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The Best Combat Boots to Add Some Spunk to Your Outfits

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Long gone are the days when combat boots were only found in the barracks of soldiers. Today, these bad boys are nothing short of a style icon that can instantly breathe a new life of aesthetics into your outfit. Not to mention, these military-style boots are also great for hiking due to their enhanced longevity, and they can even be a part of your uniform if you work manual labor. So, join us as we break down the leading combat boots in 2024 and teach you all about them.

As their name suggests, combat boots were specifically designed to be worn in combat. This is because of the superior grip, stability, and protection that they provide to the wearer. It is for this very reason that today, hikers and globe trotters around the world prefer keeping a pair of military boots on them at all times. The '90s turned this functional shoe into a style icon, and today, you can simply pair them up with a pair of jeans to instantly make your outfit look cooler.

We notice your excitement to get your hands on a pair of combat boots. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Reviewing the Most Stylish Combat Boots of 2024 in Detail

DREAM PAIRS Boots  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • 12.5-inch boot opening
  • 1-inch heel length
  • Weighs 2.5 pounds
  • Integrates faux fur lining
  • Anti-slip TPR outsole
  • Thirteen size and color options

The Dream Pairs offers its combat boots for women in a super soft military-inspired design. It features a high-quality rubber TPR outsole that ensures high stability throughout your walk, thanks to its lightweight and anti-slip material.

These combat boots also incorporate a slightly padded faux fur insole along with a zip closure to make it easier for you to put them on and off. However, you should bear in mind that the side zipper goes only halfway down.

Dream Pairs has designed its combat boots to have a secret pocket that provides quick access to keys, cash, credit cards, and other small, relevant items. These boots come in over thirteen different sizes and colors, so you get to choose the ones you like best.

Amazon Essentials Boots  —  Runner Up

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Key Features

  • Crafted from leather-like material
  • Anti-slip outsole
  • Sturdy build quality
  • 5mm deep latex and foam padding
  • Fourteen size options
  • Available in two classic colors

Amazon Essentials puts forth their combat boots for women in a gorgeous contemporary design. These boots are skillfully crafted with premium-quality leather-like material, perfect for keeping your feet warm on winter days.
Built to last, this boot's outsole is made of non-slip rubber material to provide you with maximum protection, especially during wet and snowy weather.

These well-fitted pairs are even wearable when you have thick socks on your feet. However, we recommend you go up a size for extra comfort. We haven’t even told you the best part yet, though. These bad boys cost next to nothing when compared to what they have to offer.

NORTIV 8 Boots  —  Honorable Mention

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Key Features

  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Highly breathable material
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Fourteen size options
  • Two different colors in style variations

The Nortiv 8 men's combat boots are designed with attention to detail without compromising on comfort. Their uppers are made from synthetic leather and a wear-resistant fabric, which makes these combat boots solid and flexible at the same time.

The best part about these combat boots is definitely their sole construction. The outsole is made of anti-slip rubber material to enhance foot protection, while the inside and mid part of the boots features Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) cushion sole that is known for its shock-proof properties and helps in reducing foot fatigue.

Moreover, these combat boots are designed to be of ankle height to protect your ankles. The zipper closure further adds to their versatility, as they can be easily worn or taken off.

STQ Women's Boots  —  Contender

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Key Features

  • Breathable fabric
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Ten size options
  • Three different colors
  • Super affordable price

Extremely suitable for cold weather, STQ provides one of the most budget-friendly combat boots for women on the market. Their uppers are made using environmentally-friendly materials. The ultra-soft padded collar covers the area around your ankles to keep you feeling warm and cozy at all times.

Also, these combat boots have cushioned insoles that ensure your comfort with their breathable fabric. The outsoles are made of a lightweight, anti-slip, and anti-wear rubber material for protection against snow.

The STQ combat boots also boast a sleek lace-up design and zipper closure so they can be styled with a huge variety of outfits. They fit well and are true to size, even with thick socks. Trust us when we say these combat boots are the perfect combo of style, functionality, and quality.

Dr. Martens Boots  —  Also Consider

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Key Features

  • Manufactured from a leather and nylon blend
  • 1.5-inch heel height
  • Shaft measures about 7 inches
  • Comes in twelve different sizes
  • Four color options
  • Affordable price point

The Dr. Martens combat boots are designed to have a visually appealing and timeless style to them. With their breathable nylon material, they are made to be incredibly comfortable and won’t make your feet sweat at all.

These combat boots are so durable that their cushion soles hardly wear. Their ankle height fits your feet perfectly and gives them the support and protection that they need.

These Dr. Martens Men's Combat Boots can be easily cleaned with a rag and hot water. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you’ll have ample options to choose from. Also, Dr. Marten offers these top-quality combat boots at literally half the price of other brands in the market. That’s a big yay!

Finding a Perfect Pair of Combat Boots: A Buying Guide

Now that you know all about the top military boots on the market, let's dive into this buyer's guide and teach you how you can buy a great pair for yourself.

Breaking Down the Terms Associated With Combat Boots

Before we can get started, you’ll need to know the important terms related to combat boots. These will almost always be mentioned on the product page. Knowing a bit about these terms will help you make a more-informed purchase:


Your boot's shaft, simply put, is the section that rises from the sole and covers the part of your leg above your foot. The number with it will be the length of the shaft. Sometimes, the manufacturer may even include the shaft's circumference.

Platform & heel

The platform of your combat boot is the thick sole that acts as a barrier between your foot and the ground. Combat boots for women will usually have thicker platforms and heels when compared to those for men.

Toe box

The toe box wraps up the front part of your foot. For combat boots, you should look for toe boxes that leave you enough room to wiggle your toes in. Extremely snug toe boxes can cause injuries, so go up a size if you think the toe box on your new boots will be too narrow.

Things To Consider When Buying Combat Boots

We recommend that you consider these two factors when in the market for a new pair of military boots:

Water resistance

Water-resistant boots are overrated. There, we said it! Granted, they do sound good on paper but trust us, you might not even need one. Confused? Well, unless you are planning to wear them to the beach or the trail that you frequent is full of wet areas, chances are you'll be all set with a standard pair of boots.

Moreover, most combat boots do come with some degree of water resistance, which makes them more than adequate for everyday use. However, if you need proper waterproof capabilities and the pair that you have your eyes on doesn't offer the feature, you can even make the shoe waterproof by using a spray. Like we always say, you should play smart and not necessarily hard.


You must also make sure that your boots actually fit you. Customer reviews and the size chart will come into play here. Generally speaking, most combat boots are sized just like your average running shoe. So, you can even take out your trusted Nikes to help with this part.

Combat boots aren't supposed to be too snug. They should only feel snug after you have securely fastened the laces. Talking about the laces, you should also consider the lacing system. Overly complicated laces or low-quality zipper systems should be a big NO.

How Much Do Combat Boots Normally Cost?

An equally important consideration is the budget. How much should you spend on your new pair of military boots? Well, that entirely depends on you. If you'd like one for just the functionality, you can snag a pair for less than $50.

Like in most cases, a high price tag won't necessarily promise a better product. What you should look for is value. Most of our top picks aren't priced that high but provide phenomenal value for the money in terms of comfort, grip, and aesthetics.

If, however, you'd also like a brand name stamped on your new pair of boots, you should expect to pay more. Big names will usually demand bigger bills and you can even expect to pay upwards of $200 for a single pair of luxury combat boots.

Buying Tips for the Perfect Combat Boots

It is time now to wrap this section up with two killer buying tips for military boots.

Design and aesthetics

Who said that your new combat kicks can't be stylish? Well, if it is part of your uniform then yes, your superior said so. Otherwise, we recommend that you go crazy. If you already have a black/brown pair, why not go for something a bit more sassy and bold? Also, it isn't just about the color. You can even look for something with a little something-something on the shaft, lacing system, or platform. The choices are literally limitless!

Extra features

High-quality combat boots, like our top-picked DREAM PAIRS Women's Combat Boots, will also come with extra features like additional pockets for storage, slip-proof bottoms, and superior shock-resistant soles. We recommend that you look out for such features.