Step Into Fall With the Best Sleeveless Sweater Vests

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The beauty of the sleeveless sweater vest lies in its unflashy practicality and incredible versatility. It’s one of those items that can be paired with almost anything and worn to almost any occasion. Whether it’s spring or winter, you can simply throw one of these on to look and feel great at the same time. But this wasn’t always the case.

Sweater vests had a pretty bad rep in fashion history before they were worn by runway models and celebrities walking down the high streets; instead, they used to be the go-to winter clothing item for nerdy men (and, very rarely, women). Later, they became a sort of uniform for people who were trying to go for a more preppy vibe. Today, they’ve become super trendy among men and women alike — a part of ‘genderless fashion,’ if you will. This guide will help you choose some of the highest-rated sleeveless sweater vests of 2022 to style and channel your inner chic-ness.

Comparing the Premier Sleeveless Sweater Vest of 2022

Gihuo Women’s Sleeveless Sweater Vest  —  Best Overall

Gihuo’s Women’s Sleeveless Sweater Vest is made of 100% cotton for superb comfort. The design consists of a V-neckline, a twisted knit pattern running vertically along with the sweater, and a contrast-colored hem and sleeve holes.

This sweater vest looks like any other pullover school uniform vest, but that doesn’t make it any less trendy. It’s super soft and cozy for spring as well as fall — simply pair it with a plain white collared shirt and some denim pants, and you’ve got yourself a preppy look for either season. And for added variety,  this vest comes in eight different colors: black, brown, khaki, light gray, navy, pink, white, and wine red. Because of its unmatched style and incredible comfort, we’ve picked this sleeveless sweater vest as the best on our list.


  • Machine-washable 
  • Stretchy 100% cotton fabric
  • Soft and cozy 
  • Comes in eight stylish colors


  • Confusing sizing

Sdencin Houndstooth Sleeveless Sweater Vest  —  Best Value for Money

Sdencin’s baggy houndstooth sweater vest is a super chic top made of polyester. The fabric is thick but breathable, comfortable, and non-irritating, making it the perfect item to have in your closet when you’re aiming for a modern, yet vintage look from the 90s.

This sleeveless sweater vest features a V-neck with excellent elasticity, which makes it easy to pair up with a formal blouse, shirt, or even a regular t-shirt. It has a quality rib-knit hem, designed specifically to compliment the wearer’s body. The hem is also slightly split into the sides, which makes for a trendy look, especially when the vest is worn over a white shirt. For those concerned with style, the houndstooth sweater vest comes in several colors, including khaki, black, blue, brown, fuchsia, green, gray, and off-white.


  • Breathable yet cozy polyester fabric
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Comes in many colors
  • Very affordable


  • Too baggy/boxy for some

Coofandy Casual Sleeveless Sweater Vest  —  Most Lightweight

This Casual Sleeveless Sweater Vest by Coofandy is a lightweight vest that is perfectly suitable for formal occasions, such as meetings, interviews, teaching, and even semi-casual events like golf. This vest is made of high-quality polyester fabric, which allows air to pass through but feels comfortable to wear.

It’s designed with a trendy V-neck and has a thick knit trim in solid colors. The vest also has a subtle stretch, which makes it slightly form-fitting. If you want it to flatter your body shape, just make sure that you pick the right size.


  • Lightweight and breathable polyester fabric
  • Form-fitting design
  • A large variety of colors to choose from
  • Especially great for formal and semi-formal occasions


  • Hand wash only

Paul Jones Argyle Sleeveless Sweater Vest  —  Most Comfortable

Paul Jones’ Argyle Sleeveless Sweater Vest for men is a sleek, slim-fit vest that comes in an argyle design and features a V-neck. It’s made of an extremely soft and comfortable knit fabric that will keep you cozy all day long.

This piece can be paired with shirts, suits, and coats if you’re going for a more formal look, or with casual pants and an inner shirt if you’re going for something a little more casual. Either way, this sleeveless sweater vest will keep you warm and looking your absolute best.


  • Stylish, comfortable knit fabric
  • Keeps you warm
  • Features a variety of argyle patterns


  • Sizes may be confusing for shorter customers

HOTAPEI Oversized Sleeveless Sweater Vest  —  Most Variety

HOTAPEI’s Oversized Sleeveless Sweater Vest for women is a must-have if you’re looking for something loose and casual, yet fashionable and comfortable. The sleeveless, V-necked, knitted top is made of a skin-friendly and unbelievably soft fabric. It’s also quite loose, which makes it suitable for pairing with long-sleeved tops.

This item may not be the best pick for formal occasions, but it is perfect for everyday wear in fall and winter. It can be matched with a long-sleeved shirt inside and a smart jacket on the outside. If you’re wearing it in spring, you can even wear it as a stand-alone top and a pair of jeans!


  • A large variety of colors to choose from
  • Loose, breathable, and comfortable
  • Skin-friendly fabric


  • Not suitable for formal occasions
  • Colors may look different than the photos

Buying Guide: Finding the Perfect Sleeveless Sweater Vest

It’s interesting to see how these items of clothing have turned into such statement pieces for men and women alike. A couple of decades ago, nobody would have ever believed that sweater vests, of all things, would be as big as they are in the fashion game today.

It can be a little daunting to pair something as versatile as the sweater vest with other items of clothing without looking like you’re either doing too much or not enough. So here are some tips and tricks to help you style the sweater vests in your wardrobe or buy ones that will turn you into the ultimate fashion icon.

Types of Sweater Vests 

Slim-fit or boxy

Pick out a slim-fit vest if you want to show off your curves a bit more. But if you’re going for oversized clothing — which is all the rage these days — and a more dainty look, we recommend choosing a boxy silhouette. You could also go for the perfect fit, which is more suitable for slightly less casual occasions. This third style is also mostly preferred by men.

Monochrome colors or patterns and prints

Singular hues are your safest bet with sleeveless sweater vests because that means layering and pairing will be easier. Some of the most popular choices in monochromes include pastel blue, beige, cream, and black.

If you’re feeling like doing something slightly more interesting, you could go for granny knits or cable knits, which look extremely fashionable if they’re styled right.


You can go for V-necks, crew-necks, or even turtle-necks — any of them can look good when properly styled. V-necks, however, are the most popular choice and your safest bet.

How to Style a Sweater Vest

Throw on a light, collared shirt in a solid color under your sleeveless sweater vest to give a practical and traditional, yet stylish touch to your look. This is probably the easiest way to style a chunky vest.

For the girls out there, nothing says high school prep like a pleated tennis skirt paired with a sweater vest. Whether it’s flannel, plaid, or even just classic off-white, there’s no way you can go wrong with a skirt and a sweater vest.

If ‘well-dressed professor’ is the look you’re going for, pair your vest with a blazer that fits you just right. Layer up with a plain white shirt inside the vest and you’re good to go! Tailored, pleated pants beautifully complete this look.

If you want to be a little more casual, pair any of the previous looks with a pair of jeans (wide-legged, high-waisted, or cigarette-styled).

What to Avoid Wearing With Sweater Vests

Under no circumstances should a sweater vest ever be paired with party wear; this is possibly the most confusing combination of aesthetics.

Frilly blouses are also a big no-no. Tops that have too many sequins or embellishments or ruffles can add way too much to a look that includes a sweater vest.

Another fashion crime is capris with sweater vests. Remember, these vests should ideally be paired with a mini-skirt or full-length pants.

Finally, avoid more yarn work if you already have a sweater vest on. There’s little that’s tackier than wearing a sweater vest with something like a knitted cardigan or a crocheted dress.