Best Mood Rings to Bring Out Your 70s Style

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Mood rings change their color and depict a variety of vibrant shades depending on your mood. Thus, it will be the perfect accessory that will grab everyone's attention and become the talk of every event that you attend. Apart from that, every color depicted by the ring is based on the emotional energy that you are feeling at the time, so it can help you keep track of your mood changes. You can also gift it to your loved ones so that you can understand their mental state in a better manner and strengthen your relationship. However, finding a real and effective mood ring when the market is already brimming with multiple options is challenging. That's why we have revealed the most premium mood rings in 2022 that instantly change their color and are made from safe materials.

Our Favorite Mood Ring of 2022

Honeycat Mood Ring  —  Best Overall

mood ring reviews

Key Features

  • The smooth and sleek ring looks elegant on any finger
  • Mood stone instantly changes its color and shows your emotions
  • Made from brass and coated with 18K gold
  • No inclusion of lead or nickel, making it safe to wear

Gift your loved ones this mood ring which is studded with a specialized stone that changes color as per your body temperature. Every color indicates a specific mood – for example, purple is for inspiration, pink is for love, yellow indicates excitement and more. You also get a color chart that will help to identify the mood associated with every color. 

This ring is made from high-quality brass and plated with 18K gold, making it sturdy enough to wear on a regular basis. It is also free from toxic materials like nickel and lead, so it is skin-friendly and safe to wear. To enhance durability, this mood ring is coated with a protective layer that prevents it from rusting and keeps its shine intact. However, you need to keep it away from water, makeup products, or any type of strong cleaning agent to maintain its longevity.

Ello Elli Mood Ring  —  Best Design

mood ring reviews

Key Features

  • The thermotropic liquid changes the color according to your mood and body temperature
  • 6mm width ring band is easily visible on your finger
  • Rust-resistant mood ring lasts for years
  • Unisex ring made of stainless steel for durability as well as elegance

This modern and sleek 6mm mood ring is an elegant piece of jewelry that levels up your style game by adding a dash of glam to your personality. It contains a specialized thermotropic liquid that changes the color of the ring instantly according to your mood. You also get a color chart that helps you decode the color change and identify your mood. 

This ring is made from stainless steel, so it is long-lasting, comfortable, and safe to wear. It is also polished and finished to give it an extra shimmer. Moreover, it is resistant to oxidation and will not leave a greenish color on your skin like other cheap jewelry. Since it is available in five different color options, you can select the one that matches your style the most. On top of everything, it is backed by a 30 day warranty period.

Fun Jewels Mood Ring  —  Best Fitting

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Key Features

  • High-quality brass-made mood ring is durable for years
  • Beautiful carvings enhance its overall beauty
  • The adjustable ring is easy to wear on any finger
  • Comes packed in a cute gift box

If you are searching for a vintage-style ring for women, this is the best option. It is made from high-quality brass, making it affordable, durable, and skin-friendly. It also has beautiful leaf-style carvings that enhance your hand's beauty when you wear it. Moreover, it is embedded with a large oval-shaped mood stone that takes its elegance a notch higher. You can also adjust its size in the range of 17mm to 19.4mm for a perfect fitting.

This mood ring helps you keep a check on your emotions because it changes its color when your mood or body temperature changes. It also comes with a color chart that allows you to identify your changing inner emotions every time the ring changes its color. What’s more, it is packed in a cute gift box, so it is the perfect piece for gifting to a friend or family member.

Jude Jewelers Mood Ring  —  Best Material

mood ring reviews

Key Features

  • Highly sensitive to skin temperature, which makes it quick to change colors
  • Water-resistant and durable mood ring
  • Shimmery and comfortable ring specially designed for men
  • Free from toxic chemicals, so it is safe for your health

This stylish and cool 4mm mood indicator ring is perfect for gift-giving occasions such as anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and more. It is specially designed for men. This finger band shows different colors like blue, pink, purple, and more which indicates the various moods of the person wearing it. Since it is made from sturdy stainless steel material, it is durable, water-resistant, and shimmery. Thanks to the polishing process, it has extra shine and detailing. It is also free from nickel and lead, which makes it safe to wear. This ring is available in a size range of 5 to 13, so you can get the perfect ring for yourself. You can also select from the six beautiful colors, including gold, rose gold, blue, black, silver, and rainbow as per your choice.

Acchen Mood Ring  —  Also Consider

mood ring reviews

Key Features

  • Zodiac sign theme-based mood ring
  • Changes color as per your emotional state
  • Has a 6mm width and an inner diameter of 18mm
  • Can be styled as a pendant necklace 
  • Safe to wear as it certified product from CPSIA and EU standards

This is a charming 6mm zodiac sign-themed mood ring to uplift your fashion game. It has a thermochromic liquid that senses the temperature of your body and instantly changes its color. Thus, you can identify your mood and emotional energy based on the color of the ring. Thanks to the stainless steel material construction, this mood ring is long-lasting, skin-friendly, and safe to wear. It has an internal diameter of 18mm, making it fit for most fingers. In case it does not fit your finger, you can also wear it on your neck as a pendant using a chain. Besides, it is unisex and the best gift to give to your partner so that you can understand their emotions in a better way and strengthen your bond.

Best Mood Rings Buying Guide

To find a perfect mood ring, it is crucial to focus on a few factors that determine the product's durability, efficiency, and safety. But before we get to that, let's find out some amazing facts about mood rings.

What Are Mood Rings and Are They Really Accurate?

Mood rings change their color according to the emotional state of the person wearing them. Each color indicates a specific mood; for example, pink represents the feeling of love, white is for sadness, purple shows happiness, and more. Thus, by viewing the color of the ring, you can identify your mood. However, many people do not believe in mood rings and tag them as fake accessories, which is not true at all. 

Whenever there is a fluctuation in our mood, our body temperature also fluctuates by a slight measure. Mood rings are either studded with a specialized temperature-sensitive stone or thermochromic or thermotropic liquid. These substances instantly change their color as soon as they sense a change in body temperature. Thus, you will see different colors for different emotional states.

How to Select a Perfect Mood Ring 

Manufacturing material

Make sure to purchase a ring made from metals or alloys like brass, stainless steel, copper, and more. They are durable, water-resistant, and do not lose their shine with time. Unlike other poor-quality ornaments, these materials do not leave greenish blemishes on your fingers after oxidation. Many rings are also coated with 18K gold or silver for a luxurious look. However, they are priced at a higher range than the other mood rings. So, purchase one that seems best for you.  

Health safety

Another essential factor to check before buying a mood ring is the ingredients and materials used to make the body and color changing portion of the ring. It should not contain harmful chemicals like nickel and lead. In the past, traditional mood rings were made from a composition of nickel and lead, which are the most responsible substances for causing cancer. Nowadays, no ornaments are made from such toxic substances. So, make sure to check that the mood ring you select is hypoallergenic and free from nickel and lead so that you can wear it regularly without worrying about allergies or any other skin problems.


Now there are two measurements you need to consider while selecting any mood ring—width and internal diameter. The majority of mood rings have a width of 4 to 6mm, which is ideal for wearing. A small-width mood ring can be difficult to wear and might easily slip off the finger, whereas a large-width ring might look unattractive on thin fingers.

Another dimension is the internal diameter, or size, of the ring. Make sure to first decide the finger on which you want to wear the mood ring and then check the internal diameter of the product. Most mood rings are available in different sizes ranging from 5 to 13. However, some bands have a fixed internal diameter of 18mm. You can also find adjustable mood rings so that you can set the internal diameter and wear the same ring on different fingers.

Types of mood rings

Mood rings are available in two types—stone-based and liquid-filled. If you want a vintage-style product, then go for a beautiful and charming stone-studded mood ring. It clearly shows the color change and has an elegant shine that enhances your hand's beauty. On the other hand, some mood rings are filled with a thermosensitive liquid that changes the color. You can find them in different colors like gold, rose gold, blue, rainbow, and more. Select one that suits your taste.

Color chart

The next essential factor to consider while purchasing any mood ring is that it should come with a detailed information card that reveals the emotions associated with each color. It will help you easily track your changing moods and get the best out of the mood ring.

Gender suitability

The majority of the latest mood rings have a unisex design. However, some vintage-style rings are more suitable for women or teen girls. You can also find a few products specially designed for men. Hence, before purchasing any mood band, do not forget to check the gender suitability. However, you can wear any ring that looks appealing to you; just make sure to check the sizing first.

How to Maintain a Mood Ring

The high quality mood rings are highly durable and can remain intact for years if maintained with proper care. That's why we have revealed some care tips to maintain this spiritual and beautiful product.

  • Do not wear the mood ring in the swimming pool or while taking a bath, as it can ruin the stone or thermosensitive liquid filling in the ring.
  • Keep it away from makeup products, high chemical-based items, and alcohol-based cleaners as they can also damage it.
  • Clean your mood ring with a soft cloth and wear it on dry hands.

How Much Does a Mood Ring Usually Cost?

You can find a host of poor-quality mood rings on the market which do not show effective color change. Investing in those can cause you to basically pour your hard-earned money down the drain. Hence, to save you from such scams, we conducted research and found that most high-quality mood rings are priced in the range of $10 to $30. You also need to note that if the ring is made with precious metals, like gold or silver, and has a large size, then the price may increase.