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Rose Kennedy Schlossberg: 5 Things To Know About JFK & Jackie O’s Granddaughter

Rose was recently snapped helping out at her wife's restaurant in California. Here's everything you need to know about former President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Onassis' granddaughter.

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Rose Kennedy Schlossberg
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  • Caroline Kennedy is the only living child of JFK and Jackie Kennedy
  • She welcomed three children with husband Edwin Schlossberg
  • Rose Kennedy Schlossberg was named for her great-grandmother (JFK’s mother)

Former President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassiss grandchild Rose Kennedy Schlossberg was spotted helping out at her wife, Rory McAuliffe’s, restaurant in Southern California in April 2023. In photos via Daily Mail, Rose rocked a friendly smile as she served customers at Rory’s Place. Although it doesn’t appear Rose posts anything recent on her Instagram, she reportedly married Rory in 2022, per The List. Here are five important things to know about JFK’s granddaughter!

Rose is the older daughter of Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg. (Ron Sachs/UPI/Shutterstock)

1. Her Parents Are Caroline Kennedy And Edwin Schlossberg

While Rose’s grandparents are American icons, her parents are also incredibly noteworthy. Rose’s mom, Caroline Kennedy is the lone surviving child of the former president and first lady. Like her father, Caroline has also been a politician. She was elected the Senate in 2010, following a special election when Hillary Clinton was appointed to Secretary of State. Caroline also served as the U.S. ambassador to Japan from 2013 to 2017. Her dad is interactive designer Edwin Schlossberg, who has created many works of art and written books on design.

2. She Has Degrees From Harvard And New York University

After attending a private all-girls school, Rose went to Harvard University for her undergraduate degree. After studying a variety of topics, like fashion and film, she graduated with an English degree in 2010, according to Good Housekeeping. She pursued further arts after finishing in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She got a masters in interactive telecommunications from New York University two years later.

3. She Created A Comedy Web Series

After finishing her studies, Rose put her artistic talents to work and started a web series called End Times Girls Club with her friend Mara Nelson-Greenberg in 2016. The two ladies created and starred in the six-episode series from Above Average Productions. It was meant to humorously provide a “guide to female-focused apocalypse survival,” via Mashable. “It came up as a response to seeing the way that New York responded to Hurricane Sandy, and how people were grossly underprepared — specifically, girls in damsel in distress mode,” she told Mashable. “I thought it would be interesting to create this world where girls have to be survivalists without compromising their cute factor.”

Rose studied arts in college. (Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock)

4. She Was Very Close With Her Grandma And Late Uncle

There are many strong familial connections throughout the Kennedy family. Rose was named for her great-grandmother (JFK’s mother), and she’s been noted for her looks, which are very similar to her grandma Jackie O’s. Not just they’re shared genetics, Rose also spent plenty of her younger years with “Grand Jackie,” as she was called, according to The New York Post. Kennedy biographer Christopher Andersen told The Post that the former first lady “saw Rose basically every day and doted on her.”  Jackie O even chaperoned one of Rose’s childhood field trips.

Besides her grandmother, Jackie was extremely close with her uncle and JFK’s oldest son John F. Kennedy Jr. Kennedy biographer C. David Heymann told The Post that the lawyer’s death devastated her. “He’d been like a father to her. She went into a six-month depression during which she barely spoke to anyone. She stopped eating — she must have lost 30 pounds,” he said.

5. She Has Supported Democratic Politicians

While Rose hasn’t shown any political aspirations of her own, she has had a little bit of a hand in some of her family’s campaigns and also donated to Democratic candidates. She donated to Former President Barack Obama‘s 2008 presidential run and Alan Khazei’s run for Massachusett’s Senate seat in 2010, according to Good Housekeeping. While everyone knows that Obama went on to be the 44th president, Khazei was less successful and lost the primary. She also reportedly told her mom to pull out of her 2008 run for Senate, via The Post.