The Best Nail Brushes for DIY Manicures

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From drawing fine lines to making flower petals with a brushed glitter top, you need the right set of nail polish brushes in your manicure kit. Most packs come with a wide range of brushes, like liner brush, square brush, angled head brush, fan brush, paintbrush, and oval or round brush. Each type has a different purpose of helping you achieve the perfect nail art. Plus, these brushes make glitter or flake applications more convenient than ever! You can also even find double-ended dotting pens in some packs to have the most delicate polka dot art. Since they have a lot to offer, we have rounded up the highest-rated nail brushes of 2022 to help you make the most of your skills and become a pro nail artist.

Comparing the Highest-rated Nail Brushes of 2022

Beetles  —  Best Overall

Suitable for painting colorful flowers and nail gel polishing, this set comes with five different-sized nail brushes to help you draw various patterns. Each brush has light construction for complete control, while their colored bodies make identification hassle-free.

Its 6.9-inch body makes it easy to hold it between your fingers without losing control over the grip. Thanks to the premium quality fibers used, these brushes won't show any sign of deformation or corrosion. Due to a strong ferrule, practical design, and the strong brush fibers, this pick wins "best overall" in our curated list of nail brushes.


  • Bundle pack (Set of five
  • Different-sized brushes)
  • Long body for easy grip
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • No dotting pen/tip included

Joyjuly  —  Most Versatile

Next up is a versatile 20-piece nail brush set that is best for creating mixed manicure arts like flowers, lines, patterns, dots, and glitter covers. It consists of five dotting pens and various sizes and shapes of brushes such as flat fan, angled, oblique, petal, drawing, liner, and pattern brushes. All five dotting pens have an acrylic body to reduce the overall weight. Plus, they feature double-ended balls of different sizes to help you create unique nail arts.

Lastly, for optimal stability, the nail polish brushes are reinforced with alloy mouth tubes and wool fibers to help you work with more accuracy and precision.


  • Smooth fibers for easy designing
  • Multiple dotting pen head sizes
  • Versatile brush head structure


  • Fibers may shed while using

Linjoy  —  Best for Beginners

Suitable for home and professional salons, this pack comes with three double-end nail brushes. Each unit has a liner brush on one end and a carving brush on the other end. The liner brushes come in three distinct lengths to help you create unique and spellbinding nail art.
All brushes (liner and carving brush) are made from soft and smooth fibers with high resistance against deformation and corrosion. Plus, the brushes are tapered in the middle to offer a comfortable grip and better control for accuracy and fine details, making this pick practical and great for beginners!


  • Two in one design saves space and time
  • Wide application for full coverage
  • Comfortable structure for better grip


  • Brush fibers might be too thin & long for intricate details

Pana Professional  —  Superior Quality

A professional manicure kit needs the best tools like this promising and premium-quality nail brush. Its purple-hued hardwood body and black ferrule enhance both the look and durability. The ferrule of this brush is structured to help bristles adhere properly and prevent any form of damage.

Its bristles are made from fine Kolinsky sable hair – a material known for softness, smoothness, and durability. On top of this, it comes in different sizes, from 6 to 22, enabling you to pick the right size and fulfill your requirements.


  • High-quality sable brush hair
  • Strong ferrule for better adherence
  • Dense brush for accuracy & control


  • Higher price can be a concern
  • Not suitable for small details & designs

Modelones  —  Best for Intricate Details

With this set of six nail brushes, you can easily show your creative skills and master manicuring art. It consists of an extension gel brush, paintbrush, liner brush, carved brush, and dotting ball pens, using which you can create different styles and arts more conveniently. They feature an alloy ferrule with a splinter-resistant handle for enhanced durability and ease of working.

As they come with an ergonomic design, holding the brushes and maneuvering them around for designs is no longer a concern. Each brush is equipped with ultra-soft synthetic fiber that glides over your nails smoothly without ruining any previously-created design. On top of this, you can use these units for creating strokes, lines, swirls, flower petals, color fills, and carved lines.


  • Premium-quality construction for added durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Won’t shed fibers


  • Doesn’t come with an assortment of brush sizes

Buying Guide: Choosing the Optimum Nail Brush

Creating the perfect manicure with different patterns and designs requires the right nail brushes. Without the proper tools, you might find it challenging to achieve the flawless manicure you envisioned, so this is why you shouldn't compromise while looking for an optimal nail brush. But when there are so many options out there, finding a suitable product is not as easy as it sounds. So, to help you out, we have curated a complete buyer's guide in the section below to assist you in finding a premium set of nail brushes that will live up to your expectations.

What Are the Differences Between Nail Brushes and Makeup Brushes?

It is a common misconception that makeup brushes can yield the same results as nail brushes, but they are quite different. Read on to learn more about the unique characteristics of both types of brushes.

Nail brushes have denser bristles to help you pick a generous amount of paint, flakes, or any other type of nail décor. On the contrary, makeup brushes aren't ideal for wet paint and are meant for powders and creams.
Nail brushes come in varied shapes and sizes to ensure you can create perfect and intricate details, whereas makeup brushes tend to be soft and ideal for blending and shading.

Different Types of Nail Brushes

As the packs come with different nail brushes, knowing about them briefly will help you choose the ideal product. In this below section, we have illustrated a couple of nail brushes you can have to diversify your manicure tool kit.

Typically, manicure sets come with different nail brushes, so learning more about them will help you choose a first-rate product. Below are the most common kinds of nail brushes that can help to diversify your manicure kit and your nail art creativity.

  • Dotting pens: Creates different-sized dots and are ideal for applying rhinestones and sequins.
  • Fan brushes: Great for spreading glitter powder and flakes over cured nails for an airbrushed effect.
  • Liner brushes: Produces fine, precise lines for intricate designs.
  • Square brushes: Shorter bristles for complete control and precise stroke lines.
  • Angled face brushes: Effortlessly draw crisp French tip lines, corner designs, and sharp angles.
  • Round brushes: Designed for full coverage and a smooth finish.
  • Pointed brushes: Most versatile functionality, creating fine lines and abstract designs, depending on where you are applying pressure to the brush.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Nail Brush

Brush length

If your chosen nail brush pack comes with multiple liner brushes, you will find considerable differences in their sizes. For example, in a pack of five liner brushes, the available sizes are 5 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm, 11 mm, and 20 mm. Each brush size will help you create different lines and strokes, so be sure to get the right-sized brush to make DIY manicures more convenient.

Dot size

If you are looking for a high-quality dotting pen, it would be best to pay attention to the ball size. It usually varies from 0.8 mm to 3 mm. Larger sizes are best for creating a single dot, while the smaller ones can help you get a polka dot nail art with scattered circles. Some packs also have double-ended dotting pens with varying ball sizes to help you achieve a varied nail look.


Most nail brushes have acrylic or plastic handles as they are light and can be maneuvered easily to achieve the best manicure art. A few brushes come with a hardwood handle with splinter-resistant property for higher durability and enhanced longevity. Ferrules are made from alloy to keep all the bristles intact and dense. This prevents the shedding of fibers that can reduce bristle density and render the brush useless.

Brush hair

Probably the most crucial factor you should notice is the quality of the brush hair fibers. To achieve the perfect manicure, you want them to be soft, smooth, and securely fastened. You should also check what kind of nail polish the brush hair can withstand because not all are suitable for every polish formula.

How to Properly Care for Your Nail Brushes

To get the most out of your nail polish brushes, you must learn to properly care for them. Always soak the brush in lukewarm water for a couple of minutes before use to soften the bristles. After you are done with the manicure, use a cleaning solution to remove any chemical or leftover residue from the hair. This will keep the brushes safe from damage and promote long-lasting functionality.