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Wé Ani: 5 Things To Know About The Powerhouse Singer On ‘American Idol’

Wé Ani is one of the most talented singers of 'American Idol's top 10. Here's what you need to know about this contestant.

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We Ani
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  • Wé has different speaking and singing voices.
  • Wé has made American Idol’s top 10.
  • Wé’s name has a special meaning.

Wé Ani is one of the most unique and powerful performers of American Idol season 21. She’s made it to the top 10 so far, and had another stellar performance during rock & roll week on April 30. The Harlem native has been called “amazing” by Lionel Richie and consistently impressed the judges.

So, who is Wé Ani? This 24-year-old almost won The Voice years ago. HollywoodLife has rounded up all the key things to know about Wé.

1. Wé’s speaking voice and singing voice are completely different.

Wé shocked the judges when she spoke for the first time during her American Idol audition. Her high-pitched voice took them by surprise. She surprised them again when her singing voice was the complete opposite of her speaking voice. “I don’t understand the science about it. People ask me all the time,” Wé told the judges about her different voices.

2. Wé’s name has a special significance.

Wé Ani is her stage name. After her audition, Katy Perry asked Wé what her name meant. “It means diligence in Swahili,” Wé said. Her real name is Wé McDonald.

3. Wé has released an EP.

Wé released a 5-song EP titled Frantic in 2023. Her latest release is the single “Won’t Take Me Alive,” which is a duet between her and fellow Idol contestant PJAE. The singer dropped her first single back in 2019.

We Ani
Wé Ani performing as part of the top 26 in Hawaii. (ABC)

4. Wé previously competed on The Voice.

Wé auditioned for The Voice back in season 11 when she was just 17 years old. She became a member of Team Alicia. She came in third place after Sundance Head and Billy Gilman.

5. Wé is already popular on TikTok.

Wé has over 743,000 followers on TikTok already. Her videos have garnered over 6.5 million likes and counting. She frequently posts covers of songs and hilarious videos about what her speaking voice sounds like.