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Elevate Your Self-Soaking Experience With the Best Bath Pillows

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Who doesn't enjoy a good bubble bath? A warm bath is what everyone needs at the end of a tiring day. Most of the time, it is the most relaxing part of any self-care regimen, which is amplified when combined with skin-safe bath bombs, healing soaks, or stress-reducing essential oils. But, the problem emerges when the hardback of the bathtub leads to neck issues and shoulder aches. Thankfully, a bath pillow is a complete game changer that’ll take your self-pampering routine to a whole new level.

Bath pillows are available in various shapes, forms, and sizes, but their ultimate goal is still the same: to cushion your head, neck, and back against your bathtub’s hard ledge. They are super quick to dry, are made from breathable mesh, and have powerful suction cups to ensure they stay in position. To make the buying process easier for you, we've broken down the top bath pillows of 2024. So, gather your bath salts, light a nice smelling scented candle, grab a book, and get on with the soak while using a nice, comfortable pillow. 

Our Picks of the Hottest Bath Pillow

Bath Haven Bath Pillow  —  Best Overall

Bath Haven’s amazing bath pillow is designed to provide optimal support to your head, neck, back, and shoulders with a soft, breathable cushion, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing bath. If you have painful joints or tense muscles, this pillow is your go-to product since it adapts to the curves of your body for fully tailored cushioning. Crafted from 3D mesh fabric, it is highly breathable, allowing for easy airflow that not only dries swiftly but also keeps you fresh and cool. 

With this bath pillow, there will be no more slipping and sliding as you soak! This is thanks to the six super strong suction cups, which are designed to keep your spa pillow safely attached to the back of the tub. Just make sure to place your plush bath pillow in its protected wash bag (included), put it in the washing machine, and dry it before reusing. We’ve picked this bath pillow as the best overall due to its ergonomic design, durable build, and powerful suction cups it boasts.


  • Suction cups keep the pillow from sliding
  • Super sturdy construction 
  • Incredibly easy to clean   
  • Conforms to your body’s contours


  • Some may find it a little thin

SelectSoma Bath Pillow  —  Most Ergonomic

If you are done with your bath pillow constantly slipping, SelectSoma’s plush bath pillow is perfect for you. This bath pillow is suitable for everyone who likes relaxing in the tub and needs a little extra pampering. It features six extra-large, non-slip suction cups that firmly attach to every type of bathtub. It is essentially a cocoon of softness that, unlike other small cushions, will wrap your head, neck, and shoulders to provide ultimate relaxation. 

Designed ergonomically, it is made from the latest 4D mesh fabric that is not only breathable but also pleasantly soft. It comes with a convenient hook for quick drying, eliminating moisture accumulation to keep your pillow nice and dry. Not to forget, you can readily toss your pillow into the washing machine’s gentle cycle in a garment bag or wash it by hand. And, as a little extra, this bath pillow comes with a loofah so you can get the most out of your bathing time. 


  • Ergonomic design
  • Made of 4D mesh fabric
  • Comes with a hook for easy drying
  • Can be machine or hand washed


  • Not the most comfortable choice

Amazon Basics Bath Pillow  —  Best Design

This Amaze Basics Bath Tub Neck Pillow is made from 100% polyester that allows water and air to seep out swiftly for speedy drying. This means that the cushion is extremely breathable, has great airflow, and will not likely develop mold or mildew over time. Featuring a three-panel padded design, it has incredibly flexible segments that conform to tubs of any shape or form and comfortably support your head, neck, and shoulders. 

The pillow is exceptionally durable and has a waterproof PVC exterior, making it perfect for use while soaking in a jacuzzi, bubble bath, or spa. Further, its powerful back-mounted suction cups keep the pillow from sliding down. Easy to clean, you have to simply wipe it off using a soft cloth with a mild detergent, rinse, and let it air dry. 


  • Constructed from 100% polyester
  • Flexible three-panel design
  • Features durable waterproof outer covering
  • Comes with back-mounted suction cups


  • Suction cups do not hold it in place

Sierra Concepts Bath Pillow  —  Most Breathable

Sierra Concepts’ bath pillow boasts six sturdy suction cups that offer additional security and keep it from falling off your bathtub. Because these robust suction cups prevent the cushion from being ripped off, you can spend more time relaxing instead of worrying about a slick bath pillow. It is also made of breathable 3D Mesh fabric, which promotes active airflow and enables quick drying after each use. 

Featuring a 2.5-inch thick cushion, this bath pillow is extremely comfortable to use and helps to relax your muscles after a tiring day. For added convenience, this pillow can be readily thrown into the washing machine with a light detergent and washed on a cold, soft cycle. Just remember to allow it to air dry properly before reusing it.


  • Features six powerful suction cups
  • Made from soft, breathable 3D mesh fabric
  • 2.5-inch thick cushion
  • Can be machine washed


  • Complaints of mold and mildew development reported

Basic Concepts Bath Pillow  —  Most Durable

Basic Concepts’ bath pillow features a new 3D mesh fabric design that enables water and air to seep out through the perforations in the cushion for efficient drying. This means it is super ventilated and will resist the growth of mold and mildew. Designed ergonomically, this premium-quality bath pillow will help to cradle your neck, head, and shoulders, all while relieving the tension within your muscles. 

Unlike other bath pillows, this one features four high-powered, non-slip suction cups that hold your pillow in its position while you decompress after a hard day. Its well-thought-out design makes reclining a more soothing and comfortable experience. And, when you’re done using it, you can hang your bath pillow up to dry using the attached hook. Adding to its functionality, this pillow can be safely machine washed.


  • Has four robust suction cups
  • Feature a hanging hook
  • 3D Mesh fabric is extremely breathable
  • Easily machine washable


  • Material is quite scratchy 

Finding a Quality Bath Pillow: A Buyer's Guide

Are you done with using a rolled-up towel as a bath pillow? The comfort of a bath pillow will blow your mind, or at the very least, it'll make your bathing experience much more calming and relaxing. 

Bubble baths are the most affordable form of self-care and feel like bliss after a hard day at work. Accordingly, a bath cushion is also a must-have item to enhance your soaking experience. With tons of alternatives available, it is quite easy to get confused. But don't panic! This guide will let you know everything about bath pillows so you can choose the finest one for yourself. So, let's read on!

From Our Celebrity Expert, Olivia Elgart:

"Shakira loves to frequent spa treatments in order to keep her skin looking healthy. And it’s no wonder why, spa treatments are the way to go to keep our mind and body healthy. If you like to do spa treatments at home, it’s essential you get a bath pillow. This will help you stay comfortable so you can focus on total relaxation."

Things To Consider Before Buying a Bath Pillow


Usually, bath pillows are made from PVC or other similar sorts of fabrics. Many of these pillows are inflatable, while others are cushioned. Inflatable ones are a perfect solution to keep your hair from getting wet since they are moisture resistant. 

Meanwhile, a padded bath pillow tends to be more comfortable and softer against your skin, as it will likely conform to your body shape. Many of these cushioned pillows are machine washable, which is handy, but they take longer to dry, increasing the possibility of mold and mildew developing.


Bath pillows must be made from breathable material that allows water and air to permeate through them more freely. This will keep mold and mildew from growing, which will not only irritate and aggravate your skin but smells bad and discolors the fabric too. Also, don't forget to check the manual to see if the outer mesh cover indicates 3D or 5D fabric. 


If you own a smaller bathtub, go for a compact bath pillow that will support your head and neck. Smaller pillows are lighter and much quicker to dry, as well as easy to store. On the flip side, bigger bath pillows are designed to support your shoulders and back while adapting to your body's shape and fitting nicely in contemporary, straight-edged bathtubs.


Pillows that are machine washable are comparatively easy to maintain, but they tend to be thinner and less comfy to rest on. Nonetheless, if you are bothered about mold growth or just need to take care of your pillow, gently wipe it clean, hang it, and let it dry before using it again. 

Slip resistance

Suction cups are present at the back end or the bottom of the bath pillows that firmly hold your pillow in its place. It’s important to remember that these suction cups work best on dry, non-textured surfaces, so if your bathtub or jacuzzi is patterned or has chipped paint, you may struggle to adhere the suction cup to your tub. Also, take extra caution when ripping them off as well. To avoid tearing the material, the powerful suction must be released before lifting the pillow off.

Is It Worthwhile To Invest in Bath Pillows?

Bath pillows are essential if you enjoy having extended soaks in bathtubs. Otherwise, your tub's border, whether cast iron and vintage or plastic and contemporary, will be incredibly uncomfortable and awkward to rest your head on. 

Having a bath cushion will undoubtedly change your bathing experience for the better. It'll offer the necessary softness and support for your head, neck, shoulder, and back. Many of these pillows are specifically designed to help people suffering from joint pain and muscular stiffness.

Do Bath Pillows Become Moldy Easily?

Mold thrives in wet and humid environments. So, if you leave your pillow without washing and drying it properly, there is a high chance your pillow will turn dark green with black spores and begin to smell nasty. 

To keep your bath pillow nice and clean, wash it regularly and find a spot to dry it completely between uses. Also, please avoid propping it against tiles since it needs good ventilation. 

But, even if you observe mold growing, there is no need to panic. Take a mixture of vinegar with a small quantity of baking soda and use it as a stain remover. As we know, baking soda is a highly reactive chemical when coupled with vinegar, making it a great remedy to help bubble up and fizz away any mold growth.