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Olivia Aquilina: 5 Things To Know About Jenny McCarthy’s Niece On ‘Claim To Fame’ (Exclusive Interview)

The July 31 guess-off on 'Claim To Fame' led to one shocking elimination and celebrity relative reveal. Get to know Olivia Aquilina, Jenny McCarthy's niece!

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Olivia Claim To Fame
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  • Olivia Aquilina was revealed as Jenny McCarthy’s niece.
  • Olivia was eliminated in the July 31 episode of Claim To Fame.
  • Olivia is a cinematographer and tattoo artist.

The Claim To Fame reveals just keep getting crazier. Olivia Aquilina’s celebrity relative was uncovered during the July 31 episode after the contestant guessed Karsyn’s relative incorrectly.

Olivia Claim To Fame
Olivia Aquilina’s celebrity relative was revealed in the July 31 episode. (ABC)

So, who is Olivia Aquilina? The Claim To Fame season 2 cast member, who uses she/they pronouns, spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about her experience on Claim To Fame. Here’s everything you need to know about Olivia.

Olivia is Jenny McCarthy’s niece.

Since Olivia guessed incorrectly during the guess-off, they had to reveal their identity. Olivia revealed that she is the niece of The Masked Singer panelist Jenny McCarthy. Jenny sent a sweet message to her niece in the episode. “She’s extremely hardworking and generous, and I’ve definitely taken these qualities into my own sense of self too,” Olivia told HollywoodLife.

Olivia was eliminated after a jaw-dropping guess-off.

Olivia was voted the guesser in the July 31 episode. They picked Karsyn as their target and guessed Karsyn’s celebrity relative was Jeff Gordon. Olivia was wrong and had to reveal their identity instead. “I thought going up it was either Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Jeff Gordon so I went into the guess-off thinking I had a 50/50 chance. I was bummed I was wrong for sure, but I had to shoot my shot!” Olivia said.

Olivia is a cinematographer and tattoo artist.

“I still live in LA. I work as both a cinematographer and a tattoo artist but focusing more on tattooing as of late with the actor and writer strikes happening right now. Also having fun visiting the cast here and there. Hugo and I are especially close,” Olivia revealed.

Olivia thinks she could have made the top 3 if she hadn’t guessed wrong.

The remaining contestants were absolutely stunned that Olivia was Jenny McCarthy’s niece. They all admitted that they never would have guessed that. HollywoodLife asked Olivia if she thinks she could have won the show if she hadn’t guessed Karsyn’s identity incorrectly.

“I think I could have gotten very far and definitely can see myself winning!” she said. “I think by the end of the show so much is revealed that most likely everyone knows everyone, so there’s a strong chance I would have killed the final challenge and won! For sure!  But I do think if I wasn’t wrong I could have made top 3.”

Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy is Olivia’s aunt. (Michael Simon/Shutterstock)

Olivia has worked on several notable commercials.

Olivia has done a lot of commercial work as a cinematographer. Olivia has shot for Squarespace, Colors, Burberry, Nike, ESPN, Playboy, and more, according to their official website.