Stand Out From The Crowd By Using The Best Lip Kit

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Girls are picky when it comes to their makeup products. They can’t just enter any shop and start buying random products. Each and every makeup product that they buy is somehow related to their likes and personality. This article is specifically created to ease the task of finding the top lip kits in 2022 for all the women out there. Lipsticks, lip liners, or lip glosses need to have a specific texture, and to find the ones having that texture, and we tried many lip kits. Then we made a list of the ones we thought were perfect. Buying a lip kit is highly convenient, as you get a variety of colors in a single pack.

We also created a buyer's guide in the second part of the article to make your purchase process even smoother.

Comparing the Top Lip Kits of 2022 in Detail

QiBest Liquid Lip Kit  —  Best Overall

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Key Features

  • The liquid lipsticks are true to their color, and you get what you see
  • The set is highly pigmented and high-impact
  • They have a lightweight texture that feels comfortable
  • The lip set is perfect to be worn during the day or at night

This lip kit consists of 7 beautiful colors of lipsticks and one smooth lip plumper. The lip plumper plumps the lips while the lip colors add pretty colors to the lips. The lipsticks have a comfortable matte formula. They have a creamy texture which allows your lips to look matte as well as hydrated. 

The lipstick evenly covers all the lips. When it dries down, a velvety and soft finish is achieved. The product is vegan and is not tested on animals.  They have excellent customer care service, so contact them, and they will replace your product if you get a faulty product.

ChapStick Lip Kit  —  Best for Dry Lips

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Key Features

  • The pack has two lip balms and one lip scrub
  • The lip scrub is exceptionally gentle on the skin
  • The lip balms moisturize and refresh the lips
  • The use of the scrub enhances the natural lip color

This lip kit contains two chapsticks and one lip scrub. The lip scrub gently exfoliates the lips and peels off any layer of dead skin cells. The lip scrubber has a refreshing mint formula and contains sugar crystals, maracuja, coconut oil, and shea butter. All of these ingredients are great for your lips.  

One lip balm is colorless, while the other one has a color, and it adds a beautiful tint to lips. The procedure to apply this pack is to apply the scrub first in order to exfoliate the lips and then apply chapstick.

evpct Lip Kit  —  Easiest to Apply

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Key Features

  • They stay on for exactly 24 hours
  • The lip colors are highly pigmented and water-resistant
  • The product is easy and comfortable to wear 
  • The lip set is affordable and luxurious

The lip liner set consists of 6 versatile colors that complement any type of skin tone. The pack comes in a perfect package so that you can gift it to your loved ones. These colors are ideal to be worn in school, office, college, or at a party. 

The lip colors have a double-ended design that allows you to use them from both sides. This is a new design and definitely a head-turner. One side of the product is lipstick, while the other is lip liner. You can use the liner to create the edges and then fill the lips with the other side that contains lipstick. The lipsticks are matte and provide a velvety finish.

Kylie Lip Kit  —  Best Value

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Key Features

  • The lipstick is incredibly long-wearing
  • This lipstick contains some pinch of moisturizer that hydrates the lips
  • They also add a silky feel to the lips
  • The lipstick stays on for as long as you want

This pack consists of a lip liner and lipstick. The color is pretty pinky nude. This is an ultra-long wearing lip color that doesn't fade or smudge while applied on the lips. The lipstick has a creamy texture that adds a pinch of velvety touch to the lips. 

The lip liner, along with lipstick, is easy to apply. The application process is straightforward, and it is comfortable to wear. The lip liner easily sharpens, and you should sharpen it often to create a sleek line around the lips. The liquid matte lipstick is highly pigmented and adds vibrant color to the lips.

UCANBE Lip Kit  —  Best for Gifting

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Key Features

  • The pack consists of lip balm, lip liners, and lip glosses
  • The lipsticks are waterproof and smudge-proof
  • The lip glosses are long-lasting and never fade
  • The lip colors are highly pigmented

This 13-piece lip kit consists of six lip glosses, six lipliners, and one lip primer. The lip primer is used to prime and hydrate the lips before applying the lipstick. The lip primer is colorless and lightweight that adds hydration to lips. It preps the lips and creates a perfect canvas to create any look you want. 

The second step is to apply the lip liner of any color you want. Apply the liner to all the sides of the lips and create a 3D shape.  The third step is to apply the lip gloss. The gloss is easy to apply and remove. This set can also be given to your friends or family as a present.

Finding Your Next Lip Kit: A Buyer's Guide

We made this buyer’s guide on purchasing lip kits to inform you about what factors you need to consider while purchasing them. Finding a lip kit that you will love till the end is difficult. People tend to purchase a kit online, and they like what is shown in the picture, but they hate it when they see it in person. 

This is because the colors and the texture shown in the picture are different from reality. To save you from this scam, we have answered many questions related to purchasing lip kits. You will definitely be able to buy a high-quality lip kit after going through this buying guide.

What Are the Key Considerations When Buying a Lip Kit?


The number of lip colors in a specific set should be taken into consideration. The preference in terms of quantity of lip color varies from person to person. Some people are looking for a set of lip gloss and lip liners. 

These people use the same color very often and don’t want to buy big lip sets. The number of lip colors present in a kit should be colossal if you are about to use these lip colors daily.


The durability of the lip kit means for how much time they will stay in a fresh condition. This also means what the expiry time of the lip kit is. You must know this before buying a lip kit. It will give you an idea of how much time you will be able to use the products. 

Some lip colors tend to get dry after a few months, and we would never recommend you to buy these. You can get an idea of the durability of a lip kit by looking at the customers’ reviews and ratings of that specific product.


The price of the lip kit also matters a lot. The price of the lip kits ranges from a few dollars to some hundred dollars. The costly ones are made by high-end companies that have a massive name in the cosmetics industry. They are not just big names, but they are also producing high-quality makeup

We recommend you to buy the expensive ones. This is because it is quite a fact that expensive makeup is much better than a cheap one. As the product is being applied to your face, we will suggest you buy the expensive one as it is highly likely that it would be safe for your skin.


You must check whether the company is offering a refund policy or not. The cosmetic products are delicate, and they sometimes tend to break during delivery. To be on the safer side, buy from a company that has a refund policy. The company should refund and exchange the product in case the lip colors come broken or damaged.

Which Features to Look For in a Lip Kit


The quality of the lip kits is a central feature that you need to look for in a makeup product. As lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, you should only apply the product that is safe over them. Check the quality of lipsticks by looking at the composition in the description. Buy the ones that have been dermatologically tested. The lip kit should be paraben-free and safe to use. These are some features that no one should compromise on. 

Lasting time

The lasting time of lipsticks is also a significant feature that you should see in a product. The lasting time of the lip color should be somewhere between 10-18 hours. 

Never buy something that has less staying time than this. All the products mentioned in our list have a great staying time, and once you apply them, they will stay put for extended periods.


The lipstick kit should be smudge-proof. Once the lipstick dries, it should stay in place. It should also be waterproof so that it doesn’t smudge in the rain or hot sweating season. 

This feature is something that makeup enthusiasts look for in each makeup product. One has to eat while the lipstick is on, so buy the smudge-free ones to have a meal with complete comfort.

Easy to apply

The lip kit must be easy to apply. You need to buy a kit that has lipsticks or glosses along with lip liners. Lip liners are used to create a line around the ends of the lips. This allows one to apply the lipstick easily. 

Once you have applied the lip liner, you can quickly fill the inner part with lip gloss. Make sure to buy the lip liner with the gloss kit if you want an easy and effortless application.

What Are the Benefits of Lip Kits?

Looks pretty

The lip kits have several lip colors inside. The colors look really cute and pretty.

All-in-one pack

A lip kit is an all-in-one pack that you need for your lips. You just have to buy one pack, and all your lipstick needs will be fulfilled. This is because it contains lipsticks, lip liners, and lip plumpers.


The lip kits are affordable. The reason is if you buy the lip glosses separately, it will cost you more. But if you buy them in a pack in the form of lip kits, then it costs you less. 


The lip kits are the best to be given as gifts to girls in your friends and family. This is because all women love lipsticks.

What Is the Typical Price of Lip Kits?

The price of lip kits ranges from $10-$160. The price is set according to the lip kits' quality, quantity, brand, smell, consistency, and durability.