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The Best Bikini Tops for Fun in the Sun

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It’s that time of the year when the blistering heat of the sun can only be remedied by the cool breeze and blue waters of the beach. That’s right, it’s summer, and even if the year’s been a bit unpredictable, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from having the perfect summer. And what better way to celebrate summer than in the best bikini tops of 2024?

Bikini tops are great for showing off some skin and getting the perfect tan. They make you look and feel sexy, and you’ll enjoy basking in the warmth of the sun as you lounge about or go swimming. There are plenty of types of bikini tops to choose from, so we’ve done the dirty work for you and picked seven of the best tops you could wear this summer. Even if it isn’t summer right now, it never hurts to prepare for the next year, right? Let’s get to it!

Our Pick of the Cutest Bikini Top in 2024

Smart & Sexy Bikini Top  —  Best Overall

bikini top reviews

Key Features

  • Material: 81% nylon and 19% spandex
  • Tie closure
  • Convertible straps
  • Multiple colors and patterns available
  • Hand wash only

Bikini tops can be stylish, but they can also be versatile. This bikini top allows you to adjust your straps as you please, so you can have it run straight to the back, or you can have them criss-cross with one another for a more varied look. 

These bikini tops are a push-up design. This means that they help your cleavage look more prominent and also make your bust size appear bigger. The bikini top comes in a variety of colors and designs, ranging from cool to warm, so no matter what style you’re going for, there’s bound to be a bikini top that fits the idea you’re going for.

SHEKINI Bikini Top  —  Bandage Bikinis

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Key Features

  • Material: 93% polyester and 7% spandex
  • Self-tie closure
  • Bandage tie-knot detail on back
  • Adjustable spaghetti straps
  • Push-up support with removable padding

Bandage bikini tops are unique in their own right, and they’re a popular choice when going to beaches, pools, and the like. Bandage bikinis get their name from their design, resembling that of a bandage strap from the back. They’re also very sexy because the strap detail really highlights one’s curves when worn.

These particular bandage bikini tops also serve as a push-up bra. If you’re a fan of push-up bras, then you’ll fall in love with this one, too. The top comes in 9 different colors, ranging from black and deep blue to white and red, as well as a few others. There’s also one that has leopard print if you prefer printed tops.

Balasami Bikini Top  —  Vintage

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Key Features

  • Material: Chinlon and Polyester
  • Tie closure
  • Plunge halter neck
  • Available in sizes extra small to XL
  • Hand wash only

Vintage bikini tops will always remain stylish. Even though their peak of popularity was decades ago, they have a place in modern fashion. In fact, many people love dressing up in vintage clothing these days, and swimwear is no exception. There are just some trends and styles that you can consider to be timeless.

If you’re looking to dress up in vintage bikini tops, then you’re in luck, because this particular bikini has plenty of colors and designs for you to pick and choose from. These include simple colors for a minimal look, or those with designs such as plaid, polka dot, floral, and many more.

COLO Bikini Top  —  V-Neck

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Key Features

  • V-neck triangle bikini top
  • Lace-up closure
  • Push-up support with removable padding
  • Available in sizes small to XL
  • Hand wash only

Want to get a nice tan on your back and not get that annoying bra strap tan line while out on the beach? A v-neck top is probably right for you. V-neck bikini tops are stylish and also a lot more minimal because the straps are tied around your neck and don’t run across your back. 

These bikini tops are also great for showing off your cleavage and are adjustable too. If you want to keep your breasts comfortable, you don’t have to compromise. It is important to note that the size chart used for this bikini is different from the Amazon standard, so you’ll have to refer to the size chart by the seller to make an informed decision.

RELLECIGA Bikini Top  —  Longline

bikini top reviews

Key Features

  • Material: 80% polyamide and 20% spandex
  • Cut-out front detail
  • Adjustable criss-cross straps
  • Removable padding
  • Hand wash only

If you’re a little daring, and you really want to show off your cleavage, then these sexy bikini tops are perfect for you. It sets itself apart from other bikinis by really showcasing your full cleavage with its longline design. The top also has a criss-cross strap that goes all the way to the back to add even more flair and style. 

The bikini top is adjustable, so if you’re feeling a little too uncomfortable or if the top is just a little too big, you can make it fit perfectly. The fabric is also elastic, so you won’t have to worry about feeling like it’s too tight.

Body Glove Bikini Top  —  Underwire

bikini top reviews

Key Features

  • Material: 80% nylon and 20% spandex
  • Convertible spaghetti straps
  • Has underwire 
  • Removable padding
  • Hand wash only

If you’re a fan of underwire bras, you may want to give these bikini tops a try. This underwire bra is simple, yet elegant, and it’ll go well with many different types of clothing because of its minimal design. The criss-cross straps on the back are also adjustable and customizable, so you can make it fit your chest perfectly without too much hassle.

If you want to add some more volume to your bust, you can also add the removable soft cups. The underwire design also helps keep your top in perfect shape at all times. Just be sure to wash this top by hand, as the fabric is hand-washed only.

ZAFUL Bikini Top  —  Criss-Cross Braided

bikini top reviews

Key Features

  • Material: 82% nylon and 18% spandex
  • Adjustable criss-cross, braided straps
  • Multiple colors and patterns are available
  • Can be bought as a set
  • Hand wash only

Criss-cross bikini tops are quite nice to look at. They're more stylish and elegant than your average bikini set. This bikini set combines the criss-cross strap design with a braided back, which makes the design quite nice to look at. The straps are thin, too, which adds a little sexiness to the overall look.

These bikini tops can also be bought in a set -they come with a matching bikini bottom, so you can immediately go to the beach with this set alone. The set also comes in various sizes, and you can find the right size for you thanks to their size chart; however, they don’t carry sizes larger than XL. There are plenty of colors and designs to choose from, so it’s safe to say that you’ll be spoiled for choice when making a decision.

Best Bikini Tops Buying Guide

Bikini tops are essential if you want to go out and enjoy summer by the beach or pool in style. Unlike regular t-shirts or blouses, bikini tops allow you to stay cool while also getting an even tan. They’re also quite sexy to wear - and who wouldn’t want to feel sexy in the summer?

There are plenty of bikini tops to choose from, and it can be difficult to choose any single one, especially if you love all of them. Here are some tips to make the selection process a little easier, while giving you some gentle reminders on what to look for when getting a bikini top that really speaks to you.

What Is a Bikini Top?

A bikini top is a special type of top worn in a bikini set. Bikini tops are largely used on the beach, in pools, or by any body of water, as they’re designed to be worn while swimming. They are also worn if one wants to get a tan under the sun.

Why Do You Need A Bikini Top?

Here’s why you may want your own bikini top.

The ideal type of swimwear

If you’re planning on getting wet by the beach or pool, then you’ll want something that’s light and can cover the important bits. T-shirts and shorts can get in the way of swimming, and they can even lead to accidents if your clothing prevents you from swimming or breathing. They’re also heavy, especially when soaked in water. You want to be as light as possible while swimming to avoid accidents, which is why bikinis are so useful.

Cute style statement

Summer’s all about looking cute and sexy, and what better way to do that than with a bikini top? You get to show off your skin in a bikini, and the designs of the bikini tops will really accentuate your overall look. Even if you don’t plan on swimming, you’ll still look far better in a bikini than wearing something simple at the beach.

Things To Consider When Buying Bikini Tops

Keep these tips in mind when getting a bikini top.


Of course, since we’re talking about clothing, size is arguably the first thing you should consider. It doesn’t matter how cute you may think you look in the bikini - if you can’t wear it, then there’s no point. In general, bikini top sellers make bras based on general size, but there are a few things to consider when thinking about size.

The first is the cup size. Your cup size is important, because you don’t want to have your bra look like it’s just hanging there, nor do you want it to be too tight on your chest. Then there’s the bust and underbust - these are also important, as they aren’t always directly proportional to your cup size. Luckily, most bikini tops these days offer some degree of adjustability, so as long as you get the right cup size, you should be more than okay.


The color of your bikini top is also important. You won’t be matching your bikini top with much else other than your bottom, so the main thing to consider is what color you want to wear. If you think you look cute in blue or yellow, then go for those colors. Color matching won’t really be that important unless you’re wearing other accessories or pieces of clothing to match.


The type of bikini top that you’ll be wearing is also vital to consider. There are many sorts of bikini tops out there. You have the typical straight-strap bras. You also have the criss-cross straps, bandage bikini tops, longline bikini tops, and much more.  These differences in design and style can give off different vibes depending on what you wear.

At the end of the day, it’s all personal preference. Go with whatever you think you look the sexiest in - if you think you look great in it, then that’s all that matters.

Bikini Top Price Range

Bikini tops are pretty expensive, especially those made by designer brands. Expect to spend $30 or more on a typical bikini top, and more if it’s made of high quality or has special designs. And don’t expect to spend any less than $100 if you’re going for a popular brand.

How We Chose The Best Bikini Tops

We chose our bikini tops based on their size, design, color, and material, as well as brand history.