Willem Dafoe’s Son: Meet His Only Child Jack

Willem Dafoe has had an expansive film career since the late '70s. He also has one amazing son named Jack. Find out more about him here!

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Willem Dafoe, Jack Dafoe
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Image Credit: Laura Rauch/AP/Shutterstock

Many of us know Willem Dafoe, 66, from his slew of character-driven performances and memorable roles. The actor, who has received various accolades and award nominations, is perhaps best know for roles like the supervillain Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in the Spider-Man franchise as well as his work with various auteurs like Wes AndersonPaul Schrader, Martin ScorseseJulian Schnabel, and more.

What fans may not know is Willem has one grown son named Jack Dafoe. Since Jack hasn’t followed in his father’s showbusiness footsteps not a ton is known about him, but below we break down some interesting facts! Read more about Willem’s look-alike son here.

Who Is Jack Defoe? 

Willem Dafoe, Jack Defoe
Willem Defoe & son Jack at the 73rd Annual Academy Awards (Laura Rauch/AP/Shutterstock).

Jack Defoe was born in 1982, welcomed by Willem and partner at the time, Elizabeth LeCompte. The couple started dating in 1977 then split 2004. They were never married because to Elizabeth, marriage “represented ownership.”

Although his father has had an illustrious onscreen career, Jack chose not to be in the spotlight, preferring to work in public policy and as an environmentalist. In the below video from 2008, Jack is listed as a Senior Policy and Research Associate and host of New York City Apollo Alliance, an organization that promotes clean and sustainable living. In the video, Jack discusses “the importance of labor” and how it relates to climate change. He also details how the Apollo Alliance is trying to “plan for the future of America” and discusses his role within that plan as it relates to creating a better environment and better world. Willem must be proud!

He & Dad Are Super Close 

Willem Dafoe, Jack Dafoe
Willem Dafoe and Jack Dafoe attend the ‘Rob Roy’ film premiere, 1995 (Shutterstock).

Although Jack likes to keep things pretty low-key and isn’t too much in the headlines or spotlight, he has accompanied his father on the red carpet on numerous occasions. Jack has been spotted at events like the West Independent Spirit Awards and the Oscars, per The Things. They’ve also attended things like the Closing Night Gala Presentation and the North American premiere of At Eternity’s Gate.

Although the pair doesn’t have any social media handles or accounts, they can also be checked out together in numerous photos on Getty Images, showcasing not only how much they look alike, but how truly lovely they are as father and son! A young Jack can be seen here joining his dad at the 1988 premiere of Oliver and Company while an older Jack is also seen with numerous artists at a 2007 event in New York City.

“I have a son who’s in his 20s now. I’ve never given him advice about women – I think it would be too oppressive for his old man to give him that kind of advice,” Willem told The Guardian in 2009. “He’s got to find his own way; I can’t help him. I teach by example. Although I’ve probably been a very bad example,” he joked.