Best Men’s Linen Shirts To Wear as a Chic Outfit for the Day

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Do you feel uncomfortable in cotton outfits, especially on sunny days? This is because the thick, heavy material invites increased sweat. If you want something more breathable, switch to linen shirts made of lightweight fabric that feels soft on your skin. Their intense moisture-absorbing is handy in high temperatures, when just sweat won't leave you alone. Additionally, the material is extremely durable, lasting years without wear and tear, and a linen shirt’s look never goes out of fashion.

Many experts claim linen is a body-healing fabric, preventing dust and UV radiation from reaching your skin. That, plus their excellent breathability, makes linen shirts perfect to wear on a hot, sunny day. Simply put, there is no going back once you get used to linen garments. So, with the help of our in-depth list of the top men’s linen shirts of 2022, you can look good while staying comfortable. Let’s take a look!

Reviewing the Most Stylish Men’s Linen Shirts of 2022

Amazon Essentials Men’s Linen Shirt  —  Best Overall

The Amazon Essentials Men’s Linen Shirt is a blend of cotton and linen, a fusion that works great for avoiding the characteristic linen wrinkles while maintaining breathability. Whether you wash it in your machine or give it a thorough hand cleaning, it will not wear out. Just combine this shirt with formal trousers, and your professional yet comfortable office look is ready.

From gingham to plaid and leaf prints, several designs are available for you to choose from. These designs come in many colors, including shades of blue, olive, red, pink, black, and lavender. The quirky leaf print suits casual hangouts well, while other options are more fit for formal occasions. Overall, this men’s linen shirt tops our list because of its array of designs, along with being quite breathable while ditching the extra wrinkly look.


  • Soft on the skin
  • Fits true to the size
  • Fabric doesn’t wear out after washing


  • Color might fade over time

Apraw Men’s Linen Shirt  —  Turn Down Collar

If you are looking for a chic shirt for casual events, the Apraw Men’s Linen Shirt will end your search. Its cotton and flax composition ensures you’ll be rocking a soft, well-ventilated, and stylish outfit. Even more, the durable fabric won’t be affected at all by machine washing; just make sure you don’t wash it in hot water.

This men’s linen shirt will be your go-to choice for beach trips, pool parties, or even when doing some yoga. The turn-down collar gives off gentleman vibes, while a front button closure looks equally elegant. Best of all, the special size guide lets you decide on the perfect slim-fit dimensions, as oversized linen shirts are always a bad idea.


  • Great value for money
  • Long-lasting, durable fabric
  • Easy to wash


  • Feels tight in the arms

Jekaoyi Men’s Linen Shirt  —  Most Versatile

The Jekaoyi Men’s Linen Shirt is great for men of all age groups — from teenagers to adults, anyone will look dapper wearing this crisp shirt. The soft and porous linen material lets air flow inside easily, letting you spend a relaxed evening. It also wicks away moisture in a few seconds, leaving you with no sweat or body odor.

This men’s linen shirt isn’t just for casual trips, but also looks great with formal bottoms, speaking volumes for its versatility. Small details like a chest pocket, spread collar, and short sleeves combine to make this top an instant classic. Even more, the solid color doesn’t fade a bit, even after several washes, keeping your shirt looking brand new for years to come.


  • Multiple color options
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Soft yet sturdy fabric


  • Average-quality button stitching

Coofandy Men’s Linen Shirt  —  Hippie Style

The Coofandy Men’s Linen Shirt is exceptionally unique with its eye-catching hippie style design. It goes well for any casual affair, including beach parties, yoga classes, or random hangouts with friends. Meanwhile, the drawstring closure is as aesthetic as it is functional; it’s really a classic design that never goes out of fashion.

Combine this men’s linen shirt with chinos on a sunny evening, and your chic yet comfortable outfit is ready. The blend of cotton and linen ensures the breathability is top-notch, quickly ridding you of unwanted sweat in unusually high temperatures. Even better, its soft and lightweight fabric feels like a breeze of cool air on your skin. Several funky to subtle print options are available —including beige flowers, black oranges, elephants, and more — to suit your style.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Sleek, slim-fit style
  • Hand and machine wash-friendly


  • Size issues can occur

Cubavera Men’s Linen Shirt  —  Pure Linen

If you’re looking for a shirt that’ll last several seasons, the Cubavera Men’s Linen Shirt is specifically tailored for you. It is made from 100% pure linen, making for a smooth, stylish top to wear either professionally or casually. Additionally, the strongly knitted fabric resists wear and tear, even after multiple machine washes.

The four pockets and double vertical line that goes along them give a chic feel; season after season, this men’s linen shirt is always trendy. You can wear this top on walks, to outings, and all sorts of outdoor activities as well without worrying about sweat stains. This is because the linen fabric quickly gets rid of moisture, giving it no time to settle on your skin or clothes. Tuck in any formal trousers or wear them with jeans to create an exceptional office or outdoor look.


  • Made of 100% linen
  • Unique, chic style
  • Great fit for broad bodies


  • Fiber feels stretchy

Buying Guide: Men’s Linen Shirts

What To Look For in Men’s Linen Shirts

Linen shirts are a comfortable, stylish piece of fashion that’ll just never stop being trendy. After all, you can’t fix what isn’t broken. That said, if you’re looking for a good men’s linen shirt, you’ll have to make sure you’re thinking about the right things. Here are some considerations to make before spending your hard-earned money:


When buying any piece of clothing, getting the proper fit is important. For example, try to avoid baggy linen shirts as they usually don’t look good, irrespective of your body type. Instead, buy a shirt that perfectly fits your upper body to get the finest look of the day. If you prefer short sleeve shirts, ensure that they fit around your biceps and not elbows to stay in fashion.


We often perceive linen shirts as wrinkled white pieces of clothing that are missing out on cool prints or designs. If you’re going for a more youthful, vibrant look, then opt for a quirkily designed shirt instead of going for basic plain colors. Otherwise, buying one with a subtle design is best unless you are chill enough to experiment with your looks.


Although you are free to go for shirts with your favorite colors, we have a little tip for you. If you tend to sweat or reside in humid areas, go for dark colors — they can prevent potential embarrassment brought on by sweat stains.


If you are a tuck-in guy, go for longer shirts so you can easily don the traditional look. Meanwhile, short and squared shirts are an ideal choice for more casual use.

Advantages of Men’s Linen Shirts Over Cotton Shirts

Many individuals are now ditching cotton for linen because it offers more comfort, especially in warmer weather. Overall, several aspects explain the newfound prevalence of linen shirts. Let’s explore a few qualities that prove linen’s superiority over cotton.


Linen shirts are made from robust material, making them last for several seasons. Even machine washing does not affect the quality much. In fact, the clothing can get more smooth for your skin in some cases.

On the contrary, cotton clothing is more prone to getting damaged over time. The color can fade, or you may end up with a torn shirt after a few washes, which is not ideal.

No ironing

Ironing your clothes every morning is pretty tedious. Adding linen shirts to your wardrobe can save you from this boring activity. The appeal of these shirts often comes from a messier look, while cotton shirts end up pretty ugly if you decide to ditch ironing.


The lightness and enhanced breathability of men’s linen shirts make them the perfect choice for hot and sunny days. You won’t have to worry about sweat stains or odors, as they don’t retain moisture for long.

Contrarily, the thick cotton shirts can be irritating, especially on hot evenings. Even more, sweat giving rise to unpleasant body odor can spoil your entire day.


Men’s linen shirts can be recycled, so they won’t contribute to the earth’s deteriorating condition. Many fabric types cannot be reused effectively; hence they go to the textile waste to be burnt, further harming an already hurt environment.


Several fibers, such as cotton, come under the category of common allergy triggers. In such a case, linen proves as a perfect alternative. It’s hypoallergenic and eliminates moisture in seconds, giving no place for microbes to grow.

How To Maintain Your Linen Shirts

Linen clothing can last several seasons if properly taken care of. Following the below-mentioned tips can help you keep your favorite shirt intact for longer.

  • Always use cold water while machine-washing linen garments.
  • Keep linen clothing away from whitening bleaches, which can loosen the fibers.
  • Immediately hang men’s linen shirts after washing to avoid unwanted wrinkling.
  • Store your linen garments in a well-ventilated area, as air is necessary for the natural fibers to stay unchanged.
  • Don’t wait long if your linen top gets stained; immediately clean it with soapy water so the fiber does not absorb it. You can machine or hand wash the clothing later to fully remove the stain.
  • Wash white linen shirts separately from the colored ones, as they are more likely to get stained.
  • Avoid drying men’s linen shirts in a spin-dryer because their color can get dull, or the size may shrink for the worse. The ideal method is to air-dry linen clothing.

How To Flaunt a Stylish Look In Men’s Linen Shirts

You can wear men’s linen shirts anywhere, from professional to casual events. Read on as we discuss ways to look the most fashionable while wearing these shirts.

Pair them with jeans

Jeans are the potato of the fashion world — they go well with nearly anything. You can opt for a denim bottom with your favorite linen shirt. This subtle look is perfect for date nights or casual hangouts.

Go for chinos

Hotter days call for ditching jeans and opting for a cooler alternative. Nothing can do it like chinos; these pants are equally stylish and breathable. You can combine a linen shirt and chinos for the perfect outfit on a sunny day.

Jackets for colder weather

Have plans with your pals on a cold evening? Don’t worry. Grab your white linen shirt and a bomber jacket, with a pair of black denim jeans to complete the look.

Here’s a small tip to grab some attention at any get-together; go for a short linen shirt that doesn’t need to be tucked in. You’re sure to impress everyone with your stylish yet casual look.

Go formal

The combination of formal trousers with a casual linen shirt may seem absurd, but it looks elegant when done correctly. You can even wear this to the office while maintaining style and professionalism.