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The Best Turtleneck Sweater Is a Wardrobe Staple

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A staple in anyone’s wardrobe, the basic turtleneck, comes in many different styles and material combinations, yet always remains tried and true for its simplicity and warmth. You can never really have too many turtleneck tops, as they will always stand the test of time and fit easily into anyone’s wardrobe.

Below are our favorite turtleneck sweaters in 2024 that can be worn year-round, will keep you warm when needed, and are stylish. We have included some great and classic cable knit-type sweaters in styles that are slim-fitting and slightly oversized with a boyfriend-style fit. These sweaters come in an array of color options and, while they will keep you warm, will not overheat you as they are made from more synthetic-like materials, keeping them light and soft against the skin.

We have also included some great turtleneck and mock-neck tops that can act as layering pieces under your sweaters for colder days and can also be worn alone, topped with a blazer or your favorite jacket or coat. These tops are more fitted and give you that sleek, sophisticated look that can be mixed and matched with most of your wardrobe options.

Our Picks of the Hottest Turtleneck Sweaters

v28 Long Turtleneck Sweater  —  Best Overall

This cozy turtleneck or polo neck sweater might just be your go-to when the cooler weather strikes. This sweater is made from a comfortable, silky blend of viscose and nylon making it soft to the touch, but not overly high maintenance. This sweater has a nice tunic length that will cover the bum area and can be slightly fitted or oversized depending on your sizing preference. It also has a stylish, all-over cable-knit design and comes in a wide array of color options so you will never get bored.


  • This sweater is machine washable


  • This sweater tends to wear on the smaller side

Eimin Long Sleeve Turtleneck  —  Most Budget Friendly

When it comes to building your perfect capsule winter wardrobe, a turtleneck top and/or sweater is a must-have. A great option is the long sleeve turtleneck top which is lightweight and comes in a great blend of rayon and spandex, keeping it lightweight, soft, and most importantly can be layered. This top is slim fitting, comes in a great variety of color options, and won’t hurt your wallet, making buying multiples a must.


  • This top comes in an all-inclusive size range


  • It runs small and it is recommended to order one size up for a more relaxed fit

PrettyGuide Turtleneck Cable Knit Sweater  —  Best Oversized Fit

This high turtleneck with a ribbed, cable knit, twist, and diamond design, is going to keep you warm in any inclement weather. This sweater has a slightly longer, tunic length that is long enough to cover the hips and can be chicly styled in many different ways. With an oversized, boyfriend fit, this sweater will work with leggings, has a generous sleeve length, and is not too bulky under your coats.


  • This sweater is machine washable


  • Due to the knit weave, you may want to wear a turtleneck underneath for a bit of extra warmth on colder days

Zkess Chunky Knit Turtleneck Sweater  —  Most Casual

A great contemporary alternative to your basic cable knit sweater is this chunkier knit turtleneck pullover sweater. This is a loose-fitting sweater that will work all year round as it is made of a soft polyester and spandex material that can be layered under or over as needed. Suitable for many occasions, this sweater will be just as perfect for getting coffee or brunch on the weekends as it will be layered with your new pair of leather pants for a girl’s night out.


  • A great baggy sweater that can be styled in many different ways


  • This sweater is made from 100% acrylic

Jennie Liu Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater  —  Most Comfortable

If warmth and softness are what you desire, then this 100% cashmere sweater will fit the bill. This cozy sweater, made up of 12-gauge knit with 2-ply yarn, ensures quality, will keep you extremely warm with its foldover turtleneck, and is lightweight enough to be layered easily under a coat. This easy-to-wear sweater can be dressed up or down and easily paired with pants, skirts, and jeans.


  • This sweater has a nice longer length that can be tucked in or worn over your pants


  • It is recommended to hand wash only

Buying Guide: Turtleneck Sweater

Turtleneck is a name that originates due to its resemblance with an actual turtle's neck when worn. They are sweaters with an extended cloth that is usually folded twice. It was first worn in the 15th century, mainly by the English people. It was initially designed to protect the necks of knights with additional chain armors, but it became a fashion. High turtlenecks were worn by merchants of England worldwide as big white beautiful collars. After the colonial period ended, these high necks lost their charm. The sailors still wore them in the 19th century as a part of their uniform. In the 20th century, turtleneck sweaters again appeared on television and gained popularity. In the 21st century, turtleneck sweaters became a norm like other clothes thanks to influential people wearing them like the famous Steve jobs turtleneck sweater. There are several ways to wear a turtleneck sweater. Moreover, these sweaters have more than one type. So, which is the top turtleneck sweater in 2024? We shall discuss this in the buying guide below.


Like regular sweaters, there are many types of materials to consider for turtleneck sweaters. Each material has its advantage over the other. There are also turtleneck sweaters with mixed materials with their pros. First, we have turtleneck sweaters made from cotton. These are generally affordable, easy to wear, and breathable. However, they are not durable as they will become loose after several washes. Next, we have turtleneck sweaters made from synthetic fibers. These are extraordinary looking and durable too. These are usually not soft and breathable to wear. Then there are those made from wool; these are uncomfortable to wear. The warmest of all is Merino wool, which is another type of wool softer than regular wool and machine washable, unlike traditional wool. Lastly, we have turtleneck sweaters made from cashmere. These are warm and the most delicate wool sweaters. These cannot usually be machine washed and are also expensive.

Types of Turtleneck Sweaters

You will be surprised to know that there is more than one type of turtleneck sweater. You will be familiar with the regular turtleneck sweaters, usually plain in design. However, there are other turtlenecks like the cut-out design, which you can wear in summer. Mock or funnel turtlenecks are famous designs for those who don't like their whole neck covered. These have smaller neck lengths (halfway), using a softer fabric. Some bizarre-looking turtle necks, such as the cowl neck sweater, which comes with a big random neck design. A similar-looking turtle neck to a cowl is the pullover turtle with an oversized neck but a traditional design.

Some other turtleneck designs are derived from the classic turtleneck sweaters like the denim, printed, knitted, and dress turtleneck. These are some fancy turtleneck designs. The knitted turtleneck sweater is just like the classic turtleneck, except it uses knitted fabric on the neck, which is more bulky than usual. It's pretty warm on the neck and a great choice to be worn as a standalone.

Fitting of a Turtleneck Sweater

Fitting matters a lot when it comes to turtleneck sweaters. First of all, it's best to avoid tight fits unless your body's shape is excellent and you want to show off. Let's go through the fitting of a general turtleneck sweater in detail. Neck length is the most essential part of a turtleneck sweater; it should generally be long enough to cover your whole neck and neither too tight nor too loose. The sweater should be a little loose on the chest area, especially if you are opting for materials like wool. Sleeves should be long enough to reach your wrist bone and in a slim fit, especially at the ends. Your shoulder should be where your shoulder bones end; however, this could make the sweater saggy on the armpits, so avoid that. The hem should also be enclosed in the fitting. Also, the overall length should not be shorter than your other clothes like t-shirts.

Styling a Turtleneck Sweater

There are many ways to style a turtleneck sweater; let's go through the most popular methods. First, we have the traditional way of styling a turtleneck with blue jeans like Steve jobs. Simple colors and knotted turtlenecks are a great way to wear them only with jeans. You can also wear them with jackets. However, they won't look good with all kinds of jackets, rather special ones like denim and plain black jackets. Overcoats are another way to combo a turtleneck, giving you both style and warmth.

Turtle neck sweaters have been in fashion with formal dressing for a long time now. They look great above dress pants and underneath a dress coat. Striped suits are another great way of covering turtleneck sweaters. Combining a turtleneck with a tuxedo is a great classic dressing design and in fashion in 2022.

How Not to Style a Turtleneck Sweater

For starters, don't wear anything thick underneath a turtleneck sweater. Always go for plain soft undershirts that are least visible. Don't wear shirts underneath even if the collar is hidden. Moreover, avoid undershirts with unique collar designs like V-necks as they will make a lining on your turtleneck sweater, which will look odd. Also, pair turtlenecks with dress pants and jeans, and avoid other narrow pants like leather pants.