Keep Your Feet Happy on Long Treks With the Best Hiking Socks

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Do you enjoy hiking, but the blisters it causes to your feet make you miserable for days on end? Did you know that wearing the wrong kind of socks is more likely to cause blisters than trekking on difficult terrain? The solution to all your problems and the key to making your trekking experience exceptionally pleasant is a pair of hiking socks. If you trek frequently, you must invest in a decent pair of hiking socks because they are just as essential as your hiking boots, if not more so.

Choosing a pair of hiking socks for oneself can be a real hassle because there are so many options available, many of which claim to be superior to the others. After conducting extensive market research, we have created a listing of the top hiking socks of 2022 to save you time and energy.

Reviewing the Top-Rated Hiking Socks of 2022

ProEtrade Hiking Socks  —  Best Overall

The ProEtrade Hiking Socks are a great choice if you're looking for socks that reduce discomfort and make hiking exceptionally enjoyable. These socks are a perfect blend of 70% merino wool, 23% polyester, 5% spandex and 2% nylon and are sold as a pair of four socks. The elastic material, compression arch and cushioning make it a great option for wearing comfortably on extended hiking excursions. The temperature-regulating functions further help reduce stress. 

The moisture-wicking function reduces odor and blister-causing microorganisms while preventing sweat buildup, and the fluffy interior is pleasant against the skin and can be worn for hours without discomfort. As a result of the reasonable rates, superior durability, and comfortable features, these socks stand out as the best overall choice.


  • Comfortable with compression support
  • Temperature regulation and moisture wicking 
  • Stretchy fabric promotes blood circulation
  • Cushioned heel and toes


  • Not too thick

Alvada Hiking Socks  —  Anti-Itch

Have you ever used hiking socks and experienced itching because of your sensitive skin? Given that they are made of a combination of 80% merino wool, 15% polyester, 4% nylon and 1% spandex, the Alvada Hiking Socks are a great choice for you. Since merino wool makes up a significant percentage of the fabric, it has anti-itching characteristics, is warm and promotes temperature regulation. The no-slip cuff makes sure that the socks won't slide down while you move, and the superior fit technology ensures that they snugly fit the contour of your feet.


  • Reinforced toe and heel for durability
  • Medium-heavy thickness yet breathable and temperature regulating
  • Easy care with machine washability 


  • Wears out quickly with regular use

Time May Tell Hiking Socks  —  Stylish Pick

The Time May Tell Hiking Socks are the safest alternative for hikes and outdoor adventures. They are made of durable material that is soft on the feet, consisting of 80% merino wool, 14% nylon, 5% polyester and 1% spandex. The socks have great seams, a soft handle, superb elasticity, powerful warmth retention and moisture absorption in addition to superior stitching that guarantees there are no loose threads. Although they are practical, they also have a captivating appearance. The three-dimensional design provides comfort by cushioning the feet. The socks' sturdy design and material genuinely live up to the brand name, as time will prove.


  • Optimal thickness for foot safety and protection
  • Excellent warmth and breathability
  • Great value for money
  • Visually appealing, highly functional and durable  


  • The cushioning is skimpy

MIRMARU Hiking Socks  —  Bulk Pack

Do you trek frequently but despise the inconvenience of having to buy new hiking socks all the time? The MIRMARU Hiking Socks are great since they come in a pair with five terrific quality hiking socks. They have a material mix of 55% combed cotton, 40% polyester and 2% spandex, making them durable and able to handle rough handling. To provide more comfort, these socks contain pile cushioning and reinforced high-density fibers that protect the foot from shear and shield it from painful blisters.

By quickly dissipating perspiration, the moisture-wicking properties make it quick drying. Breathable fibers keep the feet at the ideal temperature, and elastic support combined with an extra cushion finish makes them comfortable and sturdy.


  • Excellent quality at an affordable price
  • Achilles and arch support
  • Great construction with reinforced seams for durability
  • Multiple color options for versatile uses 


  • There are discrepancies in sizing 

DANISH ENDURANCE Hiking Socks  —  Versatile Sizing

Do you have trouble getting hiking socks that fit your feet properly? Given that they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate various foot sizes, the DANISH ENDURANCE Hiking Socks are a wonderful option in that regard. You can go on trekking expeditions without worrying about developing blisters because they are made of 30% merino wool, 36% nylon, 33% acrylic and 1% elastane. The targeted cushioning prevents blisters and aching feet. They are excellent choices for all weather conditions because of their temperature-regulating technology and moisture-wicking cooling mesh. To assure excellent quality and standards, they are designed and tested by an Everest mountaineer.


  • Prevents blisters and foot odor
  • Ventilation lanes to keep feet dry
  • Enhanced comfort due to targeted cushioning


  • The thickness is less than optimal

Buying Guide: Hiking Socks

Hiking socks must be picked with the utmost care and precision because they have the power to make or break your trekking and hiking experience as well as impact your quality of life in the days following the hike. We have put up a comprehensive guide with all the necessary information to assist you in selecting the most suitable options.

Are Hiking Socks Necessary?

It is common to debate and question the utility of an expensive pair of hiking socks when a regular pair of socks seems just as good. Here are a few reasons why hiking socks are must-haves:

No more blisters

Hiking socks are made to fit snugly and have moisture-wicking capabilities to reduce sweat trapping and continual skin-to-sock friction. These socks are foot-friendly alternatives to cotton socks, which retain moisture and scrape against the skin, causing blisters.

Enhanced comfort

It takes a lot of perseverance and enthusiasm to hike on rugged terrain, therefore it's not a challenge for the weak-willed. Conventional socks can be uncomfortable to wear during these types of adventures, leaving you with a throbbing pain in your feet at the end of the excursion. To keep you comfortable and prevent any consequent foot aches, hiking socks cushion your toes and heels to absorb impact while you are trekking and hiking.

Temperature regulation

Due to their exceptional ability to regulate temperature, hiking socks are a great choice whether the weather is warm or cool. Although they are thick, they are composed of a material that wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry and producing a cooling effect while the thickness of the socks keeps you warm. Consequently, you can wear them with ease no matter the weather.


Due to their thickness and reinforced features, hiking socks are far more durable than conventional socks. A single pair usually lasts a very long time, sparing you the hassle of making regular purchases.

How To Choose Hiking Socks

There is a range of factors you should consider when picking hiking socks:


The height of hiking socks varies with no-show, ankle length, crew length and knee-high hiking socks. 

Even though some people might favor ankle-length socks and show socks, they don't provide enough protection. The crew length is the most popular style, in part because it is more flexible and offers more coverage for protection. For colder weather and for terrains where you want to protect your legs from abrasive injuries, knee-high socks are also an excellent option.


Even though a variety of materials are utilized to make hiking socks, synthetic blends are the most popular because of their beneficial qualities. The moisture-wicking, insulating and breathable qualities of polyester and nylon make them good choices for the material. Due to its anti-itch, anti-microbial and cushioning properties, wool is also a highly sought-after fiber. The finest hiking socks are those that are a combination of merino wool, nylon and polyester.


Inadequately fitting socks, whether they are too tight or too loose, can restrict your range of motion and cause discomfort by negatively impacting the fit of your shoes. Selecting the correct fit size is crucial. Even though most socks come in standard sizes, you might find hiking socks that contain a sizing chart. This will help you get the appropriate fit and prevent you from buying a poorly fitting pair.


There are several thicknesses of hiking socks, ranging from thin to extra thick.

While the medium thickness and extra thick hiking socks are terrific options for colder weather, the lightweight with minimal thickness is an excellent pick for summer. Choose socks with a medium thickness if you want to be able to hike in almost any weather.


You can select and choose between light, medium and heavy cushioning. Lightly cushioned hiking socks are excellent for casual strolls, but for hiking and trekking on rough terrain, your feet need better impact absorption, which is only feasible with heavy cushioning. Additionally, it provides the benefit of reducing the likelihood of sore and aching feet.


It is important to choose hiking socks with anti-bacterial properties to ensure that there is no bacterial buildup due to perspiration. It also makes the socks anti-odor by curbing odor-causing bacteria.