These Sleek Gold Watches Make Quite the Fashion Statement

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While we may not be wearing classic watches a ton these days due to extreme advances in technology, they still hold a place in our hearts and on our wrists and will never, ever go out of style.

For those that still love to wear a stunning timepiece on their wrist, we have found a few great women’s gold watches below that are timeless and will always make the grade. We have included both chunky and slimmer options, chronograph styles, and ones with interchangeable bands to ensure a well-rounded watch wardrobe.

While these options are all featured in the classicly cool gold option, they also come in a variety of metallic tones including silver, rose gold, and even two-tone selections. We have also included varying face colors including glossy black, mother-of-pearl, and even a crystal-accented one for the ultimate in bling.

Comparing the Top Women’s Gold Watch of 2024

Fossil Riley Watch  —  Best Overall

This classic gold watch is an excellent alternative to some higher-end brands yet won’t break the bank. This sophisticated watch sports a chronograph style with a crystal lens, three-hand quartz with separate sub-eyes for the day of the week, date of the month, and 24 hour time. The piece de resistance of this watch, however, is the row of crystal set in the face and bezel that will catch the light at any angle.


  • This watch is water-resistant to 330 feet
  • You can get this watch engraved at any Fossil store


  • The watch does not come with extra links

Anne Klein Watch  —  Runner Up

This is a slightly smaller, more streamlined version of the watch above and features a glossy black round dial with a sleek diamond at 12 O’Clock. The bracelet-style clasp is made from a sturdy metal alloy with a jewelry clasp closure and the watch uses precise Japanese quartz movement for long-lasting and reliable timekeeping.


  • The black dial features rose gold-tone hands
  • This watch is water-resistant up to 100 feet


  • Some people claim it is hard to read the face due to reflectivity

Michael Kors Pyper Watch  —  Honorable Mention

This is another great everyday watch style that transitions perfectly from day to night. While this watch is meant to look luxe, it also has a ton of modern features to make it as functional as it is stunning. It comes with scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass, quartz movement with a 3-hand analog display, and is water-resistant.


  • This watch comes in ready-to-gift packaging
  • It is water-resistant up to 50 feet


  • If you require a date on the watch, another option might be better

Timex Essex Avenue Watch  —  Most Dainty

With a solid metal case and scratch-resistant mineral glass, this classic watch will last a long, long time. This watch has a slimmer profile with a unique mother of pearl dial that gives the watch a luminescent touch and gold-tone numerals all around. The watch also has DIY steel expansion bands to enlarge or shorten for a perfectly customized fit.


  • The famous Timex Indiglo light-up feature also comes with this watch
  • This watch is water-resistant up to 100 feet


  • If you prefer a chunkier watch, another option might be better

Invicta Angel Watch  —  Also Consider

This is a very bold, in-your-face watch option which comes with 58 crystal accents that form a heart right on the face of the watch. In addition to the crystal heart, this watch also features crystals on the outer edge of the bezel, which, with its gold tone, gives this watch some major cred. The watch also has a fold-over safety clasp and will look great paired with one or multiple accent bracelets.


  • The band is adjustable, allowing you to easily remove links
  • It makes a really great gift


  • This is not a lightweight watch

Buying Guide: Women’s Gold Watches

Many of us feel absolutely out of synchronization without a watch. It is more than simply a piece of jewelry; it is a specific timer that invests more time on our wrist than virtually anything else. It is ideal to include a gold watch in your wardrobe if you do not currently have one. Gold watches feature a traditional, elegant appearance with a striking, eye-catching brilliance. While conventional watches are still attractive, new coatings and shades have arisen, allowing a wider range of designs to be explored. Watches with snappy bands, beautiful designs, and other decorative features are available if you are feeling adventurous. Swarovski gems or genuine stones, such as diamonds in high-end gold watches, can be used to create a wristwatch with a lot of sparkles. The finest women’s gold watches in 2024 will give definition to your outfit and complement your appearance is available in a variety of styles.

What Are the Styles Available in Women’s Gold Watches?

Are you undecided about the type of gold watch to purchase? We have divided them into four primary groups because it is a difficult decision. Take into account that gold watches may be used to dress up or down an ensemble.


The faces of these gold watches are usually tiny or moderate in size. They do not wear showy wristbands, instead opting for plain, flexible metal chain or leather versions. These gold watches, on the other hand, are far from ordinary, since many of them have rhinestones or gems for added sparkle. If you like a more conservative look or require a watch to go with your professional suit, a few of these watches are excellent.


These gold timepieces are considered rapid fashion. They usually contain at least one distinctive element, like statement-making jewels, a strong band, trinkets, or links, because they concentrate on fashions that may only survive for a period or two at most. Sometimes it is great to have one of these in your watch assortment, but do not go out and spend a lot of money on one. They are not going to stay trendy for long.


If you are so eager, there are many tech-savvy gold watches out. These models include a variety of computerized, configurable elements such as timers and lighting. There are also smartwatches and activity tracker-compatible models, which effectively operate as gold watch straps and displays that carry the gadget. If you want to upscale wearables and put them in the same class as bling, these gold watches are the way to go.

High-end producer

These gold timepieces are quite expensive. These watches are handcrafted by watch brands at luxury watch businesses, ensuring that each piece is of the highest quality. They are constructed of genuine gold and precious gemstones. Luxury gold watches are likened to wearable pieces of art because of their high-fashion heritage and complex manufacture. Even though they are not one-of-a-kind items, these timepieces speak volumes.

What Kind of Straps Are There in Women’s Gold Watches?

Metal links

Metal link watch straps have distinctive connecting designs and fasten with a solid, strong metal clip. They can be modified, but if you do not have the small tools required to extract or put links yourself, you would have to see a watchmaker. Links are a prominent watch strap for gold watches since they are regarded as a traditional aesthetic.

Metal mesh

Mesh watch straps have been increasingly trendy in the previous decade, owing to their elegant appearance and simplicity of adjustment. Simply slide the latch to the appropriate position and lock it in place to modify the strap. If you would like a bulk-free, no-fuss timepiece that does not get in the way of your regular tasks, a watch with one of these straps is a great option.


These watch straps are the epitome of traditional and vintage style. Leather is smooth and supple on your wrist and is renowned for its ease, particularly once it is worn in. When leather straps are fresh, they appear sharp and sophisticated; nevertheless, when the strap wears, it may appear ragged and untidy. If you need a tough strap and do not care about appearances, leather is the way to go.


Expandable watch straps expand to fit snugly around your wrist. If you want to create one shorter, eliminate some links, just like with metal link straps. Expandable straps are particularly popular on low-cost gold watches, however polished variants of this strap may be found on select mid-range models. A watch with an extensible strap is great for someone who wishes to put on a watch quickly, particularly those who have mobility challenges.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Women’s Gold Watch


The watch case's size is measured in millimeters (mm). Little cases are approximately 20 mm in diameter, moderate cases are approximately 40 mm in diameter, and big cases are approximately 50 mm in diameter or larger. Since you would like to complement the size of the watch casing to your wrist, this is one of the first things you should evaluate when shopping for a watch. A huge watch case, for instance, might seem thick or overbearing on your wrist if you are small.


The watch face, also known as the dial, serves as the backdrop for a gold watch's aesthetic. There are faces that are white, dark, or basic colors, as well as metal or pearl faces. Patterns can be seen on certain watch faces, although they are less prevalent and harder to read.


It is essential that the numbers are simple to see, so look for a watch with numbers that mix with the face. There are certain timepieces that do not have any numbers or markers to display the time. These watches are extremely sleek and sophisticated, however, seeing the precise time might be difficult.


The strap of a gold watch is often constructed of stainless steel or other robust metals, as well as other materials such as leather. Pure gold is used in high-end designer timepieces, while gold-plated stainless steel is used in select mid-range watches.

What is the Price Range of Women’s Gold Watches?

We looked at gold watches that cost as little as $15 and as much as $600, which is the typical price range of usability. Luxury gold watches may range in price from $1,000 to $40,000.


For less than $60, you can have a nice gold watch. These designs are from well-known fast-fashion labels, and the workmanship is pretty average.


Watches from well-known trendy brands, and certain specialized watch companies, are available for $60 to $200. The higher the price in this range, the higher the quality.


You can obtain a high-quality watch from a luxury brand if you pay between $250 and $600. Diamond or jewel embellishments can also be seen in some designs. These devices should endure for a long time.