‘Zoey 102’ Ending Explained: Do Zoey & Chase Finally End Up Together?

It's been 18 years since 'Zoey 101' premiered, and fans finally got the sequel they've always wanted. So, what are the PCA kids up to? How did 'Zoey 102' end? Spoilers ahead!

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Jamie Lynn Spears
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Jamie Lynn Spears and more of your Zoey 101 faves reassembled for the Paramount+ film Zoey 102. High school is very much in the past, but memories come flooding back to Zoey Brooks when her best friend, Quinn, reveals that she’s marrying Logan Reese!

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears and Erin Sanders in ‘Zoey 102.’ (Paramount+)

Zoey is a producer for the reality show Love Fully Charged, and the live season finale is set to air on the same day as Quinn and Logan’s wedding. Zoey believes she can tackle both things at the same time. She even hires an actor to pose as her boyfriend — Hugo Hemsworth — so she doesn’t show up to the wedding single.

Quinn is a famous inventor these days, while Logan is still Logan. Michael is a music producer. Stacey, who is married to Mark, is now the host of the hit podcast My Favorite Slaughters. Dustin has two kids and twins on the way, which is why he can’t come to the wedding. Chase is a teacher in Baltimore. Zoey’s sent Chase several messages over the years about what went down in Hawaii, but he has never responded.

For those wondering about Pacific Coast Academy, apparently, it closed down in 2009 after parents complained about “poor education standards.” The state launched an investigation, and the school was never even accredited. The dean was stealing students’ tuition!

Zoey and Chase finally get a chance to spend some alone time together when they go pick up Quinn and Logan’s rings ahead of the wedding. They pose as the lucky couple, and the saleswomen push them to kiss!

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears and Sean Flynn in ‘Zoey 102.’ (Paramount+)

On the way back to the wedding venue, Zoey apologizes for abandoning Chase in Hawaii. She admits she was scared of what would happen if things did work out between them. She’d been so accustomed to it never working out. She’s distanced herself from everyone ever since and has tried dating, but she’s never forgotten about Chase. It’s always been Chase for Zoey. That’s when Chase kisses Zoey — for real this time.

Zoey’s fancy car she borrowed breaks down when it’s not fully charged, so she and Chase have to walk back to the wedding venue. They make it back just in time. During the ceremony, Zoey is simultaneously working the Love Fully Charged finale. She keeps interrupting the ceremony trying to work and be a maid of honor.

Zoey 102 Ending Explained

The wedding takes a turn when Mark and Stacey believe Hugo, a.k.a. Todd, is the Malibu Murderer they’ve been searching for. Todd swears he’s not a murderer. He’s just an actor. Quinn turns to Zoey and demands to know what’s going on. Zoey admits to working during the wedding and hiring Todd for the weekend.

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey Brooks. (Paramount+)

Quinn takes this moment to finally reveal how she truly feels about this wedding. She tells Logan that he’s completely ignored her about everything regarding their nuptials. “None of this is what I wanted. The wedding is off,” Quinn says before running down the aisle and out the door. Logan runs after her, but she’s already gone.

Chase finds Zoey on the beach after the wedding chaos. Chase reveals that he and his girlfriend broke up 2 weeks ago. Chase and Zoey reminisce about the good ole days at PCA. They wish they could go back to simpler times. Zoey realizes that PCA is the way to fix everything. She devises a plan to clean up PCA and make it the perfect wedding venue for Quinn and Logan.

Logan declares his love for Quinn at her apartment. He only wants what she wants and apologizes for being a groomzilla. He brings her to PCA, which has been transformed into the wedding of their dreams. Logan asks Quinn to marry him again. Quinn and Zoey walk down the aisle together. Logan and Quinn officially tie the knot this time.

Zoey’s boss had fired her right after the Love Fully Charged finale, but he’s changed his mind after seeing the monster ratings. However, Zoey tells him that she’s quitting. When he says he’ll double her salary, that makes Zoey pause. She has a few conditions about her return, including getting Todd on the show, and ultimately accepts the deal.

Jamie Lynn Spears
Zoey and Chase in ‘Zoey 102.’ (Paramount+)

Zoey and Chase find themselves back where they started all those years ago. This time feels like the right time, though. He asks her to dance and tells her that he wants her to be a part of his future. “I hope that you’re in it because I love you Zoey, and I always have,” Chase declares. Zoey replies before they kiss again, “I love you, too.” Zoey later catches Quinn’s bouquet before the PCA alums party it up. Zoey and Chase are finally together. All is right in the Zoey 101 world.

The final moments of Zoey 102 feature Stacey and Mark talking about the Malibu Murderer again. They apologize to Todd for the mix-up. He acts like it’s no big deal. It turns out that Stacey and Mark were right all along about Todd. He is the Malibu Murderer after all!