PJAE: 5 Things To Know About The Talented Singer On ‘American Idol’ Season 21

PJAE is another standout singer who has made 'American Idol' season 21's top 26. Get to know this rising star.

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Image Credit: ABC

  • PJAE has made American Idol’s top 26 so far.
  • PJAE is from Oklahoma.
  • PJAE has released his own music.

American Idol season 21 is shaping up to be the toughest competition yet. The wildly talented PJAE is one of the many talented singers who has shown his vocal prowess through auditions, Hollywood Week, and more. The 23-year-old has showcased his vocal range and impressed the judges in a major way.

So, who is PJAE? The judges think he has what it takes to go far in the competition. HollywoodLife has rounded up everything you need to know about PJAE.

1. PJAE has made the top 26.

PJAE performed a gorgeous rendition of “Mirror” by Madison Ryann Ward for his Idol audition. “The kid can sing,” Lionel Richie says right off the bat. Luke Bryan commends PJAE for having an “emotional connection” in his performance.”It was so beautiful, so effortless, so angelic, and emotional and sad and painful. I felt like you were telling that story, and it was your story,” Katy Perry said.

He made it through Hollywood Week and went on to perform with the top 26 for America’s vote in Hawaii. He wowed with his rendition of  Jill Scott’s “Golden.” Lionel raved over the performance. “That was some pro movement right there,” he said.

2. PJAE is from Oklahoma.

PJAE hails from Lawton, Oklahoma. He’s currently based in Oklahoma City. In addition to singing, he’s also a branding designer.

3. PJAE was bullied growing up.

In his American Idol audition video bio, PJAE revealed he was “constantly bullied for being overweight and flamboyant” when he was growing up. After high school, he gained confidence through music. He has also lost 150 pounds.

PJAE during his ‘American Idol’ audition. (ABC)

4. PJAE is an army brat.

The singer grew up in a military town. “I got to witness two completely different walks of life, and I got to build a sense of community with people from all over the world,” he said in a video that he posted on his Instagram page.

5. PJAE recently released a single.

PJAE dropped the song “be that someone’ in February 2023. “This song makes me love love so much,” he wrote on Instagram. He released an edit featuring “be that someone” that included loving couples.