 2024 in Detail

OKELA Boob Tape  —  Best Overall

breast lift tape reviews

Key Features

  • The package includes a roll of breast tape and breast covers
  • Work well on rainy days as well because of its waterproof properties
  • It is perfect for any type of clothing
  • The tape can cater to the heaviest of breasts

This boob tape is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Both these materials make the tape extremely safe to use. The tape has a non-woven outer fabric and a premium silicone inner lining. The tape is soft and comfortable. One can easily apply it without putting in much effort. 

It is lightweight, and you would feel like you aren’t wearing anything. It has a stronghold, and it never falls off or loosens up. Apart from being strong, they are also waterproof. If you are one of the people who sweat a lot, then this product is definitely for you.

Deilin Boob Tape  —  Runner Up

breast lift tape reviews

Key Features

  • Can push even the biggest boobs upwards and give a lifted boob look
  • Gives a natural and firmer look
  • Due to its excellent sticking ability, it can also be used as a sports tape
  • The tape is beige that matches the skin color, and remains invisible

The Deilin boob tape is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The quality of the tape is unmatchable as it has a durable outer fabric and the inner silicone lining allows the tape to stay put on the boobs.  It is ideal to be worn on all occasions as it increases confidence. 

Whether you are an A size or a D size, this tap will cater to your needs. It can be used with all types of breast sizes. It can also be attached to the feet in order to prevent them from rubbing against your shoes.

Nippies Breast Lift Tape  —  Honorable Mention

breast lift tape reviews

Key Features

  • Provides excellent support and lift for large busts
  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be tailored to individual needs with practice

The Nippies Breast Lift Tape is a revolutionary product that helps women achieve the perfect silhouette without uncomfortable bras or underwires. This product provides comfort, full coverage, and a secure fit all day long. Moreover, fashion-conscious women will appreciate the silky-smooth, invisible feel of this tape under their clothes.

The versatile design of this tape enables it to be comfortably worn with a pair of nipple covers for extra coverage or on its own for a light lift. Furthermore, it comes in five different colors, so consumers can find an exact match for their skin tone.

Medimama Breast Lift Tape  —  Contender

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Key Features

  • The tape will give you desired lift
  • You can easily remove it with oil or lotion 
  • The tape and nipple cover fits breast sizes all 
  • The breast lift has an 8 hour stay time

The pack contains nipple tape along with nipple covers. You can use them both together or both separately. You can lift and shape the boobs the way you want. It allows you to go braless or backless. The boob tape measures 5 meters and is long enough to stay with you for a long time. 

The cotton material of the tape allows your boobs to breathe. The adhesive breast tape is formulated to lift the breasts instantly. It has a heat activation system that gets activated with the body heat, and it doesn’t fall off on hot days.

Laneco Boob Lift Tape  —  Also Consider

boob lift tape reviews

Key Features

  • The tape doesn’t leave any residue behind once it is removed
  • Comes with two nipple covers that provide extra protection
  • Longer than other tapes in the competition
  • It is suitable for all cup sizes

The boob tape is 6.5 feet in length. It has excellent adhesion that holds the breast so that they don’t fall off. Even on sweltering days, the breast tap doesn’t peel off the skin and stays in place without harming the skin. It can be used for night parties as it holds the boobs all night even if one is dancing. 

The tape is lightweight and feels comfortable as if the person is not wearing anything above their breasts. It is easy to apply and painless to remove. It also comes with a small test tape to test it before using it all over the breasts.

Buyer's Guide: Find Your Perfect Boob Lift Tape

This buyer’s guide of the breast lift tapes is formed strategically. We created the guide by first figuring out what women don’t know about these tapes and what they would like to learn more about in these tapes. Then we have created a list of questions and answered them so that women know which type of boob tapes they should buy and which type they should stay away from. 

The guide has already responded to various questions that might come into a reader's mind. We have provided in-depth knowledge of the best breast tapes. All your ambiguities will be cleared once you reach the end of the article.

What Are the Key Considerations When Purchasing Breast Lift Tapes?


The length of the breast tape matters a great deal. Some tapes are longer in comparison to others. The longer ones stay with you for a more extended time than the shorter ones. In this way, you don’t have to buy the same product again and again. 

Moreover, you should buy a tape that has a longer length if you intend to use it more frequently. On the contrary, if you are about to use it once or twice a month, you don’t need to find the longer ones.


The softness of the tape is one of the most crucial considerations. Nobody wants a rough patch of tape clinging onto their breasts. The tape should be soft and feel light on the body. 

One should feel like they aren’t wearing anything while they have put the tape on. This consideration can’t be ignored and must be considered if you want to feel more natural and comfortable.


The color of the tape also matters a lot. The color should match the skin color. If you go on buying the vibrant colored tape, then you will regret it later. This is because these colored tapes might show from your dress, and the appearance wouldn’t look appealing. 

On the other hand, if the color is beige, it will blend into the skin somehow. This color won’t give an odd appearance even if the clothes are slightly see-through. You must notice this point while purchasing the breast lift tapes.


The price is a consideration that always holds great importance for all the buyer’s and the same goes for us writers. The price of a product is something where everybody needs some guidelines. The price range of the tape is not extremely massive. 

But there is a division between cheap and expensive ones. We suggest you buy the ones that fall in the mid-range. This is because we don’t want you to get broke while buying a product as small as tape. Also, we don’t want you to buy cheap and made of highly cheap materials. So, stay in between, and you definitely won’t regret it later.

Features to Look For in Boob Lift Tapes


The hold of the breast lift tape must be strong. The adhesiveness of the tape is its most important feature. The more adhesive a tape is, the strong it is going to hold the breasts. The less adhesive a tape is, the weak it is going to hold the breasts. 

The main objective of buying this tape is to hold the breasts and uplift them. That is done with the adhesiveness and stickiness of the tape. If this feature is not present, then there is no point in buying the tape. Never compromise on this feature in this purchase.

Easy to apply and remove

The tape needs to be easy to apply and remove. All of the tapes are, more or less, easy to apply. You just have to lift your boobs in your desired way and apply it over the nipples tightly to create a firm hold. The tricky part is in removing the tape. 

The ones made of low-quality materials tend to get off the breasts while also peeling off some skin. This is where the removing part becomes messy and painful. You should check whether the tape is easy to remove or not from the reviews. If it comes off easily with a hot bath or oil, lotion application, then go for it; otherwise, don’t. 

Comfortable fit

The breast lift tape should provide a comfortable fit for breasts. It should be able to hold all sizes of breasts. Even if a person is DDD, the tape should be adhesive enough to hold such big breasts. Some tapes lift the heavy breasts, but you need to buy those that lift and provide comfort at the same time. 


Make sure that the breast lift tape is waterproof. The ones that are not waterproof quickly get off once water is splashed over them. They aren’t functional in the rain or sweat. So, always consider this feature while making this purchase.

What Are the Benefits of Boob Tapes?

Desired lift

The breast lift tape provides desired lift to the boobs. You don’t have to wear a bra when you have applied the lift tape.

Wear different dresses

You can wear different types of garments while wearing this tape. These include backless, V-neck, and other such types of blouses.

Sports tape

This tape can also be used as a sports tape. You can use it to relieve muscle tension in a sports injury.

Used on feet

You can use the tape on your feet to prevent your feet from rubbing against the shoes.

What’s the Price of Tapes for Breast Lifting?

The price of breast lift tapes ranges from $6-$30. The length of tape, adhesiveness, softness, stronghold, and comfort level set the price of a breast lift tape.