Stay Warm in the Cold Weather With These Stylish Long Coats

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When you need something a bit more substantial than a short jacket, the next best option is a full-length coat. The extra length is made to give you some extra warmth and they are just as cool and comfortable as their shorter counterparts.

Below we have picked some of our favorite long coats for women that are guaranteed to keep you warm and last throughout the cold months and beyond.

We have included a variety of options including one of the best, on-trend fluffy teddy bear coats we have ever seen. You can also choose from ones made especially for the super-cold weather including two faux fur hooded coats in different styles, and a classic trenchcoat that, while always appropriate for the rainy weather, will look chic on any occasion.

Comparing the Top Long Coat of 2023

Angashion Cardigan Coat  —  Best Overall

This cozy and cuddly teddy-bear fur coat is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. Even if this high-quality coat seems too warm for the weather where you live, it is still a great piece that can be easily worn over a tee and jeans for a statement-making outfit. This coat also has an ideal knee length, two front pockets, and an open-front style with no buttons or zippers to fuss with.


  • This coat is fully lined


  • If you prefer a coat with a. closure, another option might be better

R.Vivimos Ruffled Coat  —  Runner Up

Definitely a statement-making piece, this flowy, rocker-style velvet coat is a unique addition to any wardrobe. This lightweight coat is velvet all over with chiffon ruffles lining the hem and is suitable for year-round wear. This longline coat wears like a cardigan with no buttons or zippers, has no collar, and can be easily paired with your favorite pair of jeans or a long flowy skirt.


  • This coat has a great color selection


  • This coat may run longer or shorter depending on height

Chouyatou Wool Coat  —  Honorable Mention

For those who prefer a more traditional-style coat, this wool-blend one is a great option. Made from wool and polyester, this jacket has a generous notched lapel with single-breasted, front button-up closure. This is a classic-looking overcoat that hits at a flattering mid-length and can be layered with a sweater underneath for infinite warmth.


  • This coat has two side pockets


  • It is advised to reference the size chart prior to buying

GRACE KARIN Parka Coats  —  Very Chic

This ultra-chic parka is made for the cold weather with its luxe fleece lining and oversized, faux fur-trimmed hood. This jacket is light-in-weight and has an adjustable drawstring waistline that can be used for extra warmth while providing some added shape. Finally, two generous side pockets can store your phone, keys, and any other accessories while protecting your hands from the cold.


  • This jacket is windproof


  • The hood is not removable

Anne Klein Breasted Coat  —  Best Value for Money

Another great warm outerwear option is this classic pea-style coat. It has double-breasted, button closure styling and is made from a warm wool blend material. This coat fits close to the body for a flattering silhouette and is ideal for both casual and formal occasions. This coat also hits right at the mid-thigh area and is easily layered underneath for extra warmth.


  • This coat has specialized vertical seams to provide a flattering shape


  • There are no plus-size options

Zeagoo Trench Coat  —  Most Vibrant

This essential coat combines the classic trench style with a figure-flattering, a-line silhouette making it a great seasonal option. It has a double-breasted closure, removable belt, and comes with two side pockets for any necessary items. When tied with the belt, the coat provides a stylish, flattering fit with a fun flare swing and is the perfect medium weight for layering.


  • This coat is fully lined


  • This coat may not provide a ton of warmth

Molodo Down Coat  —  Also Consider

This large and in charge down coat is full length and made to keep you warm in the most inclement of weather. In addition to being windproof and water-resistant, this coat is also ultra-soft and durable and has a faux-fur-lined hood for extra warmth. This coat is fastened with a high-quality zipper and buckle closure, has a slim waist design, and has two zipper pockets to keep your hands warm and cozy.


  • The hood is detachable


  • It is advised to size up one size for fit

Buying Guide: Long Coats

Why Is it Important to Have a Long Coat?

Long coats, also known as overcoats, are a garment that extends to the thigh or ankle length. They are one of the most classic and crucial parts of fashionwear. Long coats have a deeper meaning and speak on their own. They portray confidence and add a dramatic effect to your overall outlook. They not only add to the look but are also very functional. They provide great protection from nature and keep the wearer warm and comfortable even in harsh weather conditions.

An overcoat is different from a jacket. It is made of heavier and more durable fabric and is designed to be removed once a person goes indoors.

History of Long Coats

Coats reaching below the knee level have been worn for centuries. They were a status symbol or were part of military uniforms. When the 17th century arrived, the overcoat became widely stylized and became available to all classes.

Types of Long Coats

There are many types of long coats that are available which are made of either different materials or are of different styles. The most common types of long coats include trench coats, belted long coats, double-breasted long coats, denim long jackets, duffles, and cape style ones. Choosing which one to go for can be a tough decision so we have written this guide to help you with it.

Finding the Right Long Coat


An overcoat is an outfit that should fit comfortably and be loose over the suit you wear under it. A fitting overcoat should be avoided and if the long coat feels snug above your waist in any area, you should buy a larger size. Long coats are meant to be loose-fitted, so if you do try to buy one that is not, it may cause discomfort.


It is important to make sure the long coat is appropriate to the weather and goes with the outfit you plan to wear it with. There are long coats that are made of warm materials such as wool and are quilted which are optimum to be worn in winters or countries that are known for cold weather. Usually, warmer long coats weigh a good weight and should be above 3 pounds if you are planning to buy one. This is necessary so that they provide the insulation and meet the purpose.

There are other long coats made of thinner and lighter materials which are most likely waterproof. These are designed to be worn in rainier countries and if you are trying to protect your outfit from other weather conditions.


Long coats are bought keeping in mind that they will last a long while because it is a very big purchase. It is important to buy durable long coats that would last you more than one season. Make sure you buy a long coat that will satisfy your comfort even if it slightly compromises your fashion.


Long coats and overcoats are important to be thought of with the outfit you want to rock it with. It is good to buy a long coat that fits most of your style or the occasion you plan to wear it.  The good thing about overcoats is that either they blend in well with your outfit, or they add contrast to it.


Design is an important factor to consider, there are different factors that you have to look into. You should always choose a design and look that is timeless. A trend-proof overcoat can be a great buy for it can last you more than a season and always look at its best. Some long coats give a formal look while some are more casual than their counterparts.


It is important to consider the weather of your locale when buying a long coat. If the weather is not cold enough and you buy a warm long coat, it will make you uncomfortable and sweaty. Similarly, if you buy a thinner long coat for winters, the long coat may not be enough to keep you warm and this can be problematic too. So make sure you keep the weather in check when you are going to purchase a long coat.

Look that you are going for

If you are planning to buy a formal-looking long coat, then going for a casual single-breasted coat may not be a good idea even though they can still make up for it. Also, the long coat should complement your whole outfit while serving the purpose they were bought for. A long coat that does not look like it was meant to be worn on that outfit may keep you warm but will ruin your look.